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Amitabh Bachchan Birthday Celebration, Big B turns 65 today
11 Oct 2007.
Emerging in the early 70s as the angry young man, he still sways the box office. Amitabh Bachchan, who turns 65 Thursday, has rewritten the rules of superstardom in Hindi film industry. No other actor has enjoyed such iconic status in filmdom.

Currently he is hogging the limelight for all the wrong reasons but despite the controversies surrounding him Amitabh is giving the young actors a run for their money.
Be it television, endorsements, awards or films, he has superseded the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. Even his son Abhishek is not able to match his charismatic persona.

I am a big fan of Amitabh. I have grown up seeing his films. He is literally 'my hero'. I first met Amitabh Bachchan on the sets of 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham'. On my first meeting I told him how happy I was to work with him but after that I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't express my happiness beyond that. 

What can I wish for him on his birthday - he is an icon, he has got everything,' Kajol

Samajwadi Party strongman and family Amar Singh describes what the day means to the Big B 

With superstar Amitabh Bachchan reluctant to even think in terms of a birthday celebration today given his mother, Teji Bachchan’s critical condition, it was left to Samajwadi Party strongman and family Amar Singh to describe what the day means to the Big B. 

Amar Singh will, naturally, be with Bachchan today. 

The idea that he will not be, as he puts it, is absurd! “I don’t remember not being there for decades now, whether or not he is ‘celebrating’ his birthday,” says Amar. 

“In fact, he does not really celebrate his birthdays. And for some time, his mother has been critically ill, so his mindset is not that of celebration. Which is also the reason why we kept the Abhishek-Ash wedding a low-profile event.” 

But otherwise, is he known for big parties and meeting people? “Amitabh will only open up to people he is close to, as in his family and close friends. With them he is full of warmth and wit, but to strangers, he comes across as an introvert,” reveals Amar. 

And what do friends and family gift him? “He is an emotional person, not materialistic. For him, just to be with his family to celebrate an occasion is the biggest gift,” Amar explains. 

But birthdays are celebrated with family and friends anyway... “For most of us, yes, but for Amitabh, it is not so easy. Right now, Abhishek is in Namibia, Ash is in the US, both are busy shooting. Then, Jaya could be busy. So for Amitabh, getting the family together isn’t so easy. Therefore, when we are all together, we are more than happy to celebrate that togetherness, the gifts and tokens don’t matter,” says the UP politician.

'I don't know if the audiences are ready or not for such films. From the box office results, perhaps not. But for me as an artiste it gave me tremendous creative satisfaction, on par with what I experienced in 'Black',' Amitabh said

It was the end of a long day of shooting and the cast of Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay was heading back for some much needed rest. 

Amitabh Bachchan, his wife, Jaya and their make-up artist Deepak Sawant made their way to the waiting car, and Sawant got into the front seat. 

“As I got in and slammed the door closed, I heard an agonising shout, and Amitji screaming, “Arre mera haath, mera haath, (oh, my hand). My heart stopped for a minute - I thought I’d crushed his hand in the car door. Jayaji also panicked, and we both tried to pull Amitji’s hand from the car door. A minute later, he himself pulled out his hand and was laughing heartily saying ‘kaise ullu banaya tum dono ko!’” reminisces Sawant. 

As Bachchan turns 65 today, it is the prankster in him that Sawant remembers the most. 

“I have been with him for more than 36 years and he has always been a workaholic, speaking very sparingly, and only when absolutely required. But he also a naughty side that people who have been around him know and love.” 

MUMBAI: Bollywood Shenshah Amitabh Bachchan turned 65 today and spent a quite day but his birthday was marred by chaos outside his suburban Juhu home where hundreds of fans had turned up to greet the superstar. 

Bachchan's security guards were reportedly involved in scuffles with some media persons and fans while they were jostling for space and vantage points outside "Pratiksha" in suburban Juhu to get a glimpse of their idol. 

Bachchan, who enjoys a iconic status in filmdom, however made it a point to acknowledge the presence of the huge gathering by coming out briefly and waving at them as has been the tradition. Bachchan was later seen leaving his home in a vehicle. 

It was a low-key birthday for Bachchan since his mother-- Teji Bachchan-- was critically ill. 

"Since his mother has been critically ill for some time, Mr Bachchan decided to have a quite birthday, without any fanfare," sources close to the actor told the media. 

Hundreds of fans had gathered outside the actor's since the wee hours of morning. Police were deployed in good strength to control the crowd which swelled as the day progressed.



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