Review: Deadline, Sirf 24 Ghante
Deadline, Sirf 24 Ghante (thriller) 
Cast : Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen, Rajit Kapoor, Sandhya Mridul 
Direction : Tanvir Ahmed 

Renowned heart specialist Dr. Viren Goenka (Rajit Kapoor), his wife Sanjana (Konkona Sen) and their seven year old daughter Anishka (Jhanak Shukla) are a happy family in Mumbai. Their joys have just multiplied with Viren being honoured with a prestigious award for his contribution to the medical world.

Viren is all set to visit New Delhi to receive this award in a grand function. He promises his daughter to take her for a fabulous family vacation once he returns. But fate had something else planned for Viren and his family.

Destiny strikes hard against them and Anishka is kidnapped under Sanjana's nose. She is startled with the presence of a creepy man named Krish in her house. Krish tells her that Anishka will be fine as long as Sanjana and Dr. Goenka follow his instructions.

Fine actors, faltu script: that's the fate of this film which could have been an edge-of-the-seat thriller if its story hadn't been so predictable and it's situations tame. We've seen too many Hollywood-Bollywood dramas about child kidnappings and ransoms to actually make us sit up anymore. So what if you do manage to get some paisa vasool moments as Konkona Sen tries to cope with the pressure of having her child's kidnapper in her house. After all, he's no ordinary kidnapper but Irrfan Khan, the unpredictable maverick who swings between 'mental' and normal before your eye blinks. 

The rich doctor and his wife wake up one morning to find their asthmatic kid kidnapped and held ransom by a trio they've never met before. Or have they? The doctor need's to brush out the skeletons from his cupboard before he can hope to lay hands on his daughter, even though he is willing to cough up the hefty ransom which keeps accelerating with each phone call. Been there, seen that. Nevertheless, go see it for some fine acting. 
Viren wants his daughter back at any cost and thus he tries to exploit all his resources. Entire police force is on move to search for any clues of the kidnappers or Anishka but they can't discover anything significant.

As clock ticks away, a series of incidents take place and the turmoil almost changes each life. What happens next is the harsh reality that crosses a thin line between life… and death.


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