Swami Ramdev should be awarded with prizes like Bharat Ratna and Nobel Prize.
Rajesh Chopra: Liveindia.com
Yoga and ayurveda have existed in the Indian society since the time of patanjali but by the passage of time the society had started forgetting these beliefs slowly. Swami Ramdev Ji did not do something that was new for the people but just encouraged to make yoga a part and parcel of their lives. Therefore when someone takes a bold act of restarting the old aged practice again and encourages people to engross in it then it should also be the primary duty of every individual to support such an act.  On the contrary many people are opposing the acts of Swami Ramdeva. So we should be the ones who oppose those people. The ashram that Swami Ramdeva has started will continue to exist forever which will encourage not only us but also our future generations to follow up these practices. That is why we should monetary and morally supports Swami Ramdeva.

In the society today we all are in a habit of taking allopathic medicines. But how many of us do really know the contents of that medicine? The contents mentioned are just an eyewash for the people. Similarly the medicine of Swami Ramdeva is offered to the people as a medicine not as a dish. So it’s contents should not bother us when it is curing us from our problems.

Therefore personally in my opinion instead of opposing Swami Ramdev, he should be awarded with prizes like Bharat Ratna and Nobel Prize.
Rajesh Chopra: webmaster: Liveindia.com

Brinda's workers engineered unrest at my unit: Ramdev
Back from the yoga camp in Nashik, controversial yoga evangelist Swami Ramdev on Wednesday took the battle to the enemy camp. He singled out CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat for a vicious attack. The swami accused Brinda Karat of planting party workers disguised as labourers to engineer labour unrest in his Hardwar-based ayurveda pharmacy under a 'long term conspiracy'.   "Two of those men, Dara and Deepu are already in jail. Another man mischievously tried to sell crab and tortoise parts as my medicines in Hardwar but was taken on by the locals," he told Mumbai reporters in a Press conference after the storm over alleged animal and human body parts in his medicines erupted on January 2.
"West Bengal Transport Minister Subhash Charkraborty and several other CPI(M) leaders have supported me in public over the issue. Some Communist leaders even called on me in Nashik and asked me to shift the focus of my target from the party to the individual as more than 50 pc of the party sympathised with me," he claimed.
"I cure people's heads with medicines but don't use their heads to make my medicines," he declared, repeating his earlier stand that Ms Karat and Co were acting at the behest of multinational companies who felt threatened by his brand of yoga and ayurveda therapies."My next big campaign is to bring down the sales of multinational company products in India completely and propound the use of Swadeshi products, he said, while claiming that over 25 crore people after being influenced by his yoga lessons on cable television had stopped having colas and junk food.
"Harmful cold drinks and fast food sales have gone down by 60 to 70 pc since the past two years. This has caused huge losses to multinational companies so they are trying to get back at me," he said.
Taking another dig at the Central Government for allocating 97 pc of health budget only on allopathic cures, the swami informed that his Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust had sent proposals to the Central Government seeking funds for research in ayurvedic treatment.
"Yoga is a holistic treatment as opposed to allopathy which only provides temporary cure. Ayurveda and yoga has lagged behind over time because its practitioners failed to apply the methods of modern medical science to help its progress," he commented.
He asserted that his 7-day yoga camps in various cities had resulted in several people losing between 2 to 20 kgs of weight besides getting cured of blood pressure, ailments of the kidney, heart and liver, asthma, diabetes and cancer.
Asked about the effect of his treatment procedures on AIDS, he said, "I would rather this chapter is not touched at this point of time."
Ramdev's medicines have animal matter??
New Delhi, January 4
Samples of medicines allegedly prepared by yoga guru Ramdev did test positive for animal and human contents, Union Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said today.

But the Centre directed Uttaranchal’s health authorities to investigate the allegations afresh as the medicine samples it tested at its laboratories were not lifted directly by the government, he told reporters here.

“CPI-M leader Brinda Karat, an MP, supplied those sample to us, which we got tested. Now we have asked Uttaranchal’s drug controllers to investigate the case,” the minister said after a health cooperation agreement with South Africa here.

The samples, which tested positive for animal and human traces, were examined at laboratories in Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata, he added.

Ramdev, however, had denied allegations by Karat that his medicines contained human bone powder and animal parts, saying he was open to any kind of inquiry into the contents of his ayurvedic medications.

Karat had accused the guru of using his TV popularity for selling “adulterated” drugs to his followers.

But Ramdev, who denied any wrongdoing, said he was open to any inquiry into the contents of his ayurvedic drugs.

“But there are several issues in it. We did not pick the samples. She supplied those samples to us and it was my duty to get them examined,” Ramadoss said.

The minister, who read out a brief about the test report on the drug samples supplied by Karat, said two of the herbal medicines were found to be containing high levels of calcium and phosphorous.

If found guilty by the Uttaranchal authorities of mislabelling his medicines as purely herbal, the swami could be charged under the Drug and Cosmetics Act, he said.

The minister also spoke about the government’s plans to set up a national health authority in two years’ time in order to streamline monitoring and licensing procedures for drug producers.

Health officials accompanying the minister said states had been told to be stringent in ensuring drug makers respect goods manufacturing practices fully

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