Mauli Dave - Texas USA 
She has just performed in last episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa challenge 2007 and everybody is only talking about her. She is a cute girl from Texas, USA and she is the part of Bappida's Josh Gharana. Here are some more information about her.
- She is 19 years old.
- She is daughter of Hemant and Dipti Dave, sister of Omkar Dave, and granddaughter of Mahendra & Sumati Dave and Shankar Dave.
- She is studying in 2nd year of college at University of Houstonwith 'Graphic Communications' as major.
- She has done 'Rangapravesham' in Kuchipudi classical dancing in the year 1999 at Ahmedabad. Mauli learned Bharatnatyam from her mother Dipti Dave.
- She was finalist in 'Boogie Woogie, Chalo America'. dance competition organized by Sony TV in the year 2003.
- In August, 2006, during participation in NRI Antakshari organized by Annu Kapoor, Mauli's singing talent was much appreciated by all the visiting members from Mumbai. Annu Kapoor expressed that she has lots of potential and deserves better platform.
- Mauli, with her brother Omkar had her first Bhajan album (CD) titled "Prabhu Tare Pagathiye" released in September 2006. The bhajans are in Gujarati and have been comoposed by Omkar. The music arrangement is also by Omkar. Mauli, Omkar and Hemant have provided vocal. The recording was done in June, 2006 at studio Mrudang, Ahmedabad.

Over the weekend, Bappi Lahiri invited his favourite Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 contestant Mauli Dave (from Gujarat) to his house.

Bappida had Neetu Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan, Jitendra, Randhir Kapoor over for dinner. 

Neetu mentioned that she had started watching the Zee show after she heard the song Maiyya Maiyya being rendered by Mauli. 

Bappida, being the man with the big heart was suddenly very excited since Mauli belongs to his gharana. 

So he called her and asked her if she could join them for dinner. An overwhelmed Mauli went over to Bappida’s house and had dinner with the people she had only so far ‘heard’ about.

Mauli Dave

They call me: Mauli Dave

Have walked this earth for: 19 Yrs

My most memorable day was when I was crowned Miss Teen India Texas 2007

Hobbies: Playing Tennis, I am also a professional dancer

Favorite personality: A.R. Rehman

Favorite Actor: Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan

Message to viewers: I am a complete and honest performer and music is my life. Please shower your blessings on me. I need it more than anything.

First Love: I had too many crushes when I was in school. I used to admire anyone who was into sports. My first big crush was on Suniel Shetty after watching him the the movie “Mohra”.

I hail from: Houston, Texas

Alma Mater: University Of Houston



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She has just performed in last episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa challenge 2007