Is Education is Business
23.Aug.2007. - Indian culture doesn’t allow us to do business in the name
of education, but in the capital, the heart of Indian culture and heritage
some rich businessman are establishing public schools to get huge amount
of donations and fees in the name of education.
Who is responsible ?
The Government---------------?

The Public----------------------?
The System--------------------?

Children of poor people are ignored by the so called public school in 
Delhi despite of so many court orders to give them equal opportunity
in the field of education.The Government doesn’t dare to take quick
and necessary steps against them. Why? God knows.  
When most of the poor children are not getting proper education, they
become bound to look at their reverse side of their life and are doing
the negative aspects of their life as begging, theft and alcoholism.
Here is a Govt. order to implement High Court's Order of free ship in Public Schools as
Below------(as dated 27/04/2004 by the directorate of education, Delhi)

1. All schools will grant minimum 20% freeship (which includes Tuition Fees, PTA or any other fees/funds/charges of any kind related to teaching-learning) to the children of the weaker sections of society w.e.f. 1st of May 2004. 

2. While making admissions, every 5th student is to be admitted from weaker sections of the Society. The annual parental income from all sources shall form the basis of admission in the schools. The qualifying parental income charges from time to time and the same will be notified from time to time by the Department of Education. However, the present annual parental income limit is Rs. 48,000/- for boy students and Rs. 60,000/- for girl students. Further, the parents of the child should have been staying in Delhi for last 5 years. Adequate poof like ration card or electoral identity card or driving license or birth certificate of child etc. should be insisted on in this regard.

 3. The income certificate in respect of parents will be issued by S.D.M. of the area or any other Revenue Officer not below the rank of the Tehsildar or Food & Supplies Officer, Department of NCT of Delhi. 

4. In case of a child who has studied in an un-recognized school, provision of Rule 141 (1) of the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973, would be applicable. 

5. No registration fee including charges of prospectus, if any, will be charged from any of the students belonging to the weaker sections. 

6. The admission to entry level, in respect of seats reserved for students belonging to the weaker sections, will be done by draw of lots in the presence of concerned parents, DDE or his nominee not below the rank of Vice-Principal of the government school. The system of draw of lots would be adopted only if registration exceeds more than the prescribed limit reserved for such students. 

7. For admission in a class beyond entry level, the admission test will be held in the first week of April and the selection of students will be done based on relative grading, in case the registration exceeds the prescribed limit. 

8. All schools will notify another date for inviting applications for admission, in case the registration in any class is below the prescribed limit. 

9. No school shall withdraw any exemption from the payment of fee etc. granted to any student belonging to the weaker sections of the society without prior approval of the Director. 

10. No school will refuse acceptance of the application for admission from any student belonging to the weaker sections of the society. 

11. There shall be no hike in the fees/funds/charges for other students on the plea of grant of freeship to the students belonging to the weaker sections of the society. 

12. Every unaided recognized private schools, shall in compliance of Rule 180 of the Delhi School Education Rules, 1973, submit returns and documents in the following prescribed Performa to the Director of Education by 31st day of July of each year:- 

(i) Budget estimates of receipts and payments of ensuring year. 
(ii) Final Accounts i.e. receipts and payment account, income and expenditure and balance sheet of the      preceding year(duly audited by the Chartered Accountant). 
(iii) Enrolment of Students as on 30th April. 
(iv) Pattern of concessions/scholarship, etc. (this pattern of concession would also include list of    children being granted freeship in pursuance of this order. 
(v) Staff statement. 
(vi) Schedule of fees/fines/funds, etc. 
(vii) Statement showing the dates of disbursement of salaries. 

Non-compliance of the above order will be viewed very seriously and strict action besides withdrawal of recognition/stoppage of aid, shall be taken against the erring schools.

It is a matter of great regret that no Public school in Delhi is serious about it.
So we people should spread a awareness among  the people of Delhi and should
Try to let all to get the proper education.

Anjan Kumar Samal  



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