No one killed Jessica Lal

18. Dec, 2006.
The Delhi High Court found Manu Sharma guilty of murdering Jessica Lall
New Delhi, December 18: The Delhi High Court found Manu Sharma guilty of murdering Jessica Lall on Monday. Manu has been convicted under Section 302 and would be taken into custody immediately Co-accused Vikas Yadav and Amardeep Gill have also been found guilty of conspiracy and destruction of evidence, while five others have been acquitted. 

Vikas Yadav, is in fact also the main accused in the murder of Nitish Katara. 

The quantum of sentences would be pronounced on Wednesday and under Section 302, Manu can get a maximum sentence is death and the minimum is a life sentence.
All the nine accused had been acquitted by the trial court in February this year. 

The case has of late seen some twists and turns, particularly after noted criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani decided to take up the defence of accused Manu Sharma, who is the son of Haryana political leader Venod Sharma. 

The case had been re-opened in March 2006 after a lower court had acquitted all the nine accused in the case, including the main accused Manu Sharma. 

A bench comprising Justices R S Sodhi and P K Bhasin had earlier reserved its verdict for December 18 after the appeal proceedings were closed on November 29. 

Jethmalani had on November 8 shocked the people sitting in the Delhi High Court when he claimed that it was Ďa tall Sikh gentlemaní who fired at and killed Jessica on the fateful night, seven years ago. 

Defending Manu, he had argued that he had enough evidence to prove it and would reveal his identity later. 

Jethmalani had also moved a plea of transferring the case to another bench since on the grounds that there were media reports against Justices R S Sodhi. 
However, this was rejected by the High Court.

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No one killed Jessica Lal


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