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2008 will be an 'international' year for Aishwarya Rai
18th Jan 2008
The gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may be looking forward to the release of Jodhaa Akbar , but she also seems keen to fill her kitty with a number of international films.

Ash will reportedly star in one of the most expensive French film series of Asterix and Obelix. The film titled, ‘Asterix at the Olympic Games’ is reported to be one of the most expensive European films at approximately 93 million dollars.
Apparently the film is also slated to premiere in India at the prestigious French Film Festival. According to sources, the makers of the Asterix series have written a special role just for Ash.

The series has not had any female characters and Ash will be the first female character in the film.

Ash will be working with top international stars like Gerard Depardieu who plays Obelix, Clovis Cornillac, other international celebrities like Michael Schumacher, Jean Claude Van Damme etc.

However Ash's presence in the film is not yet being revealed and she is obviously considered one of the top stars on the international front and hence she is receiving lucrative international projects.

The film will also premiere in India at the French Film Festival and it is likely to coincide with Beijing Olympics of 2008.

Meanwhile Ash is busy with her other international projects, she has been shooting for ‘Pink Panther’. Also she is supposed to play Mumtaz in Ben Kingsley's ‘Taj Mahal’.

Now it seems that Ash has been offered another international project on the Taj, Michael Radford's Taj. But in Radford's Taj, she has been offered the role of Mandi, Salim's wife.

Radford's project too will be on a large scale and he is currently trying to generate funds.

However it is not yet known if Ash has accepted the role in Radford's film. Radford meanwhile says "Aishwarya is ideal for my film."

Both the Taj projects will be shot in different locations in India. Ash seems keen to fill her kitty with a number of international films.

So it seems that 2008 promises to be an even more exciting year ahead for Ash professionally. 

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