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Live is a name synonymous with India on the Net, amongst the netizens who flock this portal whenever they need to get up, close and personal with India. And it hasn’t been like this all the way. What started as an experiment years ago when internet was just starting to make inroads in this country, a streak of immense foresight and imagination was finding roots, has today grown into a phenomenon unto itself. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. And a single step begins many a journeys! And indeed this journey has been worth it.

The perseverance of its promoter, Swami Rajesh Chopra, who created and crafted this portal in the stingy days of internet ignorance, has paid off. And it has paid off well. Today his hands are full as he is busy strategizing and optimizing the huge flow of traffic on the site. He has to keep the portal as clutter free and increase the download speeds to optimum levels, as the number of users keep increasing by the day. But he can’t help remembering those days when dial up connections used to cost INR 100/- per hour and the speeds were painstakingly low.  “The IT infrastructure was teething and sluggish, and one had to wait for even a month to get a bare minimum internet dial-up connection.” he utters in amusement. “And indeed those days were revolutionary, so to say, new generation raring to go, new technologies creeping in the living rooms of Indian Diaspora and the sweet reluctance to adapt to these changes,” nostalgically remembers the promoter, “And those days were very adventurous for handful of Web Entrepreneurs like me, who looked at web as more as a medium of expression & creativity than some business exercise.” he adds. So there it is, from dabbling and unleashing your passion into new technologies to leading the way on the web, Live India has come a long way. 

With diverse range of in depth a stories to systematic guides, Live India epitomizes what a horizontal portal should be. The loyal flow of visitors, who log on to this site purely for the love of it, rather than just utility, speaks volumes for a simple yet powerful portal, which has had no corporate support or media backing. Yet it has had the most important investment anyone can imagine! The investment of relentless passion, time and hard work, which has gone into making the portal a mandatory hang out for anyone who wants to know about India. From the high search engine rankings to the user interactions, even the numbers stand testimony to the unparalleled love for the site. 

“The whole concept has gone through a metamorphosis too,” says the promoter Rajesh Chopra. “From the times of simple user friendly information to advanced graphics to interactive features to simple user friendly platforms, the portal has kept pace with the changing times and attitudes.”  The entertainment and infotainment have no boundaries here. In fact Live India, started serving this new breed of Infotainment almost a decade back. From the daunting peaks of war in Kargil you’ll slip into intricacies of Kamasutra, almost effortlessly. From the Profile of Indian freedom fighters to glitz & oomph of Priyanka Chopra, all is fair Love & Live India. The limitless, unassuming and mellifluous flow of information makes you kind of addictive to this portal. It captivates and encapsulates the true Indian spirit. From the days of Vyatsana to Sachin Tendulkar, you’ll find shades of the inimitable Indian almost on every nook and corner of the site.

Today the portal serves as the voice for anyone who has the guts to go up against the system. If you have the will to change the system, Live India offers a vent to your voice. It gives you the platform where you can Lead India, in your own way. Right from Judicial Activism to Moral Activism, the articles represent an outrage and outcry against the status quo. The endeavor is to make this portal an effective instrument for social change. Perhaps that’s the way the future of Live India is gonna be, a social catalyst and an entertainer as well. 

So what is the last word Swami Rajesh has to say about this entire hullabaloo?  Is it the end of the web revolution as we know it or there’s something else in store. Is web revolution a passé or is it becoming too cluttered. What is the future of Live India? “It hasn’t been an easy ride at all and the entire struggle has been worth it. The persistence has been rewarded, but there’s a still a long way to go, because the medium is becoming omnipotent by each day and its opening multitude of possibilities. Possibilities never thought of before. It’s the time to Re-Imagine.”, utters the savvy promoter with a tinkling glimmer in his eyes.

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