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Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan played to the gallery recently

Amitabh Bachchan and son Abhishek were in full form recently. Father and son were shooting on adjacent sets, and unit members had a great time watching the two fool around. 

Big B was shooting for his film, Bhootnath, when son Abhishek Bachchan, who was shooting for an ad next door, dropped in on the sets. In fact, the two kept paying each other mini-visits, sharing jokes and generally having fun. During one such break, Big B went to Abhishek’s sets to see him perform when the director sent an assistant to call Big B for a shot. The poor assistant didn’t realise that Abhishek’s shot was on and he simply walked across to call Big B, coming in the way of Abhishek and the camera. 

Says a source , “Abhishek was at his jovial best, and declared in front of all that since the assistant had spoilt his shot, he too would go to the sets of Bhootnath to spoil their shot. And, he did actually go over to Big B’s sets during his break. What followed next was hilarious. Abhishek got into Big B’s costumes and got hold of the script. Next, he asked for the cameras to start rolling and started saying Big B’s dialogues from the script. The entire crew was in splits as they watched Abhishek. Even Big B was amused. He turned to the director and said, ‘Oh, You have got a new actor in my place, I should take your leave now.’” 

When contacted, director of Bhootnath, Vivek Sharma, confirmed the incident, saying, “Abhishek did drop by on the sets frequently as he was shooting just next door. It was a great experience to watch the great rapport that the father and son share. And yes, Abhishek’s antics did have us all in splits.”



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