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BEST REGARDS Aditya Kumar Agarwal <>
HI Amit ji 
I host a HIndi radio program in Toronto and would like to know if you would come on the air to talk about you up coming show 
Meera Sharma <>
Dear Sir,
Its my pleasure to write something for you.
I Dr Rajesh Thosani practising as cardiac anaesthetist , watching you whenever get tense and at time when I am going to operate important cases.
This will really helpful to me to get courage and power.
Thank you very much for natural gifted personality.
I hope I can meet you anywhere, anytime whenever its in my luck. I cannot leave my patient thatwhy leave it to GOD for our interaction anytime in future.
Rajesh Thosani <>
Dear My Bachchan Sab, 
I've been a fan of yours since my birth Now I am 35 years of age and I stay in Kokkata from your in-laws-house city. In the year 1986 first time I went to Bombay and after reached to Dadar at about 7.00 am I took a cab there and told the driver to take me to "Amitabh sab ka ghar lake cholo" he took me to near  your house (PRATHIKHA) and I paid him Rs 500/- for that with tips.  I've been waiting all my life for  see you once in my own eyes. But I don't know It comes true in my life or not., I'll be greatly honoured if it is fulfilled. God bless you, alive for more 50 years..  Hope you hear me very soon.
Regards Chandan Mukherjee- Dy. Manager Accountant
Chandan Mukherjee <>
helllooo sir,       I am writing you all the way from UK . i really admire u 4 wat u r....u r a role model that todays youth should have...The efforts that you have made in your life and the achievement that u have got is wat not all get but special people like you get...ill pray 4 u n ur family ...keep up the gud work... im like ur daughter n 4 a daughter 2 hav a father like u is a matter of pride...hope 2 get a reply from u
take care n gud luck
raman kaur <>
Mr Bachchan, 
You have my support, i am an average NRI. You should fight disease of society like Raj Thakre..If i can do anything for you, please let me know...We are with you.
 Thanks,AMAN SIDHU <>
Respected Sir,               Namaste,  my self is sumit sharma. i am a big fan of Dr. Bachchan. i read many poems of shri Bachchan, by the grace of God and my parents i have some skills of writing, recently i  wrote some additional lines of Madhushala,  but due to bad financial condition i get failed myself to expose this skill to the world, if u want you can do something for me i will highly oblize.sumit sharma <>
Hi Amit Ji, Please help. I am in need of your help.Please help you can help me please help.Please Sir please Ye meri jindagi ka sawal h
Deepak Mittal <> 
I Really respect you and I think that an actor of your calibre had to go through a lot to get through to the film industry. I really inderstand what it is like to struggle to the top. Here in South Africa we have an industry that is very closed and does not realise talent until it is paid for... I am writing in hope that you would view my resume at My Hindi / Urdu is not the best but you can view a video of me there. I would like to work with you, if possible. 
 Kind Regards Pranesh Maharaj <> 
Dear Sahib Bachanji,
I am writing to you because I have a great respect for you and a great hope that you will help me.  I am 50 years old single mother of a child who is now 15 years old (on February 21st) I have brought up my child by myself for the last 14 and half years.  My life story is somewhat astonishing. 
I do not watch many films; Indian or English as I do not have much time, but I have watched some of your movies (the only ones I have seen).  I like your movies and I think you have made some very controversial movies.  Movies/films are tremendously influential and most needed in today’s s society we live in. 
My main reason to write to you, without my son knowing, is that my son is writing a novel and I would really like to encourage, promote and do whatever it takes to get him recognised.  His novel is nothing what I would have liked. But he is my son and young.  I look up to you and so does he, although he does not know a word of Hindi. 
All I am asking is a chance for him.  Please hear him out and I would like his book to be made into a film.  I want you to help us please.
nalini bharania <>
Hi Sir Amitabh, 
My name is Raj. I am a 22 years old male who is a great admirer of both you and your son Abhishek . I am a working in GE CAPITAL in Delhi.I've been a fan of yours since as long as I can remember. And I've been waiting all my life for you to meet you face to face.I was seriously shocked to know that you were il and had written a wonderful poem for you as i use to write gud poems. For me you are a God because for me a God is a person who has everything :- Looks, Faim, Money and everything and you also have everything. So I was surprised how God can get ill. And I am greatly relieved that you came back home safely.I would surely like to meet you guys (All of Bachchans) in person. I only wish to God that the day should come very soon.Wishing that to meet u all once.
"Ritolia, Raj (GE Comm Fin, NonGE)" <>
dear sir ;
  I am Narendra from delhi , my permanent address have the allhabad same as your like this we have asked to Question  you ?my interested is  film induestry .
tell me which type it is possibal .thankes for reaply me later Narendra Yadav <>
Mr. Bachchan,
no doubt you are a very very big name not only in Indian cinema but in the  entire world. then why do you feel so insecure with Shahrukh khan. He is just like your son. Bollywood is open for everyone. Mr. Khan is there where he deserves to be. Indian film
industry's is no one's property. Don't you believe in Healthy competition. You don't need to feel insecured! this does not glorify  your esteemed and respected position. h. singh saini" <>
hello how are u? IS THAT REALLY U AMITHABH ok any how nice to meet u i,m vidura and 18 years old sri lankan and now studying in malaysia i have seen alot of ur movies but i dont like all but i love MOHOBATHEN  i dont know name is correct the story is ab GURUKUL college ........ and sharuk also there ............... so if u are really amithabh reply me i,m waitting bye take care god bless u vidura bowatta <>
aap hamko bulaye sir ham bhut garib ghar ke ladki main film main kam karna chete plizzzz ham pahele aap dekhiya sir mumbai aana chete muje bhut jaldi bulana sir 
hamari ghar main bhut problam hai aap ki beti saman sir hai ham ek mahine ke ander aana chete hai sir amit ham aap se baat karna chete hai 
mera mobile number sir ek aap hamko bulaye sir aap berbani hogi
namste vimla devi <>
Dear Mr. Bachchan, 
Belated Happy Birthday!! May God bless you with the BESTEST ever!!!!
Just be good and do good.......I don't even know that this will reach you or not. But still I wish the BEST for you.I think somebody else manage your fan mail... Isn't it....
In case its not true... Pls reply Mamta Dahiya <>
Dear Amitabh, 
MANY-2 HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY.SAAT HINDUSTANI se leker RAMU KI SHOLAY Tak Jaise dhoom machaye hai,Dontworry SHOLAY-3 Dhoom Machaygi,
 LAGE REHO--------------------.Kulbeer Singh <>
HellO Sir
How`s you doing i hope U Very well And how`s  your father Health Now ? i wish for him and god success ma pray some time was am near of you and now this time am very thasty to talk with you and meet with you now after alot of stragle i looking your e-mail by google so i will mail you now  i hope this mail is gurated Coz i need your so help me for human resources coz i want helpig in ma grand mother coz ma grand mother said just one man helping u she told me one familyer man do things rights coz he understand another familyer sorrow or happiness ma garand mother is over age now so thankss so much i want helping her so plzz try to call me am waiting your response i hope you can read ma msg and am big your fan and I want meet with you this is ma life first and last desire and i hope u  understand ma Feelingss ma name is kamran khan am live in pakistan punjab lahore and i wanna shere with you some most importent thingsss thankss you very much take Care your Health coz all world neeeds you coz you are king of the world and ma all best wishes with you always and Forever
"J . C" <>  to me 
Hi Amitabhji 
I am a south african,whose now living in new zealand. My name is renu gobind and i am a big fan of yours.My dream which i hope i can fulfill very soon is to meet u.I have seen u perform in many shows eg when u came to south africa to premier aankhen.I saw u at the pavillion that rainy night,and i was so close yet not close enough.I am coming to mumbai in december and will b there on the9th of december,if i could meet you i would be the happiest person in the world.I am coming with my husband for the first time and this might be my only chance. I am aware that u are very busy,but please even if i get a few minutes ill be very happy.Please consider,AND REPLY TO MY EMAIL IF U CAN MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE TO SEE ME,YOU TELL ME WHEN AND WHERE AND ILL BE THERE. 
WITH LOTS OF LOVE Ricky Gobind <> 
 I have great respect for you. I have some knowledge on Indian literature. I know a gujrati novel which has an ideal story for movie. I admire your choice of films and appreciate the lines on which you choose your films.   The novel i mentioned is a period story . It potrays Indian culture from a totally new and unconventional angle & has a global appeal to it. I have prepared a summary of it..frm the point view of a film. I would like to share it with you.But I am clueless as to what I should do ahead. I hope that u will find interest in my proposal & reply at the above mentioned address. 
Hoping for some guidance from you...AMI RAMANI <>
Mere Pyare Pyare Amitji
just writing to tell you that i love youlots and pray to god for your long healthy life love you 
Dear Mr Bachachan , 
I really dont know if this email Id belongs to you , but i am taking my chance. 
I am VP sales with one of the leading Business Houses of India.Since my childhood  you have been my idol. With time i started admiring you , adoring you and respecting you.I am a story writer with no time for pursuing this any more. Many a times i had palnned stories keeping you as main lead. I could never approach you or any of production houses associated with your movies. Now with a view to pursue it afresh i am writing this mail.
Anticipating a positive and genuine response .Amit Mathur <>
My name is ( Yama Burna ). I am from Afghanistan,and I came to New Delhi.Sir I want to meet you if you give me a time.I have problem. this is my telephone number.
98 11 98 31 36.also if you give me your telephone number.I am waitting for you sir.
                                                                               Thanks " Yama Burna "Yama Burna <>
Dear Sir,
Am Cecelia Smith, about 55 years old, am your fan of yours.I like all your movies, Mostly you remind me of my brother (Silve Motha)
He is my eldest brother of 4 siblimings,I miss my brother but when i see you i feel have seen my brother.Thank you for the lives you touch through the movies.
Regards Cecelia Smith (Baby Motha)sharon molly smith <> 
Hi Amitji how are you and your family members?  I am your greatest fan and wanted to write to you since long but found your email address now.  Is this the
correct email address?  can I send you mails on this address?  pls write to me.
Roshan Jhabwala <>
Dear My Bachchan,
I've been a fan of yours since as long as I can remember. And I've been waiting all my life for you to come to my country for a show or something
so I could meet you. But that's yet to happen. I'm an Indian from Fiji Islands, but have migrated to Australia 2 years ago. I'm coming to India in September this year, and the sole purpose of my travel is to see taj mahal and meet you, well apart from shopping of course. I do realise, how busy you are, but if I get to meet you, I'll be greatly honoured. Hope you hear from you soon.Regards Denisha Singh Senior Accountant/Exec
PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia
dear sir amitabh bachchn.
i don't believe that I have your e.mail am so happy. coz you are the best for name is maher am 40 years watched you movies when i was15 years and less.I live in Jordan in middle east.maybe you don't know Jordan but every one here knows you and love you.always you are in my tought me the friendship and the scarification and the love especially when I watch your films like SHOLAY,MUQADDAR QASECANDAR,NASEEB, pls don't surprise if I want to till you that my wish is to see you.maybe you will not see my letter but I wish you to see it.pls if you read my letter send me an e.mail.
may the lord bless you and your family.
faithful maher
Hi I am a very big fan of yours. I live in belgium antwerp. There was an auction of manish malhotra here he was here also and I baught your suit u wore in kabhi alvida na kehna for 5 lakh rupees. Waiting for reply. Thanks u the best
you are still angry man i m very passionate aboute you  Please reply me 
From :Fuzeil
Respected Sir,
I am a big fan of yours..I am a very small person as compared to you but I have always wanted to meet you at least once..I work for a finance firm..Just wanted to know if it is possible to have an official meeting with you.. Hoping you will oblige..
Thanking you in anticipation
Miss Cijoni Dias
Hi Amitab Bachchn ji ,
Mera naam Amina Khatoon hay. Main ek press reporter hoon. Main pichle das salo se ek social Idara se judi hui hoon. Humara ek Non-formal garib bachho ka school chalta hay. Is school ka naam hay 'Talimi-haq-school" . Talimi-haq-school ek garib muslmano ki basti me hay. Humare schhol me 150se bhi jayada sirf musalman bachhe padhte hay. Ye school pichle das salo se chal raha hay. Humare school me bidesho se bhi log aate hay, aap ke sayad ye sun kar achha lage humare bachho se milne ke liye khas taaur par Germany ki famous dancer Pina Baush aur unki team aai thi. Humare Scholl ke buchhe aap ke diwane hay. Hum aap se ek request karna chahte hay. Agar aap kabhi bhi Kolkata aaye to please humare chote se schhol aane ka taqlif kar sakte hay>
Namaste Mr. Bachchan,
My name is Pandit Keshwar Sookdeo and a Director of an Indian School here in New York City.I would like know to how we can sponsor a mela and having  you to come to grace our show here in new york. This mela will be in benefit to bring our people culturally connected rather than a show that which we usually have here in the city. let me know ways or procudure how you can help and what will be your fees to do so. 
thank you and blessings to you. ptkesh
kesh sookdeo <
Hi Mr. Amitabh, 
First of all I want to Wish you a lot lot n lot for getting new heights in your career and for getting your son engaged. I really appreciate your hard work since you come back as a face of KBC after then day by day you added a new n successful chapter in your life.
I m age of 25 belongs to UP and working here as a Sr. Soft Engg. I just heard some criticism abt you bcoz of your recent ad (in which you said UP is Crime Free). Maybe you were spent a long time in UP but it was the past and now the condition of UP is very different. It is going to be a centre of Corruption, Crime and poor development. Truly speaking, your face n volume is known for full of Trust, Confident, Civilized and Honest Personality but it (this kind of ad) is destroying your personality. You have personal relationships with Amar Singh(who were stand with you during your bad time) and Mulayam Singh , it is very good but do not put wrong picture of state in front of public. One honest thing I just want to add, if Uttar Pradesh is very good then no need of advertisement, people will evaluate it. Even After then if you do it then ?????Every civilian salutes you bcoz of your qualities n personality and I wl wish you wl maintain your wonderful personality forever like before. Wishing you and your Family a successful, healthy n happy life. 
Namaste mr Bachchan Hope that life is treating you well I was greateful for your reply some months ago.
I would like to stay in contact with yourself. Please could you contact me, soon, it would be really nice to hear from you sometime again
 I live in UK, and have been privalaged to meet you in person once in 1990 and once in Leicester last year. Please come and visit us sometime it would be fantastic to hear from you you are a legend Mr Bachchan, please do contact me soon
Kind Regards from
Ajay Kanwar Administrative Assistant KS4 and ESWS
Dear Sir
How are you, your family and friend?I hope you and all are fine there.Wishing you and Abhisekh for his marriage.Thanks and Regards.
Rakesh Vaghela
hi how r u. i mfine here and hope the same for u.congraulation for abhishek bacchan and ash's marriage. i was knowing that they both wil only get married because i like their jodi. they looks cool. plz if u can then send me mail on i will be waiting ok byeeeee see u. may god bless their jodi.
Disa Makadia <>
Haye Amit 
I Like to Ask Amitabh! Plz think about the 70's Amitabh The person who Strugle and reach to the Sky! I am trying to get Amitabh Greatest Movies/Songs DVD of 70's that are not avilable in any where near my city.Why do'nt you do some creative efforts for your that Golden Years so that they can easily find to someone Specialy like me! or anyone that Like very much to Amitabh.Plz think! Relize the 70's Amitabh Movies DVD use only the Name Amitabh"!  .......... Not AB or Big B. If you can Plz send  First me the 70's Amitabh Movies DVD!Here are the name of My Choice -
DonSholeyAbhimanDeewarKhunpasinaParwarishHeraPheriMukaddar ka SikandarLawarisNamak Halalyaraana& many other!
yke ykeen  <> 
Hello Mr Bachchan,
Hope that life is treating you in the best of health.This is Ajay Kanwar from United Kingdom in Royal Leamington Spa Have not heard from you for a while
How are you and your family?Please do reply back to me soonKind Regards
Love from your fan Ajay Kanwar 
Xavier Gomes  <> Dear Amitabh Bachchan jee,Wishing you a very warm happy birthday. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Wish you very good luck and many many happy returns of the day.ThanksXavier F Gomes 
hi, amitji
wish u many many happy returns of the day my name is utkarsh ,and i m from ahmedabad, gujarat and studying in london in middlesex uni. i m studying ma hrm and cima[chartered inst of management accountant] and working part time in london.nowadays hardly i miss ur movies in london.i m really a big fan of u and abhishek.  if u can  pl send me ur autograph in london .pl if u dont address is 185/b kenton road,  harrow, middlesex, HA3 0EY.
 And if possible pl reply this mail  thank u  regards
Hellooo mr : amitab  bachan 
happy time and long life 
i  want you happy from allah j  because you very good person in the indian film company 
after  salam i want one talk with you ,please dont sad to me because i have love with you more more more alsooo   i  see your all film and evry night i see your hera pheri film  i like your talks in hera phera because you good think about allah  j  i want from you please long long think about islaam because your life is finished  if you change your .....   you  a smart man you have more good life  please give me a mobile number if i have  chance  i  try to  go  to  india  just  for  you  mohammad   khan tanai from afghanistan
From: Qaassiimm Qaassiimm <>
kobra yousefi <>
i admir you as a great indian movie star and i am one of your sincere followers that expects to meet you and your family as soon as possible even for one time in my life. Best Regards.I'm KOBRA YOUSEFI From IRAN.
Please Answer To Me
hi amitabh bachchan,
my name is sanjeev ghataura and i am 11 years old.i am your biggest fan,and i love your movies.I live in canada calgery
if you get my mail please reply to my mail on
frome your biggest fan sanjeev
From: Rama Sreenivasan <> 
Date: Dec 27, 2005 5:26 AM
Subject: greetings
 Dear Sri Amitabh
I am writing this to you to thank you for  teaching me Hindi thru all the wonderful performances in your movies.You see,my friend's mother -in -law didnt know English, I didnt know Hindi and we wanted to communicate with each other.My friend's husband lent me a video cassette of Lahwaris. I got hooked from then on(.Earlier,I avoided Hindi movies as much as possible because  I always felt they  were too exaggerated and artificial,) I  began bringing in as many of your movies as possible I learnt Hindi,my daughters picked up quite a bit too.My younger one can even carry on a bit of conversation-she sings many of the Hindi film songs.Most importantly,you rekindled my love for the stage aft watching all your movies.I came to know you have been chosen as an ambassador for unicef recently.I used to sell cards for them to help raise funds.I am also interested in doing social work in India sometime soon.Wish you as much sucess in unicef as in your acting career.take care best wishes 
p.s if you dont mind the intrusion,please let me know when you come to New York or New Jersey,I  would love to meet you.Of course if you dont want to,  either, I  understand. On christmas day,we watched the movie baghban and though my daughters had quite  a few comments on how the movie could have been better(they felt the story was good but the portrayal of the granddaughter as rather extreme),we all agreed that you did a superb job.Your speech at the end is still reverberating in my mind.God what feeling! what class!
From: Jain, Archana (US - Mumbai) <>
Hi Mr. Bachchanji, 
My name is Archana Jain. I am a 36 years old female who is a great admirer of both you and your son Abhishek . I am a senior analyst in Deloitte Consulting Mumbai.I was seriously shocked to know that you were ill. For me you are a God because for me a God is a person who has everything :- Looks, Faim, Money and everything and you also have everything. So I was surprised how God can get ill. And I am greatly relieved that you came back home safely.I would surely like to meet you guys (All of Bachchans) in person. I only wish to God that the day should come very soon.Wishing that you recover very fast and such days never come to your life again, Regards ,rchana 
Hello amithb bachchan saab how are you my name is tariq mahmood from pakistan now living in uk england amith saab i'm sand you this eamil for say you merry christmas and happy new year <;2006<<< if you give me ring my mobile number is 00447876698411 or if you sand me email my email is thank you if you need any help i will help you ok good bay 
salona lachhman <> Signed-By: 
To: AMIT B <>
Date: Dec 19, 2005 7:16 AM
Subject: Hello!
To Amitabh Bachchn,
 I've always adored your movies since I was a little girl.  I have sent you 3 letters in the past 2 years but I never got a reply, perhaps you never received them.
Anyhow I just wanted you to know that you have always been my inspiration through life.  And thank you.
 Yours Truly,
 Salona Lachhman
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