Concept & Story: Fame X is the second season of Fame Gurukul and will air every Monday to Thursday at 9 pm and on Friday at 10 pm.Based on a spanish reality show Operacion Triunfo (an Endemol-owned format), Fame X is a daily reality series that has 14 singers vying for a place at the Fame Academy. Palash Sen is the dean of the Fame Academy and Somya, MTV VJ Sophie Choudry will play the role of Fame Kudi. Daler Mehndi and the Indian pop act Ganesh Hegde will be seen in the seat of a judge.
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X-Factor calling!!
Delhi’s Aditya Jassi’s X-factor beats all other contenders
1st.Dec.2006. Rajesh chopra,, Delhi.
With countless reality shows hounding the households everyday, theres one more that has been added to the list- FAME X. a show that is looking for a rockstar.
Although the concept of a rockstar in India still seems to be as alien it was a few years ago, but the mindset is now on its way to being transformed with 16 Fame Xians taking the country by storm.
The first day of this show saw a group of 16 boys and girls perform. Eventually only 2 out of 4 ended in the “danger zone”- Aditya Jassi (Delhi) and Trupti (pune).
Aditya jassi, who based out of Delhi, his first performance of “kya mujhe pyaar hai” did not get him accolades for his ‘sur’ but termed him as the one having the Best X factor amongst everybody. His charm that lies in his innocent smile is one that has everybody hooked onto him. His stage presence stands out and his interaction with the audience leaves them asking for more. Danger zone or not his incessant smile spins magic keeping the atmosphere poised and calm. The Café Round that was to finally decide his fate ended up testing his will power to perform “bheegi bheegi si hai raatein”-despite having fever and a chocked throat. He gave his 150 percent and was an attempt well appreciated.
He is truly a rockstar who has been rocking his hometown for quite sometime now. Having performed at many competitions, pubs and clubs, his 5- member band called Oritus is what keeps his music alive. His guitar lessons stared in school at the age of 15 during his boarding years at Welham Boy’s, Dehradun. And he hasn’t looked back since.
Music is his lifeline, music is what keeps him sane and music is what got him to Fame X.
The only glitch that cropped up a doubt in his mind was the idea of singing in hindi. Despite having found influence in the seattle sound- a phrase he has given for the bands he loves like Pearl Jam, The Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains among others all of which descend from Seattle, he loves Indian music- only that he hasn’t sung  enough of it to understand the underlying differences that exist in the two styles.
His stay at the Fame X academy is one that he loves. He is getting to learn a lot from the others and has found friends in buddies like Banjo, Ashutosh and Sammy- who are also the strong contenders in this Fame Xian race.
The final day of elimination that arrived after his first performance followed by 5 days of recklessness had good news in store for him. India voted Aditya Jassi back to the safe zone with 65% of votes in his favour. To know what happens next- watch the show.
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