Such acts are surely very bad and very shameful.
It is very shameful on the part of our country that who ever with powers in his/her hands misuses that power to no limited extends and there is no one to stop them for doing such Acts. The best example to quote this is the recent Amar Singh case. In a democratic country like India every person has a right to live their life in their own personal way. A person has formal and informal relations with people and acts according to that. So was Amar Singh talking to someone who was informal to him when his conversation was taped. Do such people have no right to live their own personal life? Not only this, now when all the conversation has been taped he is been blackmailed.
Such acts are surely very bad and very shameful.
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Amar Singh moves SC over CDs
New Delhi, February 23
Samajwadi Party MP Amar Singh today moved an application in the Supreme Court in an apparent by bid to restrain TV media from playing the CDs of his so-called taped conversation.

Mr Amar Singh moved an application as part of his writ petition, pending before the court, which had already issued notices to the Centre, the Delhi Government and the city Police on it earlier.

The application was moved by him in view of various TV channels claiming that they had access to the CDs containing his alleged conversation with various film stars and others.

The application, sought a direction to the Uttar Pradesh police to probe how the CDs, which were supposed to be in the custody of the Delhi Police, had landed in the hands of various TV channels.

Virtually accusing the Delhi Police of supplying the CDs to the media, the SP leader said the apprehension was “obvious” as those were confiscated by it as part of the case diary.

Mr Amar Singh in his writ petition had sought judicial probe into the tapping of his telephone.

His counsel said efforts would be made to ensure that the matter was listed for hearing tomorrow.

The Delhi Police and UP Police had registered separate FIRs with regard to the tapping of his telephone and were virtually at loggerheads on the issue of the probe, whey they accused each other of encroaching on their jurisdiction.

Amar Singh’s telephone conversations  recorded
NEW DELHI, JANUARY 1: Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh’s telephone conversations had been recorded for over two months by a private detective in New Delhi’s South Extension.

Investigating officers of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell say that the detective, 32-year-old Bhupendra Kumar, ‘‘was used as a pawn for the operation’’ for a ‘‘handsome amount.’’ They say the mastermind has been identified. ‘‘The case will be cracked in a day or so,’’ said Joint Commissioner (Special Cell) Karnal Singh.

Kumar was approached by a person, who identified himself as a police officer, at the rented second-floor office of his Metro Intelligence in South Extension in October. The man had two letters with him. One purportedly written by Delhi Joint CP (Crime) Ranjit Narayan on October 22 to Principal Secretary (Home) R Narayan Swamy asking for permission to tap Amar Singh’s phone. The other, the permission granted by Swamy. ‘‘Both letters were forged—the despatch number of the first one is the same as that of a commendation written for an official by Joint CP Narayan and the despatch number of the second is that of a letter written by Swamy dismissing some corrupt Tihar jail officials,’’ say Special Cell officers. 

Investigators say that Kumar was offered a huge sum to carry out the tapping operation. Kumar forwarded both the letters to Reliance Infocomm, seeking access to telephone number 011-39565414. Believing this to be an official request, the telecom company, through a programme in their system, gave a parallel line from 011-39565414 to Bhupendra’s mobile phone number (9811358986), say Special Cell sources. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav on Friday had alleged that this mobile number belonged to Joint CP Narayan. 

The tapping went on for almost two-and-a-half months, till an alert Reliance official realised that the number under surveillance was installed at the Lodhi Estate residence of Amar Singh. He passed on the information to his superiors. The news reached Mulayam Singh Yadav who sent an SOS to Delhi Police Commissioner K K Paul and Home Minister Shivraj Patil, who did not have any information about the tapping. ‘‘The CM, who obtained the two letters as well, then went to the media, saying the Delhi Police had tapped Amar Singh’s phone under the Centre’s instructions,’’ say investigators. 

When the news channels began flashing Mulayam Singh Yadav’s press conference, no one—Kumar or his four employees—turned up for work at the detective agency’s South Extension office. 

‘‘Bhupendra has been running this office here for two years now. He said he worked for banks as a recovery agent and paid me Rs 12,000 as monthly rent. I never suspected anything,’’ says the landlord, Babu Ram, a retired income tax advocate. 

Ram says the office has been locked since Friday when the news came out. Sources say the police arrested him the same night from his residence in Alipur’s Hirnakis area.

Cong hits back at SP, drags Reliance
NEW DELHI: With Congress finally breaking its silence to hit back at Samajwadi Party over the alleged tapping of the phone of the latter's general secretary, Anil Ambani's Reliance Infocomm appeared be getting caught in the crossfire. 

Leading the counter-offensive on a day when Amar Singh secured support from CPM's general secretary Prakash Karat, Congress general secretary dragged Reliance Infocomm, the provider of Singh's "tapped" phone in the line of fire. 

Referring to Amar Singh's widely known proximity to Anil Ambani, Congress general secretary Ambika Soni said: "The investigations reveal that tapping has not been done by any government agency, MTNL or BSNL, but Reliance Infocomm. 

Has any FIR been filed? Has any action been sought against the firm?" She went on to ask how RIC proceeded to tap the phone merely on the basis of a purported authorisation letter which had not even been properly drafted and "when those concerned are known to be people so close to Mulayam Singh Yadav and his colleague". Soni's salvo came a day after Mulayam tried to shift the battle to the Capital by holding Congress chief Sonia Gandhi personally responsible for the tapping. She taunted SP leaders for not filing an FIR. 

The remarks of Yadav had rankled Congress leadership and it showed through Soni's sarcasm. "The honourable CM and his fund manager (Amar Singh) are very tense and agitated over what they are apprehending has been recorded. Is it something like Operation Majnu?" 

Criticising the UP CM for derogatory language against Congress party and its president, Soni said it indicates there was "something very serious in the tapes which will cost them dear in public". 

Just as Congress stepped up the heat, SP received the powerful backing of CPM. Amar Singh is also visiting Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa to seek her support against what his party calls a larger conspiracy. Calling the tapping of Singh's phone a "serious matter", Karat told reporters: "The tapping of Amar Singh's phone is a serious matter because it has been established that it was illegally done through a private telephone company. 

There should be a proper investigation to uncover the conspiracy behind it." On his part, Amar Singh objected to the comments by Congress. "It is a established fact that my phones were tapped. 

I have also come to know that security agencies like CBI, RAW and IB had held a meeting. In that meeting, when my name was mentioned, two persons of the level of CBI joint director said, 'You just fix him once and for all'," Singh said.

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