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Janhavi Kapoor cut her wrist outside the Bachchan residence MUMBAI:20.04.2007. Introducing a bizarre element into the high-profile Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai wedding on Friday evening, a struggling actress cut her wrist outside the Bachchan residence, describing herself as the actor's girlfriend and making claims he had married her.

Janhavi Kapoor, who had done a minor role in Abhishek starrer dus, created a furore outside the Bachchan residence Prateeksha in suburban Juhu by slashing her wrist early on Friday morning, claiming that she was married to the junior Bachchan. She claimed she was originally Janhavi Kapoor and her name was changed to Haya Rizvi when her mother married a Muslim.

With cuts in her wrist, police rushed her to Cooper hospital where she was treated for her wounds. From there she was taken to Juhu police station where she gave a written statement making a claim of her marriage with Abhishek.

Police were considering registering a case of attempted suicide against her and could arrest her.

With a bandage on her wrist, she met reporters at her residence making various claims that Abhishek had married her in December, applied sindoor on her forehead and had promised that he would publicly solemnise it after he gets a Filmfare award.

She dismissed questions that she had married earlier in Lucknow and was mother of a child. I am an Indian. How can I marry twice, she said adding she used to live in Allahabad before coming to Mumbai.

When asked about the timing of her claim, she said she was waiting for last four months and thought he might "change".

Among the contradictory statements she made was that, Abhishek need not marry her but he should not marry Aishwarya and go for someone younger.

Asked for proof of her marriage with Abhishek, she said she need not give any proof to the media.

Kapoor also alleged that she was threatened by Samajwadi Party leader and Bachchan family's friend Amar Singh when she arrived at Pratiksha early morning.

"Amar Singh threatened me...I am very scared," Kapoor told reporters.

MUMBAI: Struggling actress Janhavi Kapoor, who allegedly attempted suicide outside the Bachchan residence earlier in the day claiming she was married to Abhishek Bachchan and was arrested and then obtained bail, resurfaced at the same spot tonight and was immediately taken away by police. 

Kapoor arrived at 'Prateeksha' at around midnight and was taken by the policemen present there to Juhu police station.

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