swami Rajesh Chopra A very quiet and unassuming person, Rajesh Chopra is a perfectionist, a prolific and creative mind.
Raju, as he is popularly known, he has vigorously and industriously strained himself to explore an enviable niche for himself in the world of cable industry. His perseverance against all odds and onslaughts of time and circumstance has brought him rich dividends.Gifted with multiple talents he drifted into painting but soon he drifted into photography and finally his insatiable urge carried him into the world of instrumental and vocal music. Himself remaining in the background, he inspired many young talented artistes whose very entry into the Bolly wood caused thrills and sensations, setting new trends in music.
For Rajesh, however, material gains was not the ultimate objective. And this yearning took him to OSHO who ultimately became the guiding star for the young boy. It was Osho, his spiritual Guru, who expounded and explained the true meaning and purpose of human existence; it was his Guru who transformed Rajesh's life
Kedar Nath Chopra
Chopra’s Family Tree
Being the youngest member of family, Rajesh had to undergo many stresses and strains of life. Cruel fate untimely snatched his beloved father, late Sh. Kedar Nath Chopra when Rajesh was too young to bear such tragedies. But with unflinching mind and dauntless courage he accepted the challenge. and after a span of 20 years' struggle, L.C.Premium Cables came to be recognized as a symbol of quality.
As a perfectionist Rajesh has been constantly doing research in order to upgrade his products and to further improve their quality to meet the international standards. For this purpose he has collaborated with Brodfort Cables, a British concern in order to give a better technical edge to his products . The seniors in Cables Industry have already started feeling envious as 
L.C.Premium Cables takes long strides into the yet un-explored regions of technology.
No! This is not the end of the road for Rajesh Chopra. Your guess might misfire. He wouldn't mind if you sneak into his Multi-Media Lab where you'll find him working on or designing some new dynamic web sites. There he is busy creating breath-taking magic, doing wonders with the electronic machines. His love for "living life to the maximum" keeps him ever on the move to discover new horizons in the area of information technology.
Besides, Rajesh is ardently engaged in more creative aspects of human existence under
'Live India Internet Services' 
such as developing and designing web sites for well known corporate bodies and providing multifarious services such as 'Art Gallery'  'Mysteries of Vatasyana's Kama Sutras', providing weekly Horoscopes, 
on line Medical services of specialist doctors, free listing of young boys and girls aspiring for jobs
 pencil shading site for children, A Tribute to Beauty - The Taj Mahal
Learn Piano, site for music lovers and What others think about your Zodiac sign
etc.etc.You just name the 'thing', Rajesh will do it.
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