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Amitabh returned to Sherwood

NAINITAL: You can trace the genesis of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan's acting career in his Kindgarten days when he played the role of a chicken.
AMITABH BACHCHAN was invited to attend the annual program of the Sherwood school in Nainital where he had done his schooling. With his film Sarkar Raj scheduled for release on Friday (June 6), this invitation provided him an opportunity to come before the people to remind them that he has his whole family behind him. Accompanying him was his wife, son, daughter-in-law and a close friend. As usually happens at such gatherings, the crowd went berserk with the celebrities – they wanted to get a glimpse of Aishwarya (Aish) who was dressed in black jeans and a white top. The assembled persons must have wondered what happened to the specially designed sarees she had received as wedding presents. Just before the Abhi-Aish marriage, the media had gone into details of what all went into creating the very special dresses for a very special woman. 

Amitabh tried to relive the old memories, the video footage showed him explaining to the people around about how the boys in his class had helped in digging up the soil for the swimming pool that now stands in the ground. Whenever one travels back in time, he becomes emotional, especially when the memories go back to the school days where one learns so many things that he cherishes throughout his life. The surroundings, the teachers, the mistakes committed, the mischief played upon other class mates or teachers all come alive in front of one’s eyes. No matter how much one tries, he just cannot escape the memories of the past. In later years, when he settles back and closes his eyes, he can see people from the past in front of him. The heart becomes heavy, in order to run away from the past, people look for ways to keep themselves continuously busy. Others try to ignore the past – they live for the future. There are many celebrities who have come up the hard way, they cannot wish away their past but do not wish to be reminded of that portion of their lives. They certainly try to maintain the links as long as possible but, over a period of time, the links snap. It is a way of life, you cannot blame the individual.

Amitabh is an icon, he stands tall in his field. But, of late, his movies are not proving to be as popular as earlier. There are many reasons; most of these are results of having belief in those around him. Movie-making has several pitfalls and when one poses his faith in someone and when that someone does not come up to expectations, the blame has to be taken by someone. Amitabh Bachchan is a person who cannot remain away for a long time from the limelight – therefore, in keeping with his age and in trying to reinvent himself by experimenting with diverse roles, he took up a number of movies that failed to make any visible impact. Amitabh discovered that the audience still wants to see him in the role of the angry young man, for other characters, there are not many takers. Still, he has not given up. Let us join him in praying for the success of his latest film Sarkar Raj.


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