Concept & Story: Fame X is the second season of Fame Gurukul and will air every Monday to Thursday at 9 pm and on Friday at 10 pm.Based on a spanish reality show Operacion Triunfo (an Endemol-owned format), Fame X is a daily reality series that has 14 singers vying for a place at the Fame Academy. Palash Sen is the dean of the Fame Academy and Somya, MTV VJ Sophie Choudry will play the role of Fame Kudi. Daler Mehndi and the Indian pop act Ganesh Hegde will be seen in the seat of a judge.
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Jassi Jaisa Koi Nahin!!!
India loves Aditya jassi and Daler paaji seems to disagree
17th.Dec.2006.Rajesh Chopra,
Four weeks since it was aired, the latest reality show Fame X, on Sony Sab is in the midst of a conflict. A stage to perform saw itself being transformed into a war zone. The quarrel between the judges (Daler paaji& Ganesh Hegde) and faculty (Palash Sen and Soumya Rao) was essentially over the bias that the faculty found in the judges’ verdict of the 4th gala round. Aditya Jassi, who was saved yet again for the second time with 45% of India’s votes in the third week, was put in the danger zone again despite a good show put up by the contestant.
With the latest verdict of the judges that did not quite get the nod from the Dean, an element of bias now seems to be creeping in the show. With personal favorites being given chances over and again, Aditya jassi is being made the scapegoat for Daler ji’s, what can be called an, ego that seems to have been hurt by India’s vote for their obvious choice time and again.
Paaji has been quite generous in the past with giving a number of chances to anyone who has messed up the sur 4-5 times in their song, but he refuses to appreciate the improvement made by India’s favorite Aditya jassi.
Jassi, who has drastically switched from singing English to Hindi which requires a certain tuning of the voice, has shown dramatic improvement in his sur over the weeks and continues to improve with his X-factor intact and his thunderous performances that obviously have the nation drooling over the act.
But judges surely seem to overlook the obvious. Mr. Mehndi’s claim that “given three months Aditya Jassi will still not be able to tune his voice” shows nothing but his favoritism of which Aditya is certainly not a part of.
Palash Sen strongly believed that Arunima and Banjo deserved to be in the danger zone in the 4th week for their off-tune performances ( a point paaji should take note of), judges chose to give them another chance for their first attempt to move on stage while singing. But obviously Aditya has never, since the show’s beginning, been given that chance. His patience keeps him cool but it’s only unfair for the judges to bring favoritism in a show that is seeking for a rockstar. And if not then who are they looking for? It is a question that seems to have been confused by each of the judges. Emphasis is still on sur alone when what they are looking for, or so they say, is a rockstar. There are enough Indian idols, enough classical singers in the country- India is looking for someone who can make the listeners have fun, not sing a lullaby to put them off to sleep. 
Well no one can tell how real these reality shows are and if all of this is being staged to raise the TRPs, but with comments that the judges are making in Fame X only goes to show that the judges are not quite aware of their job.
Well then here’s a piece of mind for them to chew on- you are the judges and yes you need to mark the contestants on their respective elements, but what you seem to have forgotten is the sheer respect that each of the fame x-ians deserve. The condescending comments and singing everytime to show that you are better is not what a judge is essentially called for. And especially Mr. Mehndi needs to understand that he himself is not competing so save us your crooning.

X-Factor calling!! (Aditya Jassi)

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