Sharon out of danger
JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's condition improved after an emergency operation on Saturday and he was out of immediate danger, a hospital source said. 

"The operation has ended and he is out of danger," the senior source said. The hospital was due to give a statement at 1500 GMT. A spokeswoman at Jerusalem's Hadassah hospital had earlier confirmed that the four-hour operation had been completed but gave no further details. Hospital officials had earlier said that the 77-year-old Sharon's life was in danger after he suffered severe damage to his digestive system. 
Sharon has been treated at the Hadassah since suffering a massive stroke on January 4. 

Hospital spokesman Ron Krumer had said a CT scan had revealed "serious damage to the prime minister's digestive system" and he was being taken for emergency surgery.
Yael Bosem-Levy, a hospital spokeswoman, said Sharon's condition had deteriorated to its most critical point since his admission to the facility 

Long reviled in the Arab world but increasingly regarded as a peacemaker by the West, Sharon suffered his stroke at a crucial juncture in Israeli politics, as he was fighting for re-election on a promise to end conflict with the Palestinians. 

His deputy, Ehud Olmert, was named interim prime minister and experts said they did not expect Sharon to make a recovery and return to office.

Opinion polls predict the centrist Kadima party, which Sharon founded after a rebellion in his right-wing Likud over Israel's Gaza pullout, will easily win the March 28 general election with Olmert at its helm. 

Sharon, a hefty ex-general, has for decades been a key figure in shaping the West Asia, voicing in recent years support for a Palestinian state but demanding the disarming of Palestinian militant groups before peace talks could resume. 

Sharon suffered his stroke a day.

Ariel Sharon suffers brain stroke
Jerusalem, January 5: Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a brain hemorrhage and has been rushed into surgery, doctors said. Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital Director-General, Shlomo Mor Yosef, told reporters that Sharon suffered a "significant stroke" on Wednesday night and has been taken to the operation theatre. Dr. Shlomo Mor-Yosef, director of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, said Sharon had suffered "a significant stroke," adding that he was "under anaesthetic and receiving breathing assistance." A few minutes later, Mor-Yosef emerged to say that initial tests showed Sharon had suffered a cerebral haemorrhage, or bleeding inside his brain. The 77-year old leader is extremely overweight, but doctors checking him after the mild stroke December 18 found him otherwise in good health. Since then, his doctors said in a briefing a week ago, Sharon has lost several kilograms (pounds). 

A television channel reported that the premier had also suffered from paralysis in his lower body, while analysts on TV stations said Sharon's life could be in danger.

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