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The Love Teachings of

By Vatasyayana
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Standing Positions:

And now for the love postures with which sculptors adorn our temple walls. When a couple make love standing, or leaning against a wall or a pillar, it is called "Sthita" (Steadied).

When the woman sits in her lover's cradled hands, her arms around his neck, thighs gripping his waist, her feet pushing back and forth against a wall, it is "Avalambitaka" (Suspended).

When, catching and crushing your lover in the cage of your arms, you force her knees apart with yours and sink slowly into her, it is "Dadhyayataka" (Churning Curds).

When she leans against a wall, planting her feet as widely apart as possible, and you enter the cave between her thighs, eager for lovemaking, it is "Sammukha" (Face-to-face).

If, as you lean against the wall, your lady twines her thighs around yours, locks her feet to your knees, and clasps your neck, making love very passionately, it is "Dola" (the Swing).

When your lover draws up one leg, allowing the heel to nestle just behind your knee, and you make love, embracing her forcefully, it is "Traivikrama" (the Stride).

If you catch one of her knees firmly in your hand and stand making love with her while her hands explore and caress your body, it is "Tripadam" (the Tripod).

If she raises one leg and you catch hold of her little foot, caressing her breasts and telling her how much you love her, it is "Ekapada" (One Foot).

Her foot pressed to your heart, your arms encircling and supporting her, lean back against the wall and enjoy the lovely girl: this is "Veshta" (the Encircling).

She stands against the wall, lotus-hands on hips, long, lovely fingers reaching to her navel. Cup her foot in your palm and let your free hand caress your angel's limbs.
Put your arm around her neck and enjoy her as she leans there at her ease. Vatsyayana (the author) ans others who knew the art of love in its great days called this posture "Tala" (the Palm).

If you lean back to a wall and your lover, clinging to your neck, places both her feet in your palms and thus makes love, this is "Dvitala" (Two Palms).

If you lift your lover by passing your elbows under her knees and gripping her buttocks while she hangs fearfully from your neck, it is "Janukurpara" (the Knee Elbow).

Your wife grips your neck and locks her legs around your waist: this is "Kirti" (Fame) - a posture not described in "Kama Sutra" or "Ratirahasya". Never try it with heavy girls.

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Oral Pleasures -- Fellatio Techniques:

When your lover catches your penis in her hand and, shaping her lips to an 'O', lays them lightly to its tip, moving her head in tiny circles, this first step is called "Nimitta" (Touching).

Next, grasping its head in her hand, she clamps her lips tightly about the shaft, first on one side then the other, taking great care that her teeth don't hurt you: this is "Parshvatoddashta" (Biting at the Sides).

Now she takes the head of your penis gently between her lips, by turns pressing, kissing it tenderly and pulling at its soft skin: this is "Bahiha-samdansha" (the Outer Pincers).

If next she allows the head to slide completely into her mouth and presses the shaft firmly between her lips, holding a moment before pulling away, it is "Antaha-samdansha" (the Inner Pincers).

When, taking your penis in her hand and making her lips very round, she presses fierce kisses along its whole length, sucking as she would at your lower lip, it is called "Chumbitaka" (Kissing).

If, while kissing, she lets her tongue flick all over your penis and then, pointing it, strikes repeatedly at the sensitive glans-tip, it becomes "Parimrshtaka" (Striking at the Tip).

And now, fired by passion, she takes your penis deep into her mouth, pulling upon it and sucking as vigorously as though she were stripping clean a mango-stone: this is "Amrachushita" (Sucking a Mango).

When she senses that your orgasm is imminent she swallows up the whole penis, sucking and working upon it with lips and tongue until you spend: this is "Sangara" (Swallowed Whole). Important Tips....and more...

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