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Panaji:  Being the capital city of Goa, one expects it to have a bit of dispirited space to it. However this small but charming city on the left bank of silvery Mandovi River, with beautiful red-roofed houses, built in Latin style juxtaposed with many modern houses… has a rather enchanting feel to it instead! Panaji is Goa's third largest city after Vasco and Margao. 

The heart of the city is the Church Square or Municipal Garden with the Portuguese Baroque Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, originally built in 1541. Other tourist attractions include the old and rebuilt Adilshahi Palace (or Idalcao palace), dating from the 16th century, the Menezes Braganza Institute and the Central Library, the Chapel of St. Sebastian and the Fontainhas area in general which is considered to be the Old Latin Quarter, as well as the nearby beach of Miramar. The Carnival celebrations in February include a colourful parade on the streets. 

Mapusa: Mapusa is the main market town in northern Goa. Mapusa is pronounced by the locals as “Mapsa.” It’s on the National Highway 17, is at the cross roads of the network of highways covering whole of North Goa and 10km inland from the Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, and Vagator beaches. If you are coming from Mumbai by bus, you can get down here and then head to one of the northern beaches.

Arambol Beach:  The pristine splendor of this beach in North Goa, is that it is both rocky and sandy …making it a much sought after escape. The beach is an uninterrupted and stunning stretch of curving sand, still fresh in comparison to other beaches. 

Vagator: Its soft glistening white sand, lava rocks with gently swaying palm trees reveal a lush green surrealistic landscape that compliment the fluidity of the sea, as it turns from aquamarine to emerald green. Vagator and Chapora, overlooked by the majestic 500-year-old Portuguese fort, leave each visitor captivated. Yet with the hustle and bustle of tourists, life goes on peacefully, in the background, in Vagator and Chapora. 

Anjuna: Internationally acclaimed, Anjuna beach with its white waves that collide unto its golden sands, seem a picture straight out of heaven. Anjuna beach comes to life with the celebrated flea market and the full-moon beach parties that continue till the early hours of the morning. The flea market offers a tourist just about anything he wishes for … from clothes of psychedelic hues to second hand bikes to cameras and charming colorful trinkets that make brilliant souvenirs. The Anjuna beach flea market is held on Wednesdays and if you are good at bargaining, then you can walk away with good stuff at throw away prices.

There is the magnificent Albuquerque Mansion built in 1920 and the Mascarenhas Mansion for one to see. The Mascarenhas Mansion is an architectural delight with rich and classic balconies. It has some of the finest stained glass floral etchings

Baga beach: A small but crowded beach, Baga’s charm is that you are always in the thick of things. Numerous beach shacks with a delectable range of food to choose from, after a morning of unwinding in the sun… to becoming the party spot at night… makes this place a clear favorite for most tourists.

Calangute: Calangute beach is also called the 'Queen of Beaches' because the essence that is found here cannot be found elsewhere. Under the shade of palm trees, rests this majestic queen. 

Dona Paula:  An idyllic picturesque spot. Commands a fine view of the Zuari River and Mormugao Harbour.

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