• Babu Bajrangi: After killing them, I felt like Maharana Pratap.
  • Mangilal Jain: We dragged them out of their houses.
  • Anil Patel: The smallest village wasn't spared.
  • Key Sangh leaders also spoke openly of the support they got from Modi.
  • Babu Bajrangi: To get me out on bail, Narendra bhai changed judges thrice.
  • Haresh Bhatt: He has done what no other chief minister ever has.
  • Suresh Richard: We were blessed, he told us.
  • The police not just stood there and watched but also played their part, claims Tehelka.
  • Suresh Richard: The cops must have killed 70 or more.
  • Rajendra Vyas: Narendra bhai got the police on our side.
  • Ramesh Dave: All the cops helped, even gave us cartridges
  • Lalu demands arrest of Modi, Advani 
    PATNA: Accusing Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and BJP leader L K Advani of "orchestrating mass murder" in Gujarat after the Godhra train inferno, RJD supremo and Railway Minister Lalu Prasad on Friday demanded their immediate arrest in the wake of a sting operation. 

    "Since Modi enjoys the patronage of senior BJP leader L K Advani, the opposition leader in the Lok Sabha, the latter cannot escape culpability for the mass murder," he said. Prasad demanded that criminal cases be instituted against the two leaders immediately and they be sent to jail. The Railway Minister said the incidents were a "blot" on Indian democracy as also humanity and the then Prime Minister, Home Minister Advani and Home Ministry officials were "equally guilty" along with Modi for the carnage. 

    Modi should go, says Cong
    Condemning the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s ''deafening'' silence on the Tehelka expose into the 2002 Gujarat communal killings and Chief Minister Narendra Modi's alleged active role in it, the Congress party on Friday demanded that he step down.
    ''If the constitution of India is to be upheld, if we still call ourselves as a civilised society, if the right to life has any meaning at all, if human rights are to be upheld, Narendra Modi should immediately step down from public office,'' Congress spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan told reporters.

    BJP dismisses Gujarat riot claims
    A spokesman for the BJP, Prakash Javdekar, described the Tehelka report as an election stunt stage-managed by Congress. He said it was a sting operation based on rumours and hearsay.

    Gujarat riots
    Gujarat riots had Modi's sanction - Put Modi behind bars
    Thursday, October 25, 2007
    The Tehelka magazine said on Thursday that the 2002 Gujarat sectarian riots had the ''sanction'' of Chief Minister Narendra Modi and that many of the accused had admitted this on camera.
    Gujarat riots according to Tehelka...
    Even after five years, the Gujarat carnage remains a hotly contested issue. We have had disputed versions from the State, the police, the victims and civil rights groups. In Tehelka’s ground-breaking investigation, for the first time hear the truth of the genocidal killings from the men who actually did it. In disclosures that are shocking and graphic. 
    A six-month Tehelka investigation brings forward irrefutable evidence of many horrific incidents that have remained contested in the last five years. For instance:
    A pregnant woman’s womb was indeed pierced with a sword and the foetus wrenched out.
    How Muslims hiding in a gutter in the hope that they would survive were killed. 
    In the Gulbarg Society massacre, a first-hand account of how the former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri was hacked limb by limb and burned. 
    Gujarat riots Confessions to rape, something the state has consistently denied.
    How dozens of Muslims hiding in a pit and clinging together in fear in Naroda Patiya were doused with kerosene and burnt alive.
    For the first time, the investigation brings confirmation that the Gujarat murder of Muslims was not a spontaneous swell of anger, but a planned genocide strategised and executed by top functionaries of the RSS, 
    the VHP, the Bajrang Dal and the state authorities, with the knowledge and sanction of Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
    The magazine's Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal said at a press conference that it had done a sting operation over the last six months by talking to a number of Sangh Parivar leaders, including Godhra BJP MLA Haresh Bhatt, Shiv Sena leader Babu Bajrangi, who was earlier in VHP, and VHP leaders Anil Patel and Dhawal Jayanti Patel to bring out the truth.

    The BJP reacted sharply saying Tehelka was acting as ''CIA (Congress Investigating Agency) and it was a collusive sting which could hardly be called investigative journalism.'' 

    Party spokesman Prakash Javedekar said the ''dirty tricks department'' of the Congress was at work again in view of the Assembly elections in Gujarat.

    None of the leaders caught on camera in the expose was available for comments, except Gujarat VHP leader Dhawal Jayanti Patel who said Bajrangi had not talked to him during the riots and he had not seen the sting operation.

    Bhatt was purportedly caught on tape saying he was present in a meeting in which Modi allegedly gave him three days time ''to do whatever they wanted.''

    ''After three days, he (Modi) asked to stop and everything came to a halt,'' Bhatt said adding the Chief Minister thanked them after the Naroda Patiya massacre.

    The magazine claimed Dhawal Jayanti Patel told its undercover reporter that the VHP activists made lots of bombs in a factory owned by him.

    A BJP MLA was shown as saying they even made rocket launchers which were used in the pogrom.

    It also claimed that it has exposed ''a trail of lies and coercions'' that establishes the fire in coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express in Godhra on February 27, 2002 was a case of spontaneous mob fury and not a pre-meditated conspiracy as stated by the Gujarat government.

    'Two BJP members, who claim to be eyewitnesses and have identified many of the 'accused', admit that they were not even at the Godhra station that day. They say the police filed statements on their behalf and they colluded to further the cause of Hindutva,' said Tejpal in a statement.

    Reacting to the news, the Congress said that the Tehelka sting brought out the role of the BJP and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the post-Godhra riots and that people will give a befitting response by sending Modi to an ''appropriate place'' instead of Gandhinagar.

    Gujarat riots Gujarat riots
    Noting that the incidents were a ''blot'' on Indian democracy as also humanity, party spokesperson Mohan Prakash said that the then Prime Minister, Home Minister and Home Ministry officials were ''equally guilty'' along with Modi in the carnage.

    He said the Supreme Court itself as in number of cases observed on the situation and hoped that instead of sending Modi to Gandhinagar in the coming polls, he would be sent to an ''appropriate place.''

    Prakash expressed apprehension that the BJP would utilize the sting operation to rouse passions in the state with an eye on elections.
    In other incriminating disclosures, it appears that bombs were manufactured in factories owned by senior Bajrang Dal and VHP activists. Arms were smuggled from UP, MP, Bihar and Punjab and then distributed to execution squads led by MLAs and senior members of the Sangh Parivar. Consignments of arms were not just smuggled in once but “there were tens and tens of them.

    +500 mosques and dargahs destroyed in Gujarat


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