“Enough is enough,” Kalam said 

New Delhi, June 23
“Enough is enough,” Kalam said, explaining his decision not to run for a second term and making it clear that he did not want to “damage” the name of Rashtrapati Bhawan.

He did not want to become a party to a political process and nor did he want Rashtrapati Bhawan to get “degenerated”, Kalam said in an interaction with PTI journalists here.

“In five years time in Rashtrapati Bhawan we have all worked for transforming it into a people’s bhawan. I believe it should be an example to the nation. That is why I said enough is enough,” he said during 40-minute interaction that covered questions about his tenure, including the most difficult decision he had to take and his dealings with two Prime Ministers, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh.

Explaining his rationale, Kalam said if a President was interested in seeking a second term he would have to “propagate” as a candidate.

“It is not a political process when we elect a President. I do not want to become a party to a political process,” he said.

Returning the Office of Profit bill was the most difficult decision Kalam made during his tenure in the country’s highest office.

“The difficult decision is, of course, one bill - the Office of Profit - that bill I had to return to Parliament.

As per the Constitution, a President can do it but I happened to be the first fellow,” the 75-year-old Kalam said. He was replying to a question as to what was the most difficult moment during his term as President.

“And also a debate was started in the nation and Parliament took a decision to establish some guidelines,” Kalam, whose term as President expires on July 24, said.

The second most difficult moment, the President said, was how to introduce bio-fuel in the country. 

“Now the government has agreed for 10 per cent mixing of bio-fuel in petrol and diesel,” he said.

After demitting office, Kalam wants to go back to his first love - academics.

He said his mind about his post-Presidency plans saying he would be teaching students in various universities across the country.

“I will go to number of places - rural universities, technology universities, space and research university and Nalanda university,” he said
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