Black is an emotionless film - Aamir Khan

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Black is an emotionless film - Aamir Khan
Nov 29: Call it a marketing strategy, a pre release promotion gimmick or genuine constructive criticism, Bollywood’s resident Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan on Wednesday criticised megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s film Black for being ‘insensitive’. 

Aamir has reportedly said that Black is an emotionless film and that Big B’s acting is not understandable. He went on to add that there are certain things that didn’t make sense in the movie like the whether the house of the character played by Rani Mukherjee is a church, library or a house. 

He also questioned the sense behind handing over a blind, deaf and dumb kid played by Ayesha to a drunkard teacher played by Amitabh Bachchan and also Amitabh’s slapping of the girl. 

Aamir assessed Amitabh Bachchan’s acting as over-the-top and loud. It should be noted that Aamir has made a film on a similar character, his maiden directorial venture, Taare Zameen Par. 

Aamir was of the opinion that special kids are to be treated as shown in ‘Taare…’ and not like in Black. 

Aamir’s comments didn’t go down well with Big B who reportedly reacted in strong words saying insensitivity is a problem with Aamir. Big B said even he failed to understand how a polio affected person can bowl as shown in Lagaan and the insensitivity shown towards a blind girl played by Kajol in Fanaa. 

Big B added that he doesn’t know if his acting was loud and pent up in Black and Aamir is right in saying that his acting went over Aamir’s head. 

Amitabh also said that Aamir had told him at the time of release of Black that he didn’t like the movie. But the problem at that time was that Aamir failed to understand how Rani Mukherjee could narrate the story in her own voice despite playing a mute girl. Big B said he still not able to understand that logic.


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