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Aishwarya Rai has been asked to help promote a new vibrating condom

Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai has been asked to help promote a new vibrating condom as part of the Asian International Safe Sex campaign launched today.

The former Miss World green-eyed beauty is being feted by the World Health organization to help bolster its anti-AIDS drive by endorsing the new prophylactic which has already caused shockwaves of dismay up and down India because of claims that it is a sex toy and not a contraceptive device.

Sex toys, like pornography, are officially banned in India as immoral. But the government-owned company that is involved in marketing the new product, branded as Crezendo, contains a battery-operated ring-like device that 'merely enhances the natural experience while preventing conception and spread of pathogens'. 

Aishwarya's endorsement of the condom is being touted as government-approved strategic marketing at niche secots of the market too timid or ignorant to use birth control devices.

"A superstar like Aishwarya could make or break this WHO campaign," an Inidian Health Ministry source said today.

The manufacturers, the Hindustan Latex Corporation, have said that its TV marketing son featuring the Beach Boys' "Good, Good, Good Vibrations!" is a sure-fire winner and can promote safe and responsible sex to a wide swathe of Indian society.

However, conservative sources in the country have reacted with predictable fury and said a superstar like Aishwarya could ruin her career by associating herself with such a product:

"India has banned sex toys and the vibrating condom has outraged decent people everywhere.

"What are Aishwarya's parents thinking in advising their daughter about such a folly?" said hardliner Kailash Vijayvargiya, Madhya Pradesh minister for road and energy. 

A spokesman for the Bollywood megastar said today that the WHO program that has adopted the Crezendo campaign has the full backing of the UN.

"We can't see anything tacky, illegal or debauched about it."

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