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name = sameer, e mail = sameeruduma@hotmail.com
hi sir this site is very help full , thanks for your clean heart ..... when I am watching this site I am feling a freshness ....I cant getting more words ... pls I want a friendship....mail me sir pls pls .............thanks alote
name = Erica, e mail = epritts@hotmail.com
Your techniques are so great. They have improved my sex life completely. My husband and I get so turned on now! Thanks for all your help!
name = RAJIV KUMAR, e mail = rajiv_kumar1977@yahoo.com
Dear sir, Respectfully, I have impressed in your site. This site is easy and excellent. So that I am sending to my resume in add your jobs list which you will try to search to me which that I will receive to job for future. Therefore I hope you that I will wait to your response urgently. Best Regards
name = Glenn E. Klima, e mail = bamasail@gulftel.com
Interesting website, will visit again. If someone reads this regularly, I would like to know some more about leg massage. I intend to try a modified form of the technique related here. My ladyfriend has had some comlications after hip replacement, so her range of movement in the leg is somewhat limited. She will undergo a revision in 6 weeks or so. However, at present, I would like to know how to massage a leg to improve circulation and reduce swelling.
Thank You,
Glenn Klima
name = paiman, e mail = sharukhpaiman@hotmail.com
hallo im one  boy from afghanistaan  i need heelp for  afghans to have film staars een  hero and heroeen  so i haave aloots of dream to be kam a dancer  im living in holland  and  im dancing everdy  with hindi songs  know  i think dat i kan dance for afgan peopl   and i need zeetv to heelp meee if you heelp mee good wil heelp you  with loots of love paiman 
name = Emily , e mail = emily@hotmail.com
I loved the page! It helped me a lot on a school project ( I am in sixth grade )!
name = Ricky Malhotra, e mail = bhatiavivek@rediffmail.com
I am a aspirant model. Looking for break in the Glamour industry.This year i have selected for Grasim Mr. India 2002 also.
Please guide me how you can help the people like me how want to make dent in this industry.luv
hi i am Mehul.  I accidentally found your website about learning how to play piano.  I always wanted play piano
but I never had time to.  I did not know anything about music until now.  Before, I tried to learn by my self, but it
was not very well explained.  I think your website is the best.  I understood everything, from c sharp to d flat.  I
personally thank u very much.  I have one question though what about key signature.  where can I find info for
this email me if u have time I will really appreciate very much.  Thanks again
mehul VAShi" <MEHULVASHI@msn.com
I think this a good site for every one who lives in India & who likes to know about India. That what is India it will spot a full stop(.) at evry Question for India.I will be very thankfull to that person who made this site.
Dipesh Aggarwal,  e mail = dkagg2002@yahoo.com....
dearest author, i really appreciate your web. ever since i was young, i really adore and i like the majestic taj mahal. i really longed to visit there but i dont have money. i just want to have compilations of pictures about taj mahal by the way, i live here in the philippines and im 15 years old. thank you!
Jowalyn maris real, e mail = j.real@eudoramail.com
Dear Chopra uncle, Namaste.First of all Thankyou for making changes in my page. 
congrats Robin for his new page.Uncle, you have made the sight very attractive and  you have done a different work on this page.You have made an excelent page in very less time.Do add some imformation about Robin on the page. regards 
Bobby. e_mail :- Gaurav@liveindia.com
Dear Guruji, Sadar Pranam.,This is to Congratulate you on the development of one of the Best Sites on the Internet is Liveindia.com.The site is very easy to browse and is very informative. 
Keep it up, Sir. Regards 
Ambeek, e mail :-  ambeek@indiatimes.com
Brother Rajesh Chopra, Om Shanti ,Today I visit your all sites and I like all sites which you made ,Brother Chopra all sites are exelent no  doubt .you are doing real very great job for univers to Achive some knowledge about world. 
Mahesh , e mail = bkpbd@vsnl.com
Hi Rajesh You have a fantastic collection of paintings. I really appreciate. I am also trying to find some ancient Indian paintings. Are they existing? I have seen people decorating their drawing rooms with ancient foreign paintings. I am very curious to know about the art performed by our ancestors. I will be grateful if you can direct me where I can find this information. I can show those paintings (If any) to my fellow Americans. Thanks :-Shivaji 
e mail = ss988330@shellus.com
Hello my name is Jose and I am from Clearwater, Florida, USA. I was wondering if you have on the internet Live India Music that could be heard through Real Player(Traditional, as well as, India's Pop music). I went to Kuwait one time, and I was able to see some Channel V from India, and I thought is was great music. Ever since I came back, I have been trying to look for some of your music, and I have been unsuccessful. Maybe you can help me. Sincerely Jose 
e mail :- j.santos@mindspring.com
Hi...Just wondering, whether you provide personal horoscopes also or not. If yes, then could I get one for the info given below: DateOB : Sept. 3 1997 Time : 4:45pm PlaceOB: Delhi, INDIA Name : Vinay Garg Thanks. 
e mail :- vgarg@Bayou.UH.EDU
Please suggest the best positions for love making to a slim wife. I am 50+ and she is 25+. She is easily aroused but I get scared. I cannot enjoy her. 
e mail : - Md-5845@aol.com
Dear Swami ji, I visited your web sites.I found it wonderful & interesting too. I have gained lot of knowledge from it, wishing you all the best and success. 
Suresh Sharma : e_mail :- swastik@liveindia.com
Yes it was real surprise for me to visit your web-site. Is there any reason you use your name as Swami Rajesh Chopra? Love :- swami Chaitanya Keerti 
e mail :- press@osho.net
Rajesh, Impressive presentations. Detail explanation were given.Further details like lucky numbers, stones,dates, etc if given will be very much appreciated. 
Nantha kuma. e mail = nanthi@singnet.com.sg
Dear Mr. Rajesh, Glad to see your lovely compilation of links. This is no doubt a useful site for net surfers with different interests.Long Live LiveIndia.com 
Arvind Goel. e mail :- arvind@indodesk.com
Hello,  I enjoyed your "what do others think of your sign".Do you offer a natal chart?I had one done a few years ago, but I want to get another one just to make sure it is correct.I am an (sun) aquarian (moon) leo (Ascendant) sagittaris.So far it sounds right to me. 
Nancy, e mail = inagoda@webtv.net
Mr. Chopra, let me first say that i enjoyed your music site very much...Please do not laugh, I am 47 years old  and just  now starting to fulfill. a life's dream..I have studied all the lesson's that are available on website and really would like to study more if they are available.My question is what are the names of the octaves and how many are there.?  Are the letters in the square box above the staff the different octaves?  If so, how do you determine where on the piano you are actually playing this chord  ?  I am not sure I am making this sensible..I would appreciate any help you could send me to lessen the confusion. 
thank you ....Becky stephon . E mail :- bstepho@webtv.ne
Hi Rajesh,,I always check my horoscope from your site. I want to know if you can tell me if this year is productive for me to have a baby. My Date of Birth is 19th DEC 71 @ 9:00 p.m 
Please reply soon.Thanks, 
Ranu Jiaswal :- ranu_j@yahoo.com
Dear Uncle, Your site is WONDERFUL & ATTRACTIVE. 
Please guide me to how to create my own site. 
Swati Chitkara , e mail = swati@hotmail.com
excellent presentation..
Louie  e mail = 990309@stu.und.ac.za
Great pictures and shadings, but just one more thing try to add more techniqes and instructions
Chad mcdonald, e mail = 4669@comp.com
Dear Rajesh, I have found your website most informative and have told my friends on ramalila.com about it. It has a lot of knowledge and compassion on your pages. Thank you for making these pages available to us. Your Astrological Lovers page is very interesting indeed. I found most of the information to be accurate. Can you have a page about meditation and the how-to's. I am sure a lot of people can benefit from this knowledge.
Thank you again for making this a lovely site to visit.
Yogini, e mail = BErivin@AOL.com
Dear Mr Rajesh Chopra, website was good but it should be more explainable with figures it would be better.thankuuuuuuuu
kirankumar, e mail = kirankumar81@yahoo.com
Hi, Rajesh: Just visited your site and wanted you to know I think you are doing a wonderful job of helping others through the Net. All your different pages are very interesting and gives people more knowledge about the various subjects which you offer. I hope you will keep us informed about what's next you have in store. It is a good thing to bring Yoga to the Cyber stage because that is where most of the population's attention is at. You have chosen a most adequate arena to bring your knowledge to the masses.I wish you well on all your endeavors and I look forward to visiting your website again and I know I will learn something new each time I visit. By the way, could you maybe develop a page for people looking for pen pals? It would be nice to go to a site where people are of like minds who are interested in developing a cyber friendship and just correspond to each other. Not necessarily romantic topics, but just friendship. I hope you will have this on your site sometime. Take care and may you have many blessings on your endeavors.Sincerely,
Brenda E. e mail :- BErivin@aol.com
It's the first time that I have clear explanation and animations for the different positions practiced in Kama Sutras.
Thanks, Atmaram Narasimhulu, e mail = CYBERLIGHT@INTNET.MU
Nice Site. Will keep Checking your home page reguarly.Please manitain this site.
David Roth, USA, e mail = david@photoasa.com
Hello! I think that it is the one of the greatest sites with light sex alongwith great information, But it can effect a lot if you had do not seen the movie kamasutra (perfume garden ).
Khurram. e mail = rabi4u@yahoo.com
Could u please tell me which notes go in which spaces and lines for the bass staff?  It's been driving me crazy! --Emmalee Conner email:-dogs007@yahoo.com
You have a great site. Keep it going
A K Moorthy. e mail = moorthy@usa.net
Dear Uncle Chopra, I was very impressed with your style. I really liked your way of teaching.
I enjoyed your pictures and story about the Taj Mahal.Your site is WONDERFUL&ATTRACTIVE.
Please guide me to how to create my own site. Thank you!
shamsuddin (Pakistan), e mail = immomin@usa.net
your picture of the Taj Mahal is really breath taking.
Michelle, e mail = highfeild@usa.net
Dear Mr.Chopra, the pencil shading section is good and interesting.it can also be improved by adding more drawings and techniques  adopted to draw those drawings.
Beautiful pictures and your web site!!! I simply loved them!
Alefiyah, e mail = alefi76@aol.com
Dear Rajesh, I'm the second visitors your site and i like all your photos..Good Luck!!
Azlini, e mail = azlinii@hotmail.com
Please do try to upload the TajMahal with atleast some visual effects.
M.Jawad Qureshi, e mail = j_qureshi@usa.net
Hi, I have mastered the letter "C" on lesson one, and would like to learn more through a second, third lesson, etc. Are their more lessons you offer? Thanks,
Lora L Wright,  e mail:- kzlf2691@netzero.net
I find the page dedicated to the Kama Sutra in good taste, and the little figures depicting the actual position, also. well done, thank you,.Devi
Your page is nice.  Your graphics very good.  I am a student working on a brochure in compuers class. As you can probally guess I chose the Taj Mahal. I have always wanted to visit it. Thank you for your information.
This site is pretty good but it needs more pictures and more info .but oter wise it was good
Michelle, e mail = highfeild@usa.net
Hi,My name is Susmita Sengupta. I tried my best to find the e-mail id of a friend of mine , who is presently a model......Malaika-Arora-Khan. Its been years i and my twin sister Sangeeta left Bombay.  Malaika was our class-mate and we were in Swami-Vivekanand School for 5 yrs. It will be a kind favour on your behalf if you could mail me , her e-mail id only if she recommends you to do so. At present  i am staying in Germany.Thanks yours sincerely,
Susmita e mail:- adasgupt@hotmail.com
I really like your photos of the Taj Mahal.  I would really like if you could put more pictures of inside the Taj Mahal. The infomation about that place was awsome!
Jennifer, e mail = Jennifer_13431@krock.com
Hi, i have searched you site and found some valuable info for my research paper...i would really appreciate your further assistance regarding tajmahal and and any issue concerning it...if you have more info about Taj mahal could you please sent it to me.... thank you so much for your time
Sheetal Naik, e mail:- janki78@yahoo.com
Dear Chopra, your site is wonderful....excellent....marvellous...
vinotha.c, e mail = cse_e655849@pmctech.ac.in
Dear Swami . I just like u to know how much i like taj mahal. thank you to all of your sites!
Beat Winistoerfer e mail :-sailcatadventure@eudoramail.com
I've just visited India and i saw the TAJ MAHAL It is truly beautiful and magnificent.No doubt it is a symbol of eternal love , but can you also write about some 'cold hard' facts about how many lives might have been lost when building the Taj Mahal and did it affect the way Shah Jahan ruled his kingdom .Another thing , did he really built it to profess his undying love or was he just showing off his architectural abilities and wanted to be 'God's Shadow' on earth
ibaidah , e mail = ibaidah@hotmail.com
your taj mahal pictures are very nice.Ps i am a kid of 6years
Kavi Pachchigar, e mail = Kavi2000@goplay.com
a ever ending beautiful world which  i never wonder in my thoughts.you site
pavan, e mail = npavan@lovemail.com
In your opion should aries and caporcorn be togeather because i am going out with a caporcorn and  i read the report about us and it seems to be right on dot about me showing affection and him nt so i was jsut wondering if you could write back that would be great thak you..this site is great 
e mail :-  scarletofnight@webtv.net
I really liked your website and am asking if you may be able to send more information to me
through email it will help me very much with my project. I will be waiting for your reply.
Sincerely, Nasrin (student) e mail:- nasrin_2000_99@yahoo.com
Sir, I Harish Dixit from india had got the chance of visiting your web site and was really very impressed by the message board which you have on you site
e mail:- harishdixit@hotmail.com
it's really good and fantasy web site congratulations!!!
Mohan, e mail = kms89@hotmail
Dear Swami Chopra, Please what does the word Chopra mean???????
Alietha, e mail = joseph__44@hotmail.com
Great!B'coz people can learn a lot.More of satisfying themselves.from your web site.
Neeraj, e mail = nkusri1@satyam.net.in
I was actually at work one day and decided to explore on the net some of the things that fascinated me and probally would not have a chance to see. I am 22 years old and have visited several countries but, with the world slowly turning against one another, this seemed to be the only safe way to explore some of the many wonders in which I truly have a passion for. This web site gave me plenty of information on the Taj andso many actually made me feel like I was there on a tour. Thank You! 
Dominique Lamay. e mail = dominiquelamay@yahoo.com
Hey i just wanted to e-mail and say that the you web site is beautiful. sincerly 
Stewart Stanley e mail:- tfedwards@surry.net
wow! I love your pictures of the Taj Mahal! It really helped me on my project!~thanks!
I read the Kamasutra with the lovely music. You did a great job to bring the master piece to online.Murali, e mail = rmuralig7@hotmail.com
i think tour website is pretty kool.thank you!!!!!
Vishu Patel, e mail = koolgrl_17@hotmail.com
Dear Chopra, I think this website is really good because if it wasnt for this website i woulnt have gotten a A on my project. thanx
James An, Address = 740 s. st andrews pl#28 lo s angeles CA 90006
e mail = kpxballer@aol.com
the only expression i have for this is its just fantabulous
neel sheth, e mail = jaan124@usa.net
Sir i  am  agreat  fan  of  live india site  products  i  being  a  student  will  be highly  obliged  if  you  have  and  can  send  some  promotional  products of  live india
Nikhil Vohra, e mail :- nikhilvohra@satyam.net.in
Mr.Chopra i think this is a beautiful website and i also think this is one of the top web site in world.Nicholas, e mail = ndssss@ozemail.com.au
A very good site.Every Indian is proud of this.
Amar Kamat, e mail = amar@softhome.net
My name is Eddie.  I am a 6th grade student working on a travel website for a schoool project.  May I use your tajmahal picture?
Eddie, Lorylee Warmack, e mail :- lwarmack@ves55.johnsn.k12.il.us
i loved it like to see more thank you
patty, e mail = ptssh@aol.com
Dear Rajesh Chopra,It is the best site providing best sex knowledge rather than dirty pictures & moovies.This is really a great contribution to the enthusiastics in indian sex.....goodluck. Thankinigyou!!!, chandrakant., e mail = chandu_poona@yahoo.com
Dear Rajesh Thanks for your help!!! i need this web-site for my school report.well,I really have to build a model of the  taj mahal.anyway thanks alot for your help.
Mr.Swami, Hi I surfed into your site ( nice design ) I was wondering to see your dedication
John , CuteGreenEyez@aol.com
pooja , e mail = poojamutha@yahoo.com
Thankyou for the pictures of the Taj Mahal and the wonderfull little website you have 
Swami Rajesh Chopra. I will use one of the pictures to create a card for my girlfriend. You definately have beautifull pictures and thankyou for allowing me to see a place that I shall never probably get the chance to visit. Thanks for the time you spent creating the web page and greetings from Seattle, Washington. USA.
Joe Noverr, e mail = joenov@gte.net
Sh Rajesh ji, Tribute to beauty is  great indian love but i think love for ourself is greatest thank you for a great site made by you. Reply me
Deepesh Shah. e mail:- shah@datainfosys.net
Compliments for your site, Sir; I love the story and the pictures of Taj. Please, coul You send me by e-mail an electronic post-card of Taj Mahal panorama ? Thank You
Claudio by Rome, Italy e mail :- claudiopalla@lycosmail.com
chopra, great idea..nice music, grat site, you and your work both sexy.
valentino st.clair, e mail = valthegreat77@hotmail.com
Hi swami rajesh., My name is Swami Rahul. I'm currently staying in Los angeles, CA. I came across your site and found it very interesting. I,m also a disciple of Osho.I liked the picture of soho in your site. Indeed your life seems to be a blend of Zorba the Buddha.
Rahul , e mail = rbagmar@hotmail.com
I have read all pages refering to Kamasutra.  I am very gratefull for you and the effort you have put into your site.  I was unable to find anything at the local library.  I have coppied the text from your pages for use as notes.  Thankyou, and best wishes.
Thomas Moen, e mail = Sonic4ayl@aol.com
hi.....i have visited ur site.......i have read all the things and now i find that i am full with the knowledge of all.....thanx for such a good website.....
Amrish Patel, e mail = vhn80@hotmail.com
Dear Mr Rajesh,I really enjoy your website especially the views of Tajmahal. I would like to see more pictures on wonderful rivers of India and mountains too! Thanks for your contribution and pls keep it up! S.Kumar, Malaysia. e mail = suria909@hotmail.com
dear rajesh you did excilent page sex avearness and so many more
sunny, e mail = rana_haider_ali@hotmail.com
Hi, gents ! My name is Constantin Sever , I am 20 years old, from Romania and in  need to learn to play piano, to write some songs on my computer in MIDI format; I need some songs without human voise to play in a karaoke contest; I've seen your site;its great, I've learned where "C" is :) I want more (free if possible); if not, please send me some addresses where I can find useful information;
Gratefully, Sever Bon Jovi ! :) e mail :- sever100@yahoo.com
hello friend ,I am a medical student i liked your website and i want to make a tajmahal so that you must guide me to mine destination your's beloved
Taral sharma, e mail = taralsharma@usa.net
Dear Mr. Chopra,, What you have done is as remarkable as the Taj itself. Millions of viewers can now see the centuries old Beauty in all its glory through the internet. I cannot find enough & right words to praise your work. This will be a bonus for the tourist industry as well. Maybe, someday you can cover other historical monuments and make a CD or an album of CDs. Good Luck,
S. Aliuddin Akailvi ,3rd. May 2000 (Saudi Arabia)e mail :- akailvi@hotmail.com
This is a beautiful site with beautiful music. I will recomend this site to all my friends and family. 
Thank You!Bubbles
Dear Sir, We are coming out with a shopping portal. We require daily, monthly and yearly forecasts for the same. Kindly let us know how we can go about it.Sincerely,
Deepak Gupta, e mail = deepak__gupta@hotmail.com
Dear Mr.Chopra, My name is Bayarsaihan.I am a student. I am Mongolian.I live in Ulaanbaatar.  Ulaanbaatar is capital city of Mongolia. I saw your photography of Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is wonderful. Your site was very excellent.
Regarding your kamasuthra. If there are photographs it will give us very clear idea.
vijay, e mail = vijaylee@usa.net
Hallo Swami !, BEST REGARDS FROM ICELAND. YOU AND YOUR SITE BOTH ARE VETY SEXY.Sveinn, Sveinn Porsteinsson, e mail = seven@simnet.is
Dear Swami Rajesh Chopra, Your site are very informative. I too was under the illusion that a
western architect had designed the Taj. I heard he was French. Glad to clear that up. Now, I have a question if I may, another story I've heard about the Taj is that the marble came from the United States, specifically the state of Maryland. The dates make me suspicous that the story is not true. Do you know the source of the marble? Thanking you in advance. Bill
Newhall/Baltimore, Maryland, USA, e mail  r.r.mccrae@erols.com
thankyou this is a wonderful site. Both myself and child have been helped.
Sherry Gopp, e mail = harry@parrett.net
Hi my name is Ravi and i think that your website is realy cool but if was wondering if you can send me some nice big pictures of the Taj Mahal because i am doing a project and i picked the Taj Mahal because its in my own country but can you please send me pictures.
Ravi Thakker, e mail = rthakker@alexandrapark.haringey.sch.uk
Hello uncle! your site is very COOL . We can gain all the knowledge from your site. I request you to teach me how to form a website. Reply me at the e mail address mentined above. Thankyou.
Swati Chitkara e mail. :- swatichitkara@hotmail.com
thanks to you for great pictures and all works.
biplab tah, e mail = acsbwn@yahoo.com
Rajesh, I think you have brought the cultural heritage of our yester years to the fore without
blemishing the sensually pure art form.Without dwelling on the sexual aspect , you have put forth the effort and the time taken to scuplt these artforms in perfect harmony in life like stone figures.Trully ,a job well done.
YOUSUFF ISMAIL, e mail =  yousuffismail@mailcity,com
Very Good Pls keep it up,With best Wishes,
V.P.Mahesh, e mail = mmahesh_v.p@yahoo.com
Dear Sir, Your site is very useful for Indian peoples, you are example for another countriesBest Regards, A.V.Rajan, e mail = voiletnath@hotmail.com
dear swami,  you have done a beautiful job. we share our love for osho. your creativity is splendid. i wish you the very best., yogena
This site is excellent,as a person get a lot of things on the same page.
Mohit Sisodia, e mail = mohitsisodia@hotmail.com
lovely pictures invited me to know this temple of love enchanting web site, congratulations.
graciela, e mail = zafiro@hotmail.com
I thought the pictures were absolutely stunning.  I think the Taj Mahal is so beautiful and the reason of its being built is a rare treasure in history.  There is nothing greater than love.  I have always
wanted to see for myself what this beautiful monument looked like inside. I may never physically ever get to India, but with your help I have in a way "seen" and experienced the Taj Mahal.  It is indeed a very beautiful and romantic treasure.Thanks.
Barbara Neumeyer, e mail = angelcruiser@hotmail.com
dear friend Chopra, many thanks for your highly instructive free piano site. with warm regards from a musician,  Bhattacharya, Rajendra P. e mail :- RPB@pd.state.gov
I would like to have from you some pictures of Khajuraho! I love India's art! Send me the pictures in .jpg format. Thanks, Stefan
stefan_krustev, e mail = stefan_krustev@123india.com
Dear Rajesh,I really enjoyed your informative site.  I acquired some artwork of the Taj Mahal at an auction in Charleston, S.C. before I moved to the mountains of North Carolina.  I was researching its origin when I found your site. The artwork was commissioned for restoration by  David T. Langrock of New Haven, CT and had a newspaper article with it linking the paintings
as once loaned to India. The search continues! Thanks Don
DON KELLER, e mail = sarahwkeller@hci.net
poorani, e mail = pooranimanian@usa.net
Congratulations! I found the site really informative.
Anindita Bhattacharya, e mail = mou@cal2.vsnl.net.in
Mr.Chopra, Hello,It was indeed a pleasure visiting your site. It does provide a comprehensive information on Travel and Tourism.
Meenakshi, e mail:- meenakshi@infobase.co.in
Dear Chopra, it is superb
a.baqui, e mail = baquisrif@hoymail.com
Dear swamiji, your site is one of the useful, it reveals all the site in a single point.
Thambi, e mail = Thambimfl@virtualindia.com
You site is very good. I Love it. Please consider changing background color. It is so difficult to read story. Taj Picture is the best! Good luck!
Sid Patel, e mail = spatel@carolina.rr.com
beautifully done.all works are great, congrats.
Dr.NADARAJAN, e mail = dr_raj@spectrum.net.in
I have a piano and keyboard.I am not able to play either. I am 58 and have always hoped to learn.My instruments are not being used because I get discouraged at the thought of involved instructions and their comprehension. Are your instructions for everyone such as myself? They look
simple and perhaps within my learning ability.Do you have any suggestions? By the way I am not Indian. Thank You
Nancy Muzzi, e mail = nmuzzi@iopener.net
Dear Sir, I am a student doing masters in Information Technology at Queensland University of
Technology, Briabane, Australia. As part of one of my subjects (Multimedia Systems), I have to make a multimedia project. I am planning to make my project on Taj Mahal. It will be a great help from your end if you can give me the copyright to use the pictures and factual material from your website for my project.
Rohit Sinha, Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus,,Brisbane
Queensland-4007, Australia, e mail :- ruiiaa@yahoo.com
Hi , I've gone through yr site would like you to add the e-mail addresses of designers and models along with their portfolios so that more business could be netted through this site !Regards
neil cooper, e mail = dyncon@hotmail.com
hi swami, I am a sex girl I want to keep sex with you without "AIDS"
vinot, e mail = vinothbabu21@usa.net
the site is very interesting but lacks pictures good work done keep it up
piyush, e mail = ppanchal@vsnl.com
Dear sir, I gone through the website to get some information about khajuraho .I want to get the photographical view of each & every way what ever is available in tample & also through kamsutra about sex relationship please pass it through  my e-mail add  thanks. 
prashant kumar, e mail = prashant_kum@yahoo.com
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