13. Dec, 2006.
A police complaint has been filed against cricketer Yuvraj Singh
NEW DELHI, Dec 13: A police complaint has been filed against cricketer Yuvraj Singh for allegedly assaulting a woman and her son, at his birthday party in Gurgaon. The police, however, had reportedly not filed any first information report (FIR) in the case till Wednesday afternoon. 

The incident allegedly took place during Yuvraj's birthday party in which Yuvraj Mahajan was also invited. His mother, Neelam Mahajan Singh alleged in her complaint at the DLF Police Station that her son was beaten up badly by Yuvraj and his associates. 

In her complaint, Neelam Mahajan has alleged that Yuvraj, his mother Shabnam and girlfriend Kim Sharma had assaulted and threatened her. "When I went to rescue my son, Yuvraj's mother, his brother and nine others assaulted me", she said. 

She said even after several hours, the local police had not registered a FIR report against the cricketer. According to her, she had called up the police emergency number (100) in Delhi and informed them of the incident. The Delhi Police alerted their Haryana counterparts, she said. 

"My son's medical examination was carried out in the night after I agreed to it. But, no medical examination of the others has been carried out", alleged Neelam Mahajan. 

However, Yuvraj Singh's mother Shabnam Singh told a private TV channel that Neelam Mahajan's charges were false. 

'She was the one who abused me a lot. We didn't say a word or do anything,' Shabnam Singh said. 

Gurgaon Senior Superintendent of Police Hanif Qureshi could not be contacted by Indiatimes Cricket as his mobile number was switched off. The Gurgaon Police is reportedly investigating into the incident and is taking statements from both the sides and witnesses. 

Yuvraj Singh is recuperating after a knee injury and missed being part of the Indian team for the South Africa series. 



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