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Rajesh Chopra
I would like to know what you think about my horizontal Portal LiveIndia.Com
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I can share your thoughts with other visitors.thanx. Rajesh Chopra
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Email ashutoshgupta12@yahoo.com 
Comment hello mr rajesh chopra, this is ashutosh gupta overhere. i am proud to have a man like you in this country. i wish u all the best in your life and my god help you to acheive everything in this world that you want
Email sabahat6342@yahoo.com 
Name Sabahat Ali 
Comment Hi, Mr. CHOPRA really u r a person found hardly. I really think to do something, you have. well, thats the way one should live. I from the bottom of my heart want to say that WONDERFULL. 
Email kalindikanhere@india.com 
Name kalindi kanhere
Comment oh my god! the research done is tooo good.the pictures are amazing.... sir this is a kind of \'salaam\' to u 
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Name bhooma 
Comment Hello! sir. This web is one which todays people will want. Anyway all the best !!! 
Email crazy_fiji_indian@yahoo.com 
Name San 
Comment My greatest respects to you Mr Chopra... It is indid one of the most greatest site i have ever seen... Wish you all the best and wish you success for future........ 
Email leo-316@hotmail.com 
Name Vignesh.J 
Comment liveindia.com rocks!!!!!!!! Thank U Sir for spending a lot of UR valuable time and creating such a wonderful site.This really provides all the information about INDIA. I visited this site to get some information about our Freedom fighters and was surprized to see the amount and quality of information. Sir UR really GREAT. 
Email manishbanga@gmail.com 
Name manish banga 
Comment NAMASKAR.... BAhut sunder kaam kiya hai aapney...i really appreciate..complete documentation of ur home country. Really very appreciable. Wishing U all the best for whatever u do in life. Best Wishes + Regards MANISH 
Email anilamrit@gmail.com 
Name anil amrit 
Comment wonderful effort. it is truly multi dimensional portal. it is tremendously popular. wish you all the best. 
Email sanjay11_s@yahoo.com 
Name Sanjay Sharma 
Comment it\'s very informative portal about the various issues related to saibaba section that you have created, the pictures are rare. I hope the effort will be continue for the public interests. thanks Sanjay Sharma 
Email naresh_kaushal24@yahoo.com 
Name naresh kaushal 
Comment After reading your views I must say You are a GOD FATHER OF THE PUBLIC Keep it up 
Email geetha26_87@yahoo.co.in 
Name geetha 
Comment hai,i like this website this is helpful to know the indian players details.i like very much really it is super sir 
Email viky_uno@yahoo.co.uk 
Name vikram singh 
Comment the way of describing the nationhood of swami Rajesh Chopra is very fabulous........ i feel proud out of india on this JAI HIND !! 
Email zeverboxes@gmail.com 
Name sanjay arora 
Comment helllo sir Rajesh,today one of my chat friend advice me to visit on ur site.. and sir, i did visit on site.. in fact i have no words to explain about my feelings and happiness.. sir really a very very very good efforts by you.. really my heart wish to appreciate this.. and i want to say you  .. plz. accept my love,regards and congratulations.. OM SAI RAM 
Email nicholson20032002@yahoo.com 
Name Nichol Andrews 
Comment It\'s Good to help, thanks for helping people, you will be rewarded by the almighty. 
Email sivani_frnd19@yahoo.com 
Name shivani. 
Comment i hv visit ur side its good to have such nice informaton .its an excellent work done by you best of luck............. 
Email sarban_jalan@yahoo.co.in 
Comment Dear Rajeshji Your sincere effort in developing this site has blessed thousands with the darsan of various gods and religious places they wished for. I am also inspired by your effort. Virtual tour of Kailash Mansarovar was awesome. For a few moment I forgot all my sorrows and found myself there at kailash parbat. God bless you with success in all your endeavours 
Email chinky_smarty@yahoo.com 
Name bhavishka 
Comment ur sight is awesum.. hats off to u cause ppl like u make india incredible.. & make us all feel & say.. SHABHASH INDIA.... 
Email brij_tayal@google.com 
Name Braimohan Tayal 
Comment Congratulation for your web page.I realy like your web page. this is very intrested site and easy. we are really greatful to you. 
Email naresh_kayam@yahoo.com 
Name naresh kayam 
Comment Hi rajesh,I really admire at your site,and it is very nice and How can i explain my experiance and it changed my mind. 
Email sumitharamanathan@yahoo.com 
Name V. Ramanathan 
Comment Well Sir, I am speechless. I was browsing the Freedom Fighters of India. This site gave me more than the information I was looking for. I salute the service done by you in this regard. With warm regards, V. Ramanathan 
Email kavithamadhuri543@rediffmail.com 
Name kavitha 
Comment Hello Mr.Rajesh Chopraji, Your website is excellent. I don\'t find words to express my feelings on your site. Thank you very much for providing such a detailed information about shiridi tour. 
Email mamathavijay@yahoo.com 
Comment Hello sir, your works are simple supperb it is great that we have your works displayed eventhough u dont have time, my son really enjoys seeing the works of u, and also trys to follw it so this is my sincer thanks to u and hats of to u sir. 
Email ravulur_l@sify.com 
Name lalitha 
Comment Dear Swamiji, I have gone through your saibaba tour all the pages it could not be reveled in words what i felt about your website. The site is awesome. I liked verymuch. 
Email avinashsolanke25@yahoo.co.in 
Name Avinash Solanke 
Comment exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcelent work.
Email gmehta297@rediffmail.com 
Name Gautam Mehta 
Comment Respected Chopra Ji Amazing Website with complete information and a very great job done, please reply if any tour or bus going to Shirdi this year. Jai Sai Nath Bregards Gautam 
Email leapingfawn4@yahoo.com 
Name Deborah Sanchez 
Comment I found your chapter for art and how to shade to be helpful. I am teaching art to 8th grade in United States and needed more detail on methods, teachniques and examples. I am an artist, but I am new on how to teach others what I know. Thank you for your devotion to art. Deborah 
Email Lal_mandal@hotmail.com
Name Lal bahadur mandal
Comment Dear chopra sahab, please forgive my ignorance . I searched for dr rajendra prasad in google and i found an excellent narrative of dr prasad. But how come you came in the same page. If liveindia .com is managed by you then humbly i salute you for your work.we need lots of chopra like you for our past glory. Many thanks for an execellant job- lal bahadur mandal
Email rajakprakash@hotmail.com 
Name Prakash Kumar Rajak 
Comment Rajesh sir your website is one of the best in the net helpful interesting.I think that you have a serious amount of talent on this website.you are doing wonderful job for educated people &peverybody roud of you 
Email Mubasshir_Khan@yahoo.com 
Name Mubasshir Ahmed Khan 
Comment Dear Sir, I just do not know what to saw of your website about the Taj Mahal. All i can saw that it is a wonderful site, which i am going to recommend to all my friends, indians or foreign, that they should see in case if they want to know the Taj Mahal well. I would also like to tell you about an article that appeared in the Friday Magazine that comes along, on friday, with the GulfNews, the leading daily paper of the UAE. It is said that Shahjehan wanted a Black Taj for himself, but could not fulfill his dream as he was imprisoned by Aurangzeb. It said of one person who is trying to build a Taj Mahal of Black Marble. This man, whose name i cannot recollect at this moment, is trying to build a Black Taj. I have never seen Taj Mahal myself. It is one of my dreams to see the Taj. It was a treat to see it through your website. A worthy site for a worthy architectural wonder. Best Regards Mubasshir Ahmed Khan 
Email roshanna_12@hotmail.com 
Name yamna 
Comment hiya, hope u f9. i think ur site is boss. Its fantastic may b its old but i saw it first time so i really like it. cant think of anything else about ur site cuz its gr8 andddddddddddddd ermmm it will b gr8 ever. outstanding site evrrrrrrrrrrrr tc 
Email p_satyanarayan@hotmail.com 
Name satyanarayan pandey 
Comment I appriciate your efforts Swami Rajesh Chopra ji about horizontal Portal liveindia.com.I share my joy of viewing Live India.Please continue to spread your vast historical knowledge for the benefit of the huminity. Warm regards. Pandeyji. 
Email rana_nome@yahoo.com 
Name rana tasleemfaisal 
Comment Hallo i am tasleemfaisal .This webI really enjoyed Kailash Mansarovar tour pictures. I live in USA for many years and wanted to go to this yatra. BUt circumstances did not allow me. Today accidentally I came acros Live india.com site and with blessings of Lord Shiva I was able to take a cyber tour. I am very happy. Very good site.Thanks 
Email jit_ban@yahoo.com 
Name sayan banerjee 
Comment sir, i am just a boy of 19 and studying first year engineering, so i personally feel that i too younger for you to give comments on your site.but i feel that this is one of the best site of internet which not only helps us to increase your knowledge but also gives us the idea that how great anfd how beautiful our country is.sir, i am very much influenced with your project and in future i also wants to work on this type of projects which really gives us mental satisfaction. i personaly thanks you for this type of projects and i also expects more from you for this type of projects. 
Email varaprasad_ravuri@yahoo.co.in 
Name varaprasad 
Comment IT is a very good site. I can really smell true indian flavour in this website. It does all needful for me. Thanks a lot for developing such a wonderful website...... 
Email rajns28@yahoo.com 
Name RN Singh 
Comment An extremely well maintaned web site on the compassionate lord. Could you add a little historical and old pictures too, just to show how the area looked at the time the Baba was in the mortal form. Well done and keep up the great work 
Email dataloops@rediffmail.com 
Name Vikas 
Comment Dear Sir, The best part of ur site is its simplicity + providing opportunity for fresh models to apply for free. Most of the sites i have gone through are charging huge amounts just for nothing. I welcome this idea of urs for free submission of talented models. Keep it up sir wishing u all the best. 
Email uniq361@hotmail.com 
Name Illa 
Comment Rajesh a superb site I have actually learned a lot more info on this site which I was unaware of keep up good work, I can actually provide more info to my daughter from this site while living abroad. oh! I love the theme music too on this message site. thanks 
Email chennailawyer@hotmail.com 
Comment Amazing. I feel total calmness in my mind. An excellent job. May God gives you my rest of life . I am proud of you sir 
Email antakshari_n@hotmail.com 
Name antakshari 
Comment Really your site is a marvelous site it\'s realy beutiful. i am proud of liveindia.com this site is a good for teenager wonderful site and believe me it\'s going from good to better to best 
Email nkarora.12@indiatimes.com 
Name N.K. Arora
Comment today, i have the pleasure of going through the website. i have no words to tell you about the santushti i experienced after going through the site. 
Email rajiv_world59@rediffmail.com 
Name Rajiv 
Comment In one word your liveindia.com is \"Superb\". Its really a great site to earn knowledge. Keep up! 
Email cuo_isit@rediffmail.com 
Name Rohan Pinto, from Goa 
Comment we just finished going throught u r website, and were very pleased to know that u have discribed THE TAJ MAHAL to every detail , Good work , keep it up 
Email psusanthp@sify.com 
Name P. Surendra Nath 
Comment Dear sir We weill appriciate you sir, In Indian these things totally forgot. But you are realise indians memory and moments. Thanks 
Email manisha_sweetgirls@yahoo.co.in 
Comment Thank you so much.There is so much to learn from your site.I really like your site.You are doing good job.Keep it up.. 
Email yadavrahul1987@yahoo.co.in 
Name Rahul yadav 
Comment ur website is the best please tell more about sachin tendulkar . i like him most. ur background music is best . really agreat job you done. i am really impressed GOD BLESS YOU . 
Email Bharati_verma05@yahoo.com 
Name Bharati Verma 
Comment God bless you! Rajesh Chopra, sitting here in Kuwait I had darshan of Shiv Khori shrine, Kailash mansarovar yatra plus Maa Vaishno ke darshan.Keep up the good work 
Email rimy_sachdev@yahoo.com 
Name rimzhim sachdev 
Comment sir, who ever you are i just want to thank you for such a beautiful virtual tour of mata vaishno devi. i could feel each and every step by step darshan of mata vaishno devi. just want to thank you for this. thanks a lot 
Email hmsvns@rediffmail.com 
Name vinod Pande 
Comment Dear Sir, It is an excellent effort made by you. i have no words to praise your work. i can only say \" thank you Sir\" 
Email anupam.halder@hotmail.com 
Name Anupam Halder 
Comment It\'s wonderfull to watch out your site . At present time in the wave of so called modern art, your passion & love to present the original flavour of classics are truly outstanding. Me too as an artist , a dedicated follower of westeran classical academic style very much admire your effort. I hope you will continue this mission with this philosophy that \'Art Never Belongs To The Past\'. 
Email sangameshsangamesh@yahoo.co.in 
Name Padma 
Comment This website is toooooooo good and makes us to know about the holy place Amarnath. It also increases our trust/faith in Shiva. Keep up your goodwork to retain our Indian culture and beliefs. 
Email natasha_21_magic@yahoo.co.in 
Name natasha 
Comment Hi Mr Chopra. I liked your site very much. since its a very good platform for aspiring models. what sets this site apart from other sites is it seems genuine as utmost security is given to the model\'s privacy. i appreciate that. Cheers, Natasha 
Email maria.masroor@hotmail.com 
Name Maria Masroor 
Comment Hi I m Maria Masroor from KSA. Ur liveindia.com is outstanding.I m so lucky that i m a visitor of u. God Bless u With best wishes and lots of love Maria Masroor 
Email calixtos1948@aol.com 
Name Leslie Calixto 
Comment Praise to Sai Baba in the highest this is a wonderful, compassionate, enlightening website devoted to God. I sent the Lord a short note requesting an end to all the dysfunctional violence in the world. I thank you for this Swaimi Rajesh Chopra for helping hands through this wonderful website. Om Sai Ram, Leslie C 
Hi Mr Chopra, Pls confirm...
I am regular visitor of your site which is very informative for me but what recenty I have noticed that there is a upcoming new channel called " LIVE INDIA " so would you please clarify if this channel belongs to you that is Mr Rajesh Chopra .. We are getting confused in between www.liveindia.com and this Live India channel .
Jyoti  <jyoti@travelearth.in>
Hello Mr. Rajesh ji,
I have been constant visitor of your website LiveIndia.com for past so many years. I have always referred your site to all my friends, relatives and colleagues. Your website is sea of knowledge that hardly any other single portal on whole internet can match up to.
  I am also habitual at keeping myself updated through news channels. This new news channel has launched just few days back itís also called Liveindia. Earlier I was quite joyful as I thought it is you who is behind it. You host ĎCurrent Newsí section on your website too. But to my horror I was intensely dazed, stunned, traumatized and shocked all at the same time to know about the fake sting bustle that the news channel was up to. That minute I knew itís not a man of your grade behind it.  Itís a Disgrace that some scrupulous elements have such shallow characters as to harm people around them and also bring harm to LiveIndia brand name that has extensively been used by only you for past so many years. Please take action against such a grievous act of psychological torment. 
Your Fan,
Sanjeev Mulchandani <somebodystopme0077@yahoo.com>
Hello Liveindia, 
Greetings!  I  was watching your Site Liveindia.com since last 7 years. Your site is very good for Information and your current News. I thout you have sarted TV Channel That is called LIVE INDIA. But When i have seen string operation I feel very bad about your site and that kind of string operation.
But after visited your site Liveindia.com I came to know Liveinia News Channel is not yours. That site news Channel belongs to someone Else. 
That channel is doing bad thing, Thanks Again
Regard's SHIV    jingle_infotech@yahoo.com, 
name = n ramanathan, email = araaar@satyam.net.in 
 i happen to know abt Live India site thro'Jaya TV this morning and visited the site this evening and found the Sri MataDi page was very much informative......well presented, i felt as if i am at the feet of Sri MataDi. ...Jai Mata Di...kindly ack...regards
Hi Rajesh, Really extraordinary site,this is.We can valuable information in Live India site,really good. but what is Live India Chanel matter.. this chanel 
involved in false sting operation, this is urs chanel or nor???? 
tekuru thripura" <tekuru.thripura@gmail.com> 
dear mr. chopra ,             good      day     !
we have been using your respective portal for day to day surfing , knowledge , to do to do every day for last more than 1 decade  or so but now confused about the TV CHANNEL oyu have started and recent apisode of sting operation you have done has earned a bad name for your enterprise.
this is something very shameful amd unethical for the TV CHENNAL you have started and will bring a bad effect on your respective web portal.
this is our sincere advise to you being a regular and trusted visiter that you should immidiately stop your TV CHENNAL to escape your self from the ill and not respectful earning from the same. 
truly yours, for :
umesh trading co.  -  utcoindia@gmail.com
Email naresh_kaushal24@yahoo.com 
Comment After reading your views I must say You are a GOD FATHER OF THE PUBLIC.  Keep it up and add yours comments to all News pages in Live India. Naresh kaushal
Name- Leena bhavnani 
I really found your site Live India interesting n eye capturing..its really very nice..i came to know many things n information...congratulations...but why u do stind opration. its not as per ur nature.
Hello LiveIndia. how have you been?...iam mailing you because of the recent news about the fake sting operation.To be frank,it was really hard on my part to believe this whole story,moreso,that it had liveindia's name.Liveindia,has been my favourite portal,throughout and these kind of disturbing stories,make frequent visitors of this site,quite upset.I know ,for sure that,it can never be your fault.According to me,i think you should take stringent action against the channel/the person concerned.These kind of things shouldnt be taken lightly.I know live india,was the best and would always be the best..and live up to its name as it has in the past few years...
Abhileena  - abhileena_sarkar@yahoo.co.in, 
Dear Rajeshji Your sincere effort in developing Live India site has blessed thousands with the darsan of various gods and religious places they wished for. I am also inspired by your effort. Virtual tour of Kailash Mansarovar was awesome. For a few moment I forgot all my sorrows and found myself there at kailash parbat. God bless you with success in all your endeavours.
Hello sir, your works are simple supperb in Live India, it is great that we have your works displayed eventhough u dont have time, my son really enjoys seeing the works of u, and also trys to follw it so this is my sincer thanks to u and hats of to u sir.
mamathavijay@yahoo.com Name MAMATHA KUMAR 
Dear Sir, I just do not know what to saw of your website about the Taj Mahal. All i can saw that it is a wonderful site, which i am going to recommend to all my friends, indians or foreign, that they should see in case if they want to know the Taj Mahal well. I would also like to tell you about an article that appeared in the Friday Magazine that comes along, on friday, with the GulfNews, the leading daily paper of the UAE. It is said that Live India is one of the best site from India.
I have never seen Taj Mahal myself. It is one of my dreams to see the Taj. It was a treat to see it through your website. A worthy site for a worthy architectural wonder. Best Regards
Mubasshir Ahmed Khan  -  Mubasshir_Khan@yahoo.com 
Dear Rajesh Ji Namaskar! Whatever I have written is not enough for your work. U are real ambessdor of India. I have already visited your all sites. I wish U a long live and such great efort for this great nation and its people. I wish to 
get all information from U for your new sites. With regards and warm congratulations! jai Hind! 
ASHOK KUMAR SINGH <ashokkrsingh@yahoo.com>
name = aravindan  k ,email = ecube@india.com 
hai rajesh it one of the wonders in the world my best wishes !   Aravindan k
Dear Mr. Rajesh Chopra, This site is really superb.I really admire at your site Coz a person cannot be an expert in all the subjects.But after visiting your site i changed my mind. Thanks, Nagarajan Krishnamurthy. 
Infosys Technologies Limited 
name = minoo ,email = minoo@blueyonder.co.uk 
Supper site.....thank God some has used their head and did a site for the people, and not for greed.......Hats off to you Sir
Dear Sir Rajesh Chopra, your are a real indian who spend your time in preparing such a site ,me in my life i first met a real indian .i too love my country,  your  name will shine in golden letters in my mind 
david . email = adavid@vsnl.com
email = mike_gold73@yahoo.com 
May 23,2003 
Dear Mr Chopra, We indian citizens are so proud of a person like you that cannot be expressed in words  because of your grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat contribution in producing such master piece Portal (LIVEINDIA.COM) on India's rich haritage. We wish you every success in your further efforts in making "India a place no less than heaven.Thaning You very much, 
Yor fellow citizen, 
Mike Gold
name = alisha, email = gurl_fhaeema@hotmail.com 
hello. how are u? ur website is the best. there is so much to read and learn. ur doing such a good job. keep it up.
name = zafar, email = zafarmanipk@yahoo.com 
Hello,,,,,,,how are you i a m fine mujhe app ki website bhuth achi lagi ...........
name = Priyank, email = priyankvaish@rediffmail.com 
 Hi there! U r doin' a gr8 work. Thanks a lot! coz I'm in the US, the site has been highly informative and I appreciate the good work. Priyank
name = gafoor.kh, email = gafoorkh@rediff.com 
 this is very good site for everybody
name = Hanish Bhaskaran, email = mailtohanish@yahoo.co.in 
 hi ,  you have done really a great job for a majority of people flattered there around the country. i think , this is the one of the golden opportunities for every job seekers..to be get listed..thanks a lot ,ur well wisher,hanish
name = Hemang Pandya, email = hemspan@rediffmail.com 
 Dearest Rajeshji, i have seen the site for amarnath yatra.. & i am very much appriciate to seen this... the complete information of yatra i have received from this site... i have realize the thrill & holiness of yatra as in my office wheareas i am never gone to amarnath till date. thanks very much for this holi effort... Har Mahadev...-Hemang
name = Mr. Jose Rodrigues Filho, email = roderjoe@onda.com.br 
Congratulations for your home page www.liveindia.com where from I learned a lot about your country and people. 
Success and Peace!
name = Dilip Bhatt, email = dbhatt4651@yahoo.com 
I really enjoyed Kailash Mansarovar tour pictures.  I live in USA for many years and wanted to go to this yatra.  BUt circumstances did not allow me.  Today accidentally I came acros Live india.com site and with blessings of Lord Shiva I was able to take a cyber tour.  I am very happy.  Very good site.Thanks 
Dilip BHatt, USA
name = Shivaraman Iyer, email = shivaram@qatar.net.qa 
This portal is very informative and contains priceless information.liveindia.com is great!! 
Shivaraman Iyer.Doha, Qatar
name = Amal Rabia, email = amal_rabia@hotmail 
Detailed-Text = this useful site has helped me alot in my history projeect.thanks
name = Maria Pillay, email = opelotis@hotmail.com 
Hi i think that you have a serious amount of talent on this website (male & female). This is brilliant keep it up. At least you give them a chance at modelling by posting pics on the net, most agencies dont even consider you if you are not the correct height or weight.I sincerely hope that agencies can take a hint from you.This website rocks! 
Love : Maria Pillay - South Africa
name = Jagdish, email = v_jagdish@indiatimes.com 
One sentence. The site is awesome. Just great Keep it up
name = GURUPRASAD A, email = gp99ca@yahoo.com 
name = pidugu, email = piduguguy@yahoo.com 
Detailed-Text = its a very good effort by you to have our ancient india's glory.. not many people have the chance to go to the place and c those wonderful temples and posters... u have made them come to our homes via this site. hats off..  thanx :)
name = Jensee Naojee, email = jensee28@servihoo.com 
Your web site is very interesting. Your web site is really educative because wwe can learn a lot about the Taj Mahal
name = Rajesh Shah, email = rajesh@unga.com 
 An excellent website and photographs of Priyanka and other sites.
name = Sabir Ali Balush, email = orientedtutor@hotmail.com 
Dear Sir, I am really very happy that I have found your this which I was looking for my boys in the net.  This is one of  the best side on Cricket. Yours obediently 
Sabir Ali Balush
name = pradeep, email = pradeepreddy_s@yahoo.com 
nothing to say in words its good sir really trust me sir
name = Tilak Poladiya, email = tilakpoladiya@yahoo.com 
This is very good site and is pride of indians.
name = shikha, email = shikha_capri@rediffmail.com 
hi Rajesh chopra ji,you have made a wonderful website.it is one of the most fassinating website i have ever seen. it has also helped me in my project. thank you, shikha
name = sanna, email = sanna_sa@hotmail.com 
Hi, I really like your web page.. its just too good, youve really done a great job!! love .sanna
name = Vijesh Kumar Pandora, email = vkp76@hotmail.com 
Dear Rajesh ji , Realy u have done a great job for a people , may god bless u ,thanks again
name = binod, email = binodc@hotmail.com 
 i am student of 9th. i had a social project of 20 freedom fighters. because of live india i finished in time.
name = suresh sharma, email = swastik_traders@hotmail.com 
name = M.B.SENDIL RATHNAA, email = sendilrathnaa@yahoo.com 
Dear Rajesh Chopra,  Your website is a treat to the soul.If India can teach the world anything it is only about the atma and the absolute divine.Your website is a helping brick.  thanking you
name = Rakesh Shrivastava, email = spectrum@del2.vsnl.net.in 
name = akshara, email = saiakshara@hotmail.com 
hello sir, i am indian from australia and i went through your web site and it was very interesting and it provided all the info indian needed throughtout the world.thanks alot.
name = Wania del Mar Dueño, email = waniadelmar@hotmail.com 
I will like to thank you to open this site. I'm not Indian, but I'm in love with your country since I was a little girl. The Taj Mahal's information is great. I got to make a special report for the University about anything that I love...that's the Taj Mahal, I've been looking online, and I think this is ine of the best.Good luck!!Thank you! Wania
name = SHARVI, email = mdsharvi@rediffmail.com 
Hi Rajesh    I am Sharvi a film Director from Chennai.The Site is excellent. Wish you all the best. God Bless You. 
Thanking you.   SHARVI
name = Jithin Jose, email = jithin@jithin.cjb.net 
Its really a wonderful site.  I dont even mind giving a link in my site 4 this site CONGRATS Jithin
name = JKgopolelo, email = jkgopolelo@gov.bw 
Hi Mr Rajesh your website is one of the best in the net helpful interesting.  It includes the variety of  ALL. 
name = Rajeev Shukla, email = rajeev_shukla73@rediffmail.com 
 hello,  it is good site for everyone .i found many things from this site.thanks, Rajeev shukla (MP)
name = Mahesh 
email = mmjari@hotmail.com 
Hello Rajesh, Its good to see that people like you keep our tradition and culture alive through different mediums. As younger generation use internet frequently they can come across your site. thanks 
Aum Namah Sivay
Hello Swami Ji...really its a very nice and beautiful site. Today first time I search your site...and I like it very much...! 
Today I learn more things from your site...like...about love,horoscope,music,temples etc...its a very interesting site and I am enjoying with your site. Really swami ji..you are a great. Regard 
Dilip Butani 
email = DMButani@aol.com 
:Just wonderful. Should I call it Eighth - sorry First - Wonder of the World. I wish I could go there one day. Do you have pictures of starting point of Sindhu River? i think Mansarovar is also starting point for Sindhu River. 
Dilip Butani
yeah i live in America and it's nice to be able to see this stuff from here..really interesting..keep up the good work.. 
balbeer singh 
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Thanks & Regards 
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Hi my name is steph, I Just started the keyboard and was wondering what the notes are on the staff A-Gand how to tell what they are. I got a piano book and none of the songs have the notes marked what they are and in the book it doesn't tell me what they are so I  can't learn them, I know what all the keys are but I don't know the staff and how totell which not is which when it is on the staff, thanks. 
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 Dear Chopra, Nobody can deny your initiative toward your remarkable efforts, specially in KaamSutras.  The positions/poses are realy veryhelpful for sexual contentment.  Try to add figure so that people can learn the creative sexuals deals. 
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may be very rich or poor. By the way my sun sign is Leo.with kind regards, 
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 You have mentioned all the notes.Good. But what about the fingering of the notes? I feel that if fingering is also detailed,then this would be wonderful.May I kindly ask you to reply me about the fingering as soon as possible by email as I am really looking forward to study piano.. 
Thanking you very much...yours sincerely. Mahesh, e mail = epr@md3.vsnl.net.in
Hi Raju..Your site is splendid !! I am not sure how you make up the horoscope, but I do read it regularly and follow it to some extend. Looks like you are leading a life I am dreaming of. Wish I had a mentor like you. I have a small web site too. Hope you will visit.
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very informative site I thank you Swami Rajesh Chopra great. 
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I really liked your way of teaching and I found it very simple. 
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let me know when u update this site 
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Sir , I really liked your lesson, but i was wondering if there are any sights you know of that contains piano notes for hindi music.I have been looking for this for while, even any books will help thanks a lot 
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Pl. add more graphics to add more information and visulbility, if possible then moving graphics. 
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these all sites are realy very good. Now I am your fan. 
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Greetings Swami Rajesh Chopra, Thank you for the details you presented in your Temples of Love Khajuraho web site.  However, may I suggest that you play Indian music instead of European music. 
Sincerely,, Catherine Slingerland, e mail :-   caseo@bwwonline.com
This was a homework assignment for my son. We received plenty of information from your web site. 
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Rajesh Chopra, It was nice to go through your site. It proved useful to me and will surely proove useful to many others who might be looking for a single platform, where they could know about more than one good institutional, they might be looking for.But it would have been nicer if it also included some address of e-mail id of the organisation mentioned, so that we could know more about the institution and contact them if need be. 
Alka, e mail = alk_gupta@yahoo.co.uk
Awsume web site.  Best organized and most comprehensvie Indian Website I've visited.  So much here I'll definitely be back - its kind of like one stop shopping.Do have a quetion thought.....Do u know of any sites where I can obtain Hindi Piano Music from? 
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Bahut Shukriah!Thanxs! 
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Mr.Chopra, I found ,its a wonderful sight,lot informative but has along way to go to cover up vast no of subjects, i liked 
Taj Mahal history, Vatsayanas KamaSutra,& body massages topicsto go through. although I liked it much , I am also recommanding many of my chat friends abroad to visit this sight so that my load of telling them about India in detail eases. 
Thank you for good sight,good luck 
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Florenta / Romania, e mail = shiralro@yahoo.com
Hi I just wanted to tell you that your site is magnificent and the pictures are beautiful.  I live in Arizona, USA and am a high school senior doing a presentation on taking a trip to India.  I will mention Khajuraho and thanks for the information!!!! 
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I also liked your section on massages. It was very informative and the information was presented in an easily understandable way.As far as enhancing your site: Your site Learn Piano,site for music lovers I like to play musical instruments like the keyboard and the guitar.  it would be a big hit. 
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Dear Swami Ji, This is a matter of proud that we have a web site related to auspicious and brighter side of my very own INDIA.nowadays when inet is being used for wrong purpose it is a matter of happyness by having  such a good site 
 thankig you 
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Doreen Singh 
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Detailed-Text = really the site is excellent. lord shiva bless you
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