29.12.2006. Rajesh Chopra. LiveIndia.com New delhi.
Has our Police become incompetent ??? This is a very wrong approach. Why are people blaming police? Police dept. is restricted. They also have their limits. Today people have high expectations from police, which is higher then their capabilities. What can Police dept. do?

Today aspirants willing to join police force have to mortgage their homes so that they can feed officials with that money as to get into the dept. Then they have to spend money for promotions and they also have to spend money so that they can be posted at a location where they can get handsome bribes. Once they buy posting at a good location, it is now that they make huge profits and cover the entire amount they had earlier invested with huge interest. It is their job to send the share till top level.

Except this a normal police officer has to take proper care of all VIP’s, Politicians, and other influential and rich people. His mind is always busy in chalking out new schemes to generate more and more money & how to capture different innocent individuals in his trap.

If you think after being so busy with so many things a police officer will have time to think about general public then what you are thinking is wrong.

The only way out is that for our own security public should formulate efforts on its own or government should construct a new agency which works for Public and shouldn’t do mistake of naming it as Police. Rajesh Chopra. LiveIndia.com New delhi.
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Nithari accused face mob fury in Ghaziabad
Ghaziabad, January 25
The two main suspects in the Nithari serial killings, Moninder Singh Pandher and his servant Surendra Koli, were today subjected to mob fury when lawyers assaulted them outside a CBI court here. The CBI had presented them in the court for seeking an extension of their remand.
As the accused were being escorted out of the court of Special Judicial Magistrate, Ms Sapna Mishra, some 200 advocates thrashed the two accused.
Moninder and Surinder had been taken into the court room No 15 on the first floor at 10.25 am. It took the CBI about one-and-half hour to convince the court to extend their remand for another 14 days. Of the two accused, Moninder, being easily identified, was targeted more and fainted while Surender had managed to get away with less thrashing. 
A few cops, including the CBI slueths, were seen frantically trying to save both the accused by throwing themselves over the duo to shield them from the blows of angry advocates.
The accused were then whisked away by the police and the CBI from the back door to the CBI headquarters first and then to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi. 
Though Ghaziabad advocates had announced their intention to lynch the accused, the Ghaziabad police did not made adequate arrangements for the protection of the accused.
According to some observers, this could have been a handiwork of those involved in the conspiracy to escape punishment, because had Moninder and Surender been lynched, it could have silenced forever the source of disclosures of their sins.
The CBI, it is learnt, will be filing an FIR against the advocates and others involved in today's incident. The Ghaziabad SSP, Mr Navin Arora, however, said adequate arrangements had been made by the police in the court premises. He added that those who took the law into their hands would not be spared.

Pandher equal partner in crime
25 Jan, 2007
NEW DELHI: CBI investigation into the Nithari killings is slowly unravelling a plot where the crimes may not just be the handiwork of Surendra Koli alone. His employer Moninder Singh Pandher could well be an equal partner in the murders of children and some adults. 

A day before the duo's stay in police custody ends, CBI on Wednesday came close to the conclusion about their joint complicity after going through all forensic reports comprising results of the polygraphy, narco-analysis and brain-mapping tests. 

The reports, which the agency received on Wednesday morning, were a revelation as they not only matched with what Koli told the Noida police in his initial statement on December 29, but also with what he bared to CBI in bits and pieces during 13 days of custodial interrogation. The revelations also led CBI to call in SSP Noida, R K S Rathore, for some sustained questioning on what had actually transpired. 

Referring to the reports as well as Koli’s statement, CBI sources said that though Pandher was still silent about his role, the agency was now almost certain of his culpability.

Koli tells interrogators he has 'desire' to kill again
January 20. 2007
NEW DELHI: Surendra Koli, one of the two accused in the Nithari serial killings, shocked interrogators from the CBI when he told them he had again developed a "desire" to murder someone. Koli, who is being questioned along with co-accused Moninder Singh Pandher at an undisclosed location by the CBI, said he had the desire to "kill someone", senior officials involved in the probe said. The officials said instructions had been given that no one should question Koli without taking "proper precautions", including having armed guards present during the interrogation. The CBI is taking the help of psychiatrists while questioning Koli as his behaviour showed all the signs of a psychopath, the officials said. Koli and Pandher allegedly killed at least 15 women and children at the latter's home at Nithari in Noida. 

Koli's newborn ends doubts over virility
NAINITAL: The prime accused in the Nithari serial killings, Surendra Koli, became a father again on Friday, raising more questions over his statement given to police that he tried eating human flesh on the advice of a tantrik to find a cure to his infertility problems. 
His 23-year-old wife, Shanti, gave birth to a healthy boy on Friday at their house in Mangrukhal village in Almora district. Surendra also has a three-year-old daughter. According to his family members, Shanti, who was very tense for the past few weeks over her husband's alleged involvement in the Nithari killings, looked slightly relaxed after the delivery. She claimed that her husband was being made a "scapegoat" in the case. 
Surendra's 60-year-old mother Kunti Devi told visiting mediapersons that the birth of the child has put to rest rumours that her son was impotent. Both Kunti Devi and Shanti lashed out at the media, especially television channels, for airing "absolutely false, unfounded and cooked-up stories about Surendra". 
They staunchly denied reports that Surendra was a cannibal. During his narcoanalysis test, Surendra is believed to have told his interrogators that he raped and killed children as he was sexually deprived and feared he was becoming impotent. 
Shanti complained to mediapersons that despite her condition, the visiting three-member Central Bureau of Investigation team had interrogated her several times in the past few days over her husband's alleged involvement in the Nithari serial murders. 
"I did not lose my calm during questioning by a Central Bureau of Investigation team as I know my husband has been made a scapegoat in the Nithari case," said Shanti. 
She described the whole incident as "a well-hatched conspiracy to frame my husband". "God is the ultimate judge, and as my husband is absolutely innocent, his innocence will be proved one day," she asserted. 
Surendra's mother, on the other hand, directly accused her employers of trying to frame him "to save their own skin". According to her, the Central Bureau of Investigation sleuths questioned her and her husband for over three hours about her son's alleged involvement in the killings. 
Their neighbours also complained that they were tired of answering repeated queries from visiting officials about Surendra. 

Nithari: More bones found
Noida, January 16. 2007.
CBI teams have recovered about 40 rotten bags containing skeletal remains in different stages of decay from the drain in front of the house of Moninder Singh Pandher. 

The CBI is reportedly aghast at the slipshod investigations conducted by the UP police, according to observers. The CBI team had, in a raid on Moninder Singh's company in Sector-2, Noida, reportedly seized important documents. The CBI had been handed over the Nithari case on January 10 in which 19 FIRs had been registered. 

It had involved top forensic experts from Delhi's AIIMS and the AP Forensic Science Laboratory, who have been closely monitoring the collection of evidence from the house and the drain in front of it.

A spokesman of the CBI said apart from D-5 some other premises of the accused had also been raided which had yielded vital information.

What is baffling is that the UP police had fished out 19 bags containing human bones from the drain in front of D-5, but when the CBI again undertook the digging and cleaning the drain, 40 bags containing human bones and parts of skeletons were recovered.

All human parts and bones have been sent for the post-mortem by the CBI. Officials of the CBI said only after the receipt of the post-mortem and DNA test reports, it could be asserted with surety about the specific individuals. 

The CBI had collected samples from relatives of the children and women killed in Nithari which will be matched through advance forensic technologies with the DNA of the skeletons and other parts. Even bones handed over by the UP police have also been sent for investigations, it is understood.

The CBI has put some 30 officers and staff on Nithari investigations under a Joint Director.

Nithari was avoidable: SC
New Delhi, January 11
The Supreme Court today rejected the plea of states seeking review of some provisions of its seven-point order on police reforms and longer time to implement the rest in view of the Assembly elections. Rapping the Uttar Pradesh government counsel, the Bench said that had the reforms been put in place earlier, incidents like Nithari would not have occurred. 

The apex court also rejected constitution of the National Security Committee by the Centre. The Bench of Chief Justice Y.K. Sabharwal and Mr Justices  C.K. Thakker and R.V. Raveendran directed the Union Government to set up the National Security Commission (NSC) as per its order. 

The UP government counsel Mr Rajiv Dhawan referred to the Nithari killings to challenge the apex court order on minimum fixed tenure for police officers of the level of SHO to DGP, claiming that if this mechanism was in place, the suspension of the officer in-charge of the police station and senior officers of the district would not have been possible.Rapping Mr Dhawan, the Bench said, “Maybe, had these checks and balances been there, Nithari would not have happened. 

We don’t want to comment on it as investigation is in progress. These direction may tackle similar happenings throughout the country.” When the counsels for almost all states pressed for more time to implement the Bench’s September 22 order to implement police reforms, the court allowed time up to March 31 in respect of three directives — setting up the State Security Commission, separation of investigation wings from law and order and creating a Police Complaint Authority — ordering immediate implementation of the other three provisions.

The court said the NSC set up with the Home Minister as its head, and National Security Adviser, Cabinet Secretary, Home Secretary and Intelligence Bureau Director as its members, was not as per its directives, which provided for inclusion of two independent security experts. 

The review of the order could not be allowed under the “garb of modification”, the court said and directed the Cabinet Secretary and Chief Secretaries of the states and Union Territory to file their affidavits on compliance of today’s order by April 10. It reminded the states that when the arguments on the petition for implementing police reforms were heard by it before issuing directions in the main judgement, none of them had taken up the current objections.

NEW DELHI: Wasting little time after being entrusted with the job of probing the Nithari serial killings, the CBI on Thursday took India's top forensic experts to the site of the grisly crime. 

Who's who of the forensic field in India, including K P C Gandhi of Andhra Pradesh Forensic Science Laboratories (APFSL), S R Singh of Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) and T D Dogra of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), accompanied a high-level CBI team to the Noida residence of accused Moninder Singh Pandher.

Besides inspecting the site, the experts briefed the sleuths about the intricacies involved in collecting evidence, particularly when the police and a number of villagers had already visited the crime scene following the recovery of the skeletal remains of children. 

Sources said the interrogation of Moninder and his allegedly necrophile servant, Surendra, would begin on Friday after getting their medical reports from the hospital where they had been taken for routine examination. The agency has already asked the Gandhinagar lab to provide it reports of all the tests conducted on the accused. It would be further corroborated by the agency during its subsequent probe, they added. 

Sources in the agency said that though the Noida police and local forensic experts had collected a number of items and fingerprints from the D-5, Sector-31, residence of Moninder, there was still a need to take a closer look. The CBI team that's now camping there will collect all evidence that had escaped notice earlier, with the help of top scientists, and send it to APFSL and CFSL for biological, chemical and serological tests. 

It is learnt that different laboratories in Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad will be roped in to get speedy results, considering the urgency to corroborate it with the interrogation details of Moninder and Surender. 

"Since the polygraphy, narco-analysis and brain-mapping tests conducted on the accused will not be admissible as evidence in court, it is important to have DNA fingerprinting and serological reports to get to probe all the 19 cases registered so far," said a senior official. 

Meanwhile, the agency got the custody of both the accused for 14 days. Moninder and Surender were produced in the court of the chief judicial magistrate on Thursday evening, a day before their police remand was to end. 

It is learnt that the CBI sleuths will also discuss certain issues like the status of the previous cases, besides the current 19 ones, with the Noida police to ascertain negligence, if any, on the latter's part. 

Without ruling out the possibility of questioning the local police officials in due course, an official said the CBI would also register cases against the cops if it comes across substantial evidence. 

Noida, January 3
The UP Government has increased the ex gratia amount to the families of Nithari village serial killings to Rs 5 lakh, said District Magistrate Ajay Chauhan. Some 12 families had already received the Rs 2 lakh ex-gratia yesterday and they would be paid an additional amount of Rs 3 lakh, said the DM, adding that three more families would soon receive the ex-gratia amount.
Noida killings: As anger rises, UP sacks 6 cops, suspends 3 officers
NOIDA: It's kind of locking the stable door after the horses have bolted. Late Wednesday evening, the Uttar Pradesh government announced a sweeping purge of Noida police officials in the wake of rising countrywide anger at their criminal negligence that allowed a serial killer to snuff out at least 22 lives. 

Amazingly, it required a toll that high for the Noida police to wake up to the fact that there's a murderous maniac in the neighbourhood. Twenty-two is the number of bodies the police now say they can deduce from the heap of bones recovered from the drains next to Moninder Singh Pandher's sector 31 house. 

Otherwise, over 30 children and women have been missing from a single village, Nithari, over the last two years. But the police were clueless. Worse, they sought to dismiss the complaints of children missing as cases of boys and girls running away from home. This, despite persistent urgings from the villagers. 

And now, after the businessman-killer and his butcher servant are in the lock-up and after the same bunch of incompetent policemen are reported to have mucked up with evidence, Lucknow has sacked six cops, including two inspectors and four sub-inspectors, and suspended ex-Noida SSP Piyush Mordia, additional SP Soumitra Yadav and DSP Sewak Ram Yadav. The announcement was made by UP home secretary Naveen Chandra Bajpei. 

Meanwhile, the Centre too got into action by ordering on Wednesday a probe into the negligence. The probe will be conducted by the women and child development ministry, thus skirting the issue of law and order being a state subject. 

All this rearguard action was happening even as police experts claimed that the Noida police damaged evidence by allowing all sorts of people to walk through Pandher's house where sexual abuse and butchery were allegedly happening for over two years. Even on Wednesday, TOI reporters, like many others, went into the house (see accompanying report) as though this was some kind of horror tourism on offer. 

Damage to crucial evidence did not end with this. Experts say the police acted with unbelievable ineptitude when they called in scavengers to dig the drains and fish out bones. Apparently, this kind of excavation should be done by trained personnel. 

Significantly, SSP Mordia, who has been suspended, was summoned by the National Commission for Women way back in August 2005, in the wake of children disappearing from Nithari. He, as well as the other cops, will now have to explain why nothing rang a bell for them. Was it just poor training? Was it callousness towards children of poor parents? Or was it something more? 

02.01.2007. NOIDA: The residents of this village in Sector 31 didn't even notice the birth of the new year. Living under the lengthening shadow of death, they are just counting bones. 

Four days after parts of skeletons and a decomposed body were recovered from house no D-5, the parents whose children are supposed to have been sexually abused and killed by industrialist Moninder Singh and his servant, Surendra, were screaming for their blood. The cops are also facing mob fury because they didn't act on complaints. 

After people stormed Moninder's house on Sunday and almost set fire to it, the police took all possible precautions and barricaded the stretch of road in front of D-block on Monday. 

Outsiders were also being prevented from entering Nithari village. However, when former MP D P Yadav went to visit the families, the residents lost patience and pelted the police with stones. 

Goaded by a few women who instigated the crowd, the mob broke the barricades set up at the entrance of the village from the D-block road and managed to push the police force till almost the end of the road. In the process, they also broke chairs and windowpanes of nearby houses. 

The police then retaliated and chased the violent elements back into the village. They had to resort to a lathi-charge and many villagers were injured in the process. 

A resident, Basanti, alleged that the police beat her up without provocation. SSP R K S Rathore finally came down in an effort to calm tempers. 

"I was informed of the stone-pelting and I am here to sort out the issue. If the residents have a problem, they are free to come and discuss it with me. However, I walked into the village but nobody approached me. It seems that at this point, they do not have any genuine grievance. The violence was the hand of outsiders,"he said. 

However, even before he entered the area, Rathore had been stopped by the residents who wanted action taken against the police officials who had failed to respond to repeated complaints against the accused. 

"I was assaulted by your personnel though I was just standing. First they refused to help us when our children went missing and now they are resorting to such high-handedness. We want action to be taken against them,"Basanti, the injured woman, told Rathore. 

The residents are now demanding that the house should be pulled down completely. "They are discovering bones everywhere. In all probability, there is a basement in the house. We want the police to search for the missing children,"said M Apanna.

NOIDA: The chilling tale of children being kidnapped for sex, and then hacked to death took a new turn on Saturday. Police claimed industrialist Moninder Singh, around whose house the remains of 22 women and children were unearthed so far, was the man behind the bizarre crimes. The toll may go up to 30. 

Singh’s servant, Surendra, was following his orders to kidnap children and women, but later shared them, said cops. Singh has been arrested for kidnapping, rape, murder, attempting to conceal evidence and criminal conspiracy. Police say he is separated from his wife and has a son studying in Canada. 

On Saturday, a Noida additional chief judicial magistrate remanded both to police custody for 48 hours. Police had sought their remand for recovering more bodies and checking out other links with the case. 

Police ruled out any link with the illegal organ trade. "‘These are purely sex-related killings by two perverted killers. Surendra has revealed he often had sex with the children's bodies. We have suspended the three sector police station chiefs during whose tenure the killings took place as well as the last three chiefs of Nithari police post. An inquiry will be held," said Dinesh Yadav, police circle officer, Noida

Noida serial killings
Noida, The Noida police has arrested two persons, including a Chandigarh businessman, in connection with the disappearance of nearly 38 children from Nithari village in the past one and a half years. The skeletal remains of 15 children, who had mysteriously disappeared from Nithari village near Noida’s Sector 31 over the past two years, were recovered from a drain in the backyard of a businessman’s house on Friday.

The children were allegedly sexually abused before being killed. The prime suspect in the case, Satish, confessed to killing seven of them.

The Noida police here had dug out skeletal remains of several children from a nullah in the same area following which it arrested a suspect, Satish, alias Surendra Kohli, last night.

The police told agencies that the second person, Moninder Singh, a transporter from Chandigarh in whose house at Noida Surendra worked as a servant, was arrested today. A .12 bore licensed gun along with some documents have also been reportedly seized from his possession. The house has also been sealed.
In a macabre incident involving suspected sexual abuse and murder of children, police recovered their skeletal remains from the house of a factory owner in Noida bordering Delhi and arrested his domestic help who had ‘confessed’ to killing them. The saga of the missing children, said to be over 30 in the last two years from this area in the heart of the industrial township, came to light when when the skeletal remains were recovered from the house of the factory owner Mohinder Singh in Nithari area in Sector 31. 

Not far away from this area falling in Western Uttar Pradesh, the kidnapping of Anant Gupta, a nursery student and child of a multinational executive last month, made news headlines last month. The child was recovered after a ransom of Rs 50 lakh was paid. 

Satish alias Surender, the domestic help of Mohinder Singh, who owns a factory and is said to be living alone, was arrested after the mobile phone of a missing 20-year-old girl was traced to him, Senior Superintendent of Police R K S Rathore said.
One more person--said to be another domestic help—is also believed to have been taken into custody. 

Rathore said Satish was in possession of the girl Payal's mobile phone and further interrogation of him led to his confession that he had killed six persons, including her, after alluring them with sweets and toffees and sexually abusing them. 

Their skeletons were recovered from a drain abutting the compound of the factory owner's house where Satish was also living in a room. Mohinder Singh has also been detained for questioning, police said. 

A C Sharma, Additional DGP, Uttar Pradesh, said investigations were on to find out whether Mohinder Singh had any role in these killings as the girl was suspected to have had an affair with him. Mohinder Singh is said to be having another factory in Punjab. 

Sharma said Satish had confessed to killing seven children. The skeletal remains will be sent for DNA tests which alone could prove their identity, he said. 

Jagmohan Yadav, IG Meerut, who inspected the house, said the parents of two girls who had gone missing about a year ago reported to police three days back that they had found clothes and slippers belonging to the children in the drain. 

He said police since then kept the house under surveillance and on Thursday night a team of the Special Operation Group picked up Satish. 

Asked about the number of skeletons found in the house, Yadav said the exact number could not be given right now. No perfect skeletons were found and the exact number of bodies could be given only after scientific tests, he added. 

Heavy bulldozers were used to demolish the compound wall of the house and digging continued late in the evening for retrieving any possible human remains. 

An eyewitness said meat choppers, rifles and live cartridges were recovered by the police from the house. 

While the house was sealed, police also were investigating whether the killings could be linked to any organ trade. 

Hundreds of people, including parents of the missing children, gathered outside the house as news of the discovery of skeletons there in the area. 

They were angry with police and accused them of inaction on their complaints when the children were missing. 

Some of them said the police had not even entertained their complaints and registered an FIR


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