Teaching To Play Piano
I think music is a language that all people understand. It reaches into the soul and speaks a special message to each person. It helps to relieve stress and you can talk to someone through music when the words are not there. It is an art and a way of thinking. Did you know that it also teaches problem solving? Music is a type of math. And, it is a science too!. I hope you like this site.
Swami Rajesh Chopra

Every key, when pressed, produces a musical note to which we give an alphabetical name.
Just for now, we're only concerned with one of these notes: C. There are, in fact, quite a
number of Cs on the keyboard; wherever there's a group of two black keys, the white key
immediately to the left of the first black key is always a C (see diagram). Put your right hand
out, find each of the C keys on your keyboard ­ starting at its left end, and moving upwards ­
and press them down, one after the other, with

a finger or thumb. Those nearest the bottom of the keyboard will be lower in pitch, and as you
move upwards, the Cs you play will sound higher ... but they should all closely resemble
one another; if they don't, check that you've correctly identified the keys producing them! 
Now stand about half-way along the keyboard,
put your right hand out, and locate the C nearest to you: this note is known as 'middle C',
and will serve as a focal point for much of your playing. Get your stool or chair, position it
more-or-less opposite middle C, and sit down


While practising it, try varying the speed and the volume, and reversing the direction of the
notes, going downwards (towards C) as well as upwards. Remember to keep your hands arched
as you play the notes. Having mastered the exercise, you need to be
able to put names to all the notes comprising it; once you've done this, you can follow
instructions telling you how to combine them (and other notes you haven't encountered yet)
into a proper melody, not merely an ascending and descending sequence of pitches. You're
already familiar with C: the white note immediately above it in the exercise is called
D, and the next three white keys are, predictably enough, named E, F and G.
Beyond G, however, are two white notes you haven't had to use yet, and the name of the first
of them may cause some confusion: it isn't H, as you might have expected, but A. To its
immediate right is (you guessed it!) B; and the following note is, logically enough, C. This
won't come as a surprise to you, as you already know, from pages 22-23, that the C key is
always found immediately to the left of a group of two black keys.
Lesson No. 2

A piano or pianoforte is a musical instrument classified as a keyboard, percussion, or string instrument, depending on the system of classification used. The piano produces sound by striking steel strings with felt hammers. Vibrations are transmitted through the bridges to the soundboard.
Playing the piano is widespread in western music for solo performance, chamber music, and accompaniment. It is also very popular as an aid to composing and rehearsal. Although a piano is usually expensive and not easily mobile, the instrument's natural sound has been transmitted by radio and replicated by cheaper electronic keyboards, making it familiar to such a large audience that today the piano is noted for its versatility. 
By the 20th century, piano was heard in numerous styles of music, both popular and classical,
making it almost a universal instrument around the world
Lesson No. 2
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