Concept & Story: Fame X is the second season of Fame Gurukul and 
will air every Monday to Thursday at 9 pm and on Friday at 10 pm.
Based on a spanish reality show Operacion Triunfo (an 
Endemol-owned format), Fame X is a daily reality series that 
has 14 singers vying for a place at the Fame Academy. Palash Sen 
is the dean of the Fame Academy and Somya, MTV VJ Sophie Choudry 
will play the role of Fame Kudi. Daler Mehndi and the Indian pop act 
Ganesh Hegde will be seen in the seat of a judge.
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Aditya Jassi is truly a rockstar who has been rocking his hometown for quite sometime now. 
Having performed at many competitions, pubs and clubs, his 5- member band called Oritus
is what keeps his music alive. 
His guitar lessons stared in school at the age of 15 during his boarding years at Welham Boyís, Dehradun. 
And he hasnít looked back since.
Music is his lifeline, music is what keeps him sane and music is what got him to Fame X.
The only glitch that cropped up a doubt in his mind was the idea of singing in hindi. 
Despite having found influence in the seattle sound- a phrase he has given for the bands 
he loves like Pearl Jam, The Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains among others all of which descend 
from Seattle, he loves Indian music- only that he hasnít sung  enough of it to understand the underlying 
differences that exist in the two styles.
His stay at the Fame X academy is one that he loves. He is getting to learn a lot from the others

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Thanx and Love, Aditya Jassi

HI true rockstar   U  r fabulous . I think daler is stupid . Just 2 things for u 
varsha jain
hello aditya this is priyanka. i watch ur show on sab tv (fame x). i am very sorry that u had to leave from the acadamy. my friends- anjali, priya, zerah and myself are a great fan of u. we all just want to say that we all love u ad that u will surely be successful in you"re caree. please do reply to my mail. bye
i lyk listnin to almost all the muzic that cums ma way, well i don actually have a fav band my fav singers/performers/composers are -
 Aditya Jassi 
A R Rehman
Sunidhi Chauhan
Brian Adams
Raghav Sachar - he plays a numerous number of instruments, wonder hw much time he spent learnin them!
Ganesh Hegde - specially his songs Zindagi Zindagi and Jaa rahe ho agar
Celine dion - her voice is a miracle
Shankar Ehsan Loy
 1. u are a great performer & singer and that too without any training (not even for playing guitar)! ( especially "kya mujhe pyar he" song was superb). 
 2.ur character! though i dont know much about you, the way u helped alok in his cafe round, the relationship which u maintained with everyone & your patience for replying my every silly mail!
 3. In the future , i'll proudly say to my friends " aditya jassi, the famous singer, used to reply for my every mail & we are almost like friends now ( just kidding!). isn't it great?!  waiting for ur reply, with love,
shri kannan
 thats kewl...theres no 2 things only u are going bak in that round...theres no 1 whos so cute,adorable and talented of coz.(reali mean it)..will keep watching realli praying for u to win the show ...i really want u to, reali badly..never thought sum1 whos such a big person would actually take time off to mail his fans reali great man ...and yeah u have to kick ass.. no 2 things bt that too.will keep watching and all our prayers and votes for u dont need telling at all..take care love you loads bye and keep rocking if at all u do cum any wre near this place do remember ure promise
sharanya shanbhogue
please come back............and ya i will not watch tv at all...i was watching only fame x(only you)and nothing else..........hey please come back through that wild card dont know..the whole india is waiting to see cousin who is only six years old cried like anything...please...atleast for all the small fans you have..please come back...i really want to see you on tv...please...come back....please....and ya..take it as an order...i want to see you as a no.1 artist worldwide..please....fame x looks like shame x without fame x factor left...please come back...
and would be a pleasure to see you perform in tamilnadu.....please are always welcome...
hey ADI,
sorry 2 disturb u.. who was ur best friend in the fame X in the acadmey??? as u r very busy, i won't take much time.. but truly saying.. U R THE BEST.. i'll really miss ur performance very much.. & as a result i've come up with the decision that i'll stop watching Fame X.. cya
hi.this is anjali from in the 8th standard and im really sorry that u were eliminated from fame friends(priyanka,priya and zerah) and me are really fond of u and r ur big fans.but fame x is not the end of life.u sing well and will surely be successful in life.reply soon.
anjali adlakha
hey adi, 
i really love your performance and i think u r the best singer i have come across till 2day. i sing a million times worse then you do. i really respct you. daler paji dosent know anything!!!!!!!!!!! dont worry if your out. there are going to b better opportunities in the future. and u ARE NOT BESURA. 
 khushbu r u really sorry that u got evicted from the show....out of all the contestants i felt that only u had the true strength and power to stay alive on the show....but unfor. somethin unexpected happened....u always stayed put and remained calmn even after such rude and harsh comments....which is why i must say i liked u the most...yr hard work has gotten u fame but it also earned u yr fans respect.....i truely hope u get selected for the wild card entry.
safura noman
 hey Adi.....
how are u.... feeling down and depressed... cumon man.... cheer up.. bohot rona dhona ho gaya.. now its time to get up and get going... u must be getting hundreds of fan mails.. u are popular yaar... ur gettng voted out has had u more fans than ever before.. u know what.. it has been the history of reality talent hunts that the deserving candidates get voted out... see buddy.. cash on this popularity.. meet influential people and pls pls pls target high.... bilkul se sab kuch nahin milega... u will gt ur share of struggles and frustrations... but then it is ur tenacity that is on test now.... all the best... longing to hear more from u...
by the way i am arunima.. 28 years old, married and mom to  a 3 yr old..
lotz of love
A Candle Loses Nothing Of It's Light By Lighting Another Candle.... (by unknown) 
Arunima Karmakar 
hello again,
u were ROCKING in the cafe round
u r really a very good performer
& ur sense of humour is also very good "Male fan following"
earlier i said 85% india is your fan
now i'm 100% sure 99.9% india (including me) is ur fan
i voted for u until my balance ws nil. u'll surely be in safe zone
always keep a smile on ur face 'coz we love it
hey adi,
we all have prayed for you...........the only danger you are facing is daler...
god will surely make you face this danger with loads of strength and i pray you face this danger till the last episode of fame x and receive the title from daler....
what else can be better....................i have loads of faith in god........
if daler calls you besura then he is andha.......what they are looking out in fame x is fit all the already imagining you as a big singer who will rock the whole world.............hey next time daler tells you anythin...ask him if he can sing a simple english song(or a simple rock bit).....
imagine how he would be killing rock........then the whole world will call him besura........................we hate him so so much.............................
our prayers are with define the competition....
you are the soul of the competition........................
god bless you
hello sir,
your performance is always ROCKING. Your christmas performance showed a lot of improvemnet and revealed your hardwork and iron will. Each time you bang the floor, the whole india rocks with you. Your X factor is awesome and your smile is really sweet. 85% of india is your fan. You have that factor which Fame X demands. ALL THE BEST!!! 
"saumya deol" <
        JASII when i c u perform'n i feel like i am having LASSI......uR damn cool yaar...
         keep going dude......
               with loads of luv DIANA(chennai)
hi adi....
i am an ardent fan of yours....i really really like you a lot...i don know why sab tv is wasting so much of time and resources by conducting these many episodes when the ultimate winner is you....i don see anybody else as good as are a class apart...i loved the way you went all around the place during ur x mas performance....your attitude is the best..the songs you choose are awesome...everytime i jus wait to see what you would do to impress the audience...they(i must say all of us) go crazy when you know it better..dont are so creative...none of the fame xians can think like you and have you observed......what daler and ganesh and palash and sowmya want from this have everything in you......i have a brother who is in second standard and he cried when you were put in danger zone...his name is tarun....and he asked his dad to send him to fame x academy so that he can console you....he loves you so much..he always asks me to call him aditya jassi..he now wants to learn guitar...he always does whatever you do...he loves like anything...
and ya...dont bother about daler(i know you dont)....he can only put you in danger zone....we are there to bring you back....i want you to sing so hard that you top all the charts(something that he cannot do)....know what????we all have started hating daler because we dont like the way he talks to you....
you are a real will rock the whole world....people from all over the world wil die to see your performance....
am sure you will be the first one from india to become so famous are the best.....if anybody else is the winner(which can never happen)he will be forgotten in two sure..but you will be remembered for centuries to come.......god bless you....with regards,
Priyanka Gupta
Gr8 to c so many ppl loving and supporting him
now his Fans can b sure of ine thing dat dis guy is the next Fame champion 
probably the next best and big thing for the Music industry...this guy has a gr8 potential ....all thanx to Palash Sir who forced him to b here
We all love Aditya......he's d best entertainer
keep Rocking
monika tanwar
aditya i know u ..but u dont know me..i see all da episodes of fame x....i like u i love u a lot.............!
"ALL THE BEST" i m damn sure u will win fame x....i like u a lot....if u get this plz do hit me a reply..!!
Hi Aditya, 
You are THE BEST. 
You deserve to win. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Love Madhu 
hey jassi, 
keep rocking brother, 
the whole country is wid u , so keep up d gud work , n kick ass...
come fast after winnnin d show, missin u a lot
luv n luk
akshay vij
hi adi
you are the best. your singing is so cool and you are such an adorable guy. 
hey bro!!
saw you rock the stage apart in your performances. you really know how to kickass. great going. keep it up!!
Adil Hussain
hi jassi 
u r one of the best performers in fame x. bahut sahi ho tum. keep working like that.
Jeevika Sharma
hi aditya
i saw your performance in all the gala rounds and i really think you are awesome. and the last song khambe jaisi khadi hai was simply brilliant.
you make the songs look good and sound so refreshing...
i love you 
you are really cool
lavaya goel
hey jassi paaji,
   u really rock man, u seem to b d real x'ian of the fame academy, wat i understand from the whole concept of this show is that , people r looking for a personality who can be d future rockstar of the nation... and i truly believe that u r d  one who really fits in to this image 100%.  if i compare d other candidates , there r a few who do sing very well , some can dance well , some look very good, but i am not convinced for any of them as a whole package of a true rockstar.
    i understand by your style of singing that u prefer to sing english songs more , but the way u r singing in d show now, it shows ur commitment for winning d show along with the hearts of millions of indians ;)  keep rocking man ,
 i just pray to god that he gives some wisdom to daler mehndi , so that he can understand the diference between a singer and a rockstar...
merry christmas and hope to get ur autograph soon
tc bro, ur fan, Akshay Vij
I have had the pleasure of listening to this rocking singer here since my college dayz....i remember bunking the lectures just to hear him sing...ha ha those were fun dayz ...first song i heard him sing was Hotel California and i was like .....keep going manh!

I donno about the technicalities of music yet i have a flavour for good Music....and for sure Aditya is one of the good voices i hv heard .He's been entertaining Music lovers for quite some time and this guy here is sure going to "ROCK THE WORLD" out here he comes
                        ADITYA JASSI ROCKs \m/
Monika Tanwar

hello ADI,
u r simply the best. i am a BIG fan of yours. i watch fame X just to see your performance. i even see the repeat telecast of Fame X just 2 see you and when my mother sees that i am seeing the same thing again.. she says that i'm really mad.. but it doesn't matter... you r born rock star... YOU ROCK!!!
saumya deol
hi,priyanka here
jassi is performance was cool bt kabhi kbahi sur idha udhar ho jatte hai
so all the best
"priyanka goyal" <>