Kavita killed over sleaze money
MEERUT/BULANDSHAHR:Meerut University’s Fine Arts lecturer Kavita Rani, missing since October 23, was murdered the next day and her body thrown into a canal, chief accused Ravindra Pradhan confessed before mediapersons today. The motive, he said, was a dispute over sleaze money. It began with a mysterious disappearance. It turned into a political drama. And on Monday, the Kavita Rani murder case acquired an even more sensational hue, with Ravindra Pradhan, the prime accused in her murder, claiming that she used to make films of her sex acts with ministers, and senior officers, to blackmail them. 

Pradhan, who surrendered in Noida on Sunday, claimed on Monday that he and one Yogesh, who formed a trio with Kavita to extract money from her victims, had strangled her to death after a row between him and Kavita. The row was about sharing Rs 35 lakh allegedly extracted from former UP minister Meerajuddin of the Rashtriya Lok Dal, for returning him a CD of his "obscene acts" with Kavita. 

Ravindra also said Kavita told him she possessed similar CDs of former Meerut University vice-chancellor, RP Singh and UP fine arts minister, Brijendra Pratap Singh. He also suggested she may have had a CD of current UP minister Babulal too. "Otherwise," he queried, "why would the two exchange 57 phone calls in a week or so?" 

Interestingly, even as he 'indicted' the RLD politicians, he categorically cleared Samajwadi Party minister Kiranpal of any hand in the murder or the sleaze. 

Ravindra told the media all this at a press meet organised by the Meerut police, at which the police seemed to have tied themselves in more knots than the Noida police did in the Anant kidnapping case. 

According to a senior police officer, "Kavita had been at her parental home, in Bulandshahr, for a few days, until the afternoon of October 23, when her brother dropped her at the Hapur Chowk to catch a bus for her hostel room in Meerut. But, from there, Ravindra and Yogesh took her to Ghaziabad, where they stayed the night. Next morning, they drove her towards Bulandshar, after sedating her with two tablets of Alprax . On the way, they strangled her to death, and dumped the body, weighed down with stones in her own bag, in the Ganga Canal . And they burnt her belongings."Babu Lal and Mairajuddin both have denied any link to Kavita’s disappearance and alleged killing. 

“I have faxed my resignation to RLD chief Ajit Singh and will wait till my name is cleared. The persons arrested are criminals and their claims can’t be taken at face value,” said Mairajuddin. 

A hunt is on for Kavita’s body and other people involved in the incident, according to the police. Yogesh is in Delhi’s Tihar jail. The other three named in the FIR — Sunder, Harendra and Trilok Pradhan — are absconding.


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