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The Love Teachings of

By Vatasyayana
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From The Medieval Texts:

When lovers, with legs stretched rigid and feet caressing feet, make love according to their hearts' desire, "tantra" scholars call it "Sampada" (Equal Feet) and agree it is a way to ecstasy.

Stiff as a pole in the bed's center, she lies making love, cooing and warbling like a woodpigeon, the jewel of her clitoris well-polished: this is Mausala" (the Pestle).

When she lies on her back with her two thighs pressed tightly together and you make love to her, keeping your thighs outside hers, it is "Gramya" (the Rustic).
If, encircling and trapping her thighs with yours, you grip so hard that she cries out in pain, it is "Ratipasha" (Love's Noose), a device most charming to the ladies.

Her limbs, entwined in yours like tendrils of fragrant jasmine creeper, draw taut and slowly relax in the gentle rhythm of linga and yoni: this is "Lataveshta" (the Clinging Creeper).

She draws her limbs together, clasping her knees tightly to her breasts, her yoni, like an opening bud, offered up for pleasure: this is known as "Mukula" (the Bud).

When she draws up her knees and you clamp yours about her raised thighs, trapping them in a tight knot while riding saddle upon her buttocks and kissing her, it is "Shankha" (the Couch).

Sitting Positions:

Seated, mouth to mouth, arms against arms, thighs against thighs: this is "Kaurma" The Tortoise). If the lovers' thighs, still joined, are raised, it is "Paravartita" (Turning).

If within the cave of her thighs you sit rotating your hips like a black bee, it is "Markata" (The Monkey). And if, in this pose, you turn away from her, it is "Marditaka" (Crushing Spices).

She sits with raised thighs, her feet placed either side of your waist; "linga" (penis) enters "yoni" (vagina); you rain hard blows upon her body: this is "Kshudgaga" (Striking).

When your wife sits with both knees drawn tight to her body and you mirror this posture, it is known to experts in the art of love as "Yugmapada" (The Foot Yoke).

Seated erect, the lovely girl folds one leg to her body and stretches the other along the bed, while you mirror her actions: this is "Yugmapada" (The Feet Yoke).

If, with left leg extended, she encircles your waist with her right leg, laying its ankle across her left thigh, and you do the same, it is "Svastika" (The Swastika)

Sitting face to face in bed, her breasts pressed tight against your chest, let each of you lock heels behind the other's waist, and lean back clasping one another's wrists.

Now, set the swing gently in motion, your beloved, in pretended fear, clinging to your body with her flawless limbs, cooing and moaning with pleasure: this is "Dolita" (The Swing).

If, seated face to face, your toes caress the lovely woman's nipples, her feet press your chest and you make love holding each other's hands it is "Kaurma" (The Tortoise).

Seated, the lady raises one foot to point vertically over her head and steadies it with her hands, offering up her "yoni" for lovemaking: this is "Mayura" (the Peacock).

If, sitting facing her, you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain behind your neck, and she grips her toes as you make love, it is the delightful "Padma" (the Lotus).

Sitting erect, grip your lover's waist and pull her on to you, your loins continuously leaping together with a sound like the flapping of elephants' ears: this is "Kirtibandha" (the Knot of Fame).

Kneeling between her thighs, tickle her breasts and under her arms, call her 'my lovely darling' and print deep nailmarks around her nipples: thus "Jaya" (Victory) is expounded.

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Rear-Entry Positions:

She bends well forward and grips the bedstead, her buttocks raised high; cup your hands to serpents' hoods and squeeze her jar-shaped (sic) breasts together: this is "Dhenuka" (the Milch Cow).

If you mount her like a dog, gripping her waist, and she twists round to gaze into your face, experts in the art of love say it is "Svanaka" (the Dog).

If the lady, eager for love, goes on all fours, humping her back like a doe, and you enjoy her from behind, rutting as though you'd lost all human nature, it is "Hirana" (the Deer).

When, with lotus-feet set well-apart on the ground, she bends, placing a hand upon each thigh, and you take her from the rear, it is "Gardabha" (the Ass).

If she lies on her stomach and you seize her ankles in one hand, lift them high and make love, tilting her chin back with your other hand, (live)it is "Marjara" (the Cat).

She lies on her front, grasping her ankles in her own hands and pulling them up behind her: this difficult posture is known to experts as "Mallaka" (the Wrestler).

When your mistress (sic) lays breasts, arms and forehead to the carpet, raising her buttocks high, and you guide your penis into her yoni, it is "Aibha" (the Elephant).

You lift her ankles high; she draws up and extends her legs as though she were crawling through the air: this is "Hastika" (the Elephant).

She stands on palms and feet; you stand behind her and lift one of her feet to your shoulder, enjoying the lovely girl: this is "Traivikrama" (the Stride).

Seize her feet and lift them high (like a wheel barrow), drive your penis into her yoni and pleasure her with vigorous strokes: this is "Kulisha" (the Thunderbolt).
You kneel, as in archery, take her on your lap and bend her forward till her breasts are pressed to her thighs: this is "Ekabandha" (One Knot).

Lying on her side, facing away, the fawn-eyed girl offers you her buttocks and your penis penetrates the house of love: this is "Nagabandha" (the Elephant). Important Tips....and more...
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