M.S. Bitta
M.S. Bitta
Chairman of the All-India Anti-Terrorist Front (AIATF)

Salman meets real-life heroes with M.S. Bitta
Salman meets real-life heroes with M.S. Bitta
Unlike his contemporaries in Bollywood who popularise their films under the subterfuge of supporting a social cause, actor Salman Khan on Tuesday openly admitted that he was taking the All-India Anti-Terrorist Front chairman M. S. Bitta’s help to promote his blockbuster “Veer” that releases in theatres on January 22.

Salman, who was presented “Pride of Nation Award” at the function for spreading patriotism through ‘Veer,’ himself honoured several awardees. He presented swords to parents of Delhi police officer late M.C. Sharma; Rukhsana Kauser; Kuldeep Singh; Anuradha Gautam; wife of ANI cameraman Vikram Bisht; wife of late Sanjiv Suri and wife of Hindustan Times photographer Pradeep Bhatia.

“To be a brave heart you don’t have to ride a horse and brandish a gleaming sword to frighten the adversary. Some might think it is masochistic to indulge in fisticuffs. All this is nonsense; Generation X must maintain their cool even against greatest provocation. But when it comes to saving an innocent person you shouldn’t think twice before endangering your life,” said Salman, after presenting “Anti Terrorist Front Veer Bravery Awards” at a packed FICCI Auditorium here.

Cautioning the voters

Salman had a word of caution for prospective voters. “As students, you don’t say what political parties and leaders are doing for you? But as voters it becomes your duty to vote for the right candidate and the right dispensation. These days peace can be brokered by signing deals on the negotiating table.”

Taking a dig at media’s constant attention to his marital status Salman said, “Not just wars, even marriages are solemnised on the table. But I am still looking for the table on which my marriage can be registered.”

Referring to incidents of suicide by children under pressure of studies Salman said, “Even if they flunk in exams of Classes XII, IX or VIII they shouldn’t commit suicide by jumping on rail tracks. I know students who very rarely open their textbooks, but they don’t take their lives; it is only the studious lot who due to some compulsion take such unfortunate decisions. Repeating another year in a class shouldn’t become an embarrassment.”

Sharing details of the film, Salman said, “I wrote the script of ‘Veer’ 20 years ago when the trend was of hero-worship. We need to have heroes who we can look up to. Let us the see the fate of my film, if it succeeds then it is everyone’s film and if it flops then I will say the film is mine,’’ he declared.

Singing hosannas of the actor, Bitta said: “I will like to address him as Veer Salman Khan. He can be Salman Khan, Salman Singh, Salman Kumar and Salman Isai. He is a symbol of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian unity. Media has portrayed him as a hero or associated him with some controversy but they should show his secular side. In his house, every religion is practised. I could have invited some big neta but I know Salman loves children.”

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