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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has put an end to the rumors of her pregnancy by announcing that she would be going this summer on a world tour. She is very excited as she would be touring along with her Kajra Re team -- her husband Abhishek and pa (father-in-law) Amitabh, besides possibly though with mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan, for the show called Unforgettables. Though Aish would be enacting Kajra Re for the second time , yet it would for the first time after marriage. 


'Jodhaa-Akbar' has fared very well, especially overseas, and has already recovered twice its production cost. This is in spite of the movie turning controversial in India following protests from the Rajput community against a part of its script and getting involved in a legal tangle. The audience attributes the movie's success to the on screen chemistry between its pair of Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya . Incidentally, its dubbed versions in Telugu and Tamil have just hit the screens and are likely to do as good as its Hindi make has done. 


Though director Anees Bazmee has now got his own home to live after nearly two decades of switching from one to another place , yet he doesn't seem to be satisfied. Bazmee has fared well in the recent past due to the success of his two movies - 'Welcome' and 'No Entry' . So, he has created enough goodwill in the industry and is getting good offers. As a result , he is stated to have signed up for a film deal by Studio 18 for Rs 80 million. He deserves this, no doubt. However, reports are pouring in that he has been demanding Rs 100 million to direct another film. With this astronomically huge demand even a big corporate house has gone back without making any offer to Bazmee. 


Bipasha Basu has announced perhaps for the first time that she and John are going to be married soon. When pressed further to tell the exact date, the dusky beauty couldn't keep the matter secret any more and told the media that there are plans of getting married in 2008 for sure. However, she put a rider to it that there are certain issues that need to be resolved first. It also certainly depends on when and how we can make the time for marriage as both herself and John have a lot of job to be completed. The media got a smell of it when they were recently spotted scouting for a house in Mumbai. 


If one believes in the market rumors then director Ram Gopal Verma is surely faced with personal problems. However, sources close to him refute them and call them unfounded. In fact, Ramu's friends claim that he has just come to terms with his former partner K.Sera Sera, and is sounder than before. Ramu is always in the news for his relations with his staff. This time he has been linked with Sirsha Guha, one of his assistant directors. Other gossips include his bankruptcy and thus inability to take care not only of himself but also for his divorced wife and daughter. Ramu has denied it, though .

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