Indian Marriage


Indian Marriage
Wedding marks the coming together of two individuals. It is a bond not only between two individuals but also between two souls. Indian marriages are clad with rituals and customs. It is an elaborate concept in every Indian community. Nowadays Hindu weddings are celebrated on a large scale. Family and friends get together to celebrate the occasion. The marriage ceremony includes various pre wedding and wedding functions. Most of these functions take place mostly at the bride's place and some at the groom's place. The main wedding ceremony usually takes place at the bride's home. On the main day of the function a mandap is erected and the interior is beautifully decorated with flowers, colorful personal adornment, and decorative items. Mostly the wedding is held on a garden, courtyard of the bride's house, a blocked-off street or square. It is an elaborate affair. After the marriage rituals the guests are served with lavish dinner. Indian wedding is all about fun and feast. According to Indian custom the bride and groom are showered with gifts and attention. Their family and friends treat them royally. In Hindu wedding rituals are performed in front of the Hindu deities and joining the bride and groom in an eternal bond of love and commitment.

Bridal Accessories
It is important to choose the right kind of accessory for the right kind cloth and for the right occasion. Similarly when you go to shopping you should keep in mind, which accessories would go with them. For example sandals will look awful if worn with a bridal lehenga or a white bag with a red sari. The accessories reflect your personality. Right kind of accessories gives an extra touch to your overall personality. Picking up the right accessories is as important as picking up the clothes. Nowadays you have ample options to choose from for the right kind of accessory. A look is complete only when everything matches with each other. Just as your hairstyle should match your makeup and make up should match your outfit similarly your accessory should also match your outfit. For a bride choosing the right kind of accessory is very important. Her bag her shoe and her jewelry should compliment each other. Nothing should look like an extra item. Everything should blend easily. Some of the basic accessories are shoes, bags and jewelry.

The foremost important accessory is the shoe. The shoes that you wear give the very essence to your outfit. Different shoes are for different occasions like sports shoes suffice for casual wears like jeans or shorts, be very careful with the kind of footwear that you use for formal wear. The most important feature of a shoe is that it should be comfortable. Shoes should be stylish but not at the cost of comfort. For a bride her shoe is very important. She mainly goes for designer or gorgeous shoes with small heel and beautifully decorated with beads, stones or colorful straps. Nowadays-flat heels, platform-heeled shoes are very much in vogue. They come in chic geometrical cuts, which gives a very stylish look to bridal dress. Next important accessory is bags. Bags come in different shape and style like long strapped ones, short strapped ones or small, sleek and stylish ones depending on your taste. It is important to choose the right color for your bag, which matches your outfit or you can go for universal color that goes with most of your outfits. Crotchet bags or knitted bags look great with bridal wear. Cloth bags with bright colors and flowery patterns are also in vogue. As for jewelry, you can go for items like necklaces, anklets, finger rings, earrings, pendants and even navel rings, whatever goes with your outfit. With bridal wear people opt for bridal jewelry mainly in gold and diamonds. Nowadays people are opting for sleek designs they are avoiding traditional heavy designs. Jewelry in white gold is also in fashion. So brighten up your look with the right kind of accessory for your wedding.

Jewelry for Indian Bride
Jewelry is of great importance in Indian wedding. Wedding jewelry and Bridal jewelry is an important aspect in any Indian women's life. Be it a necklace set, or a pendant set, bangles, rings, bracelets or earrings, jewelry is a very important part of Indian wedding. Jewelry can be of gold, silver, diamond or platinum depending on your budget and taste. If your budget is high than you can go for designer jewelry and customized jewelry. Jewelry can be of different style depending on the occasion. For pre wedding functions like sangeet, mehendi and engagement you can opt for simple and light jewelry. Go for a gold chain with pendants and earrings in gold, silver and white gold studded with diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones. Mainly heavy jewelry is worn on the main wedding day. The bride is adorned with jewelry from head to toe. Nowadays people are opting for fashion jewelry matching with their outfit. People are also customizing their wedding jewelry. For example if you are wearing a red color saree or lehenga than you can wear a gold set with red semi precious on it.

Keeping in mind your budget you can choose your jewelries. People from different community prefer different style and kind of jewelry. For example a conventional Punjabi family might prefer chunky or heavy jewelry with colored stones, Marwari's and Sindhi's usually prefers diamonds. Nowadays designer jewelry are available in different textures, different settings, three dimensional designs with geometric shapes, different kinds of metal and finish with diamonds and precious stones and has also experimented with different types of designer glass. Wide varieties of stones are available, which comes in different colors, quality, price and shapes like baguettes, rubies, emeralds, aquamarines, garnet, amethyst, citrine, and sapphires. Today's woman prefers contemporary designs and traditional designs presented in a sleek manner. They go for something trendy and wearable in all occasions and not too heavy and detailed. So next time when you go for jewelry shopping keep in mind the kind of jewelry you want and your budget than accordingly you can make your decision.

Pre Wedding Preparations
Before the main day function there are various rituals and customs to be looked after. And it is not the matter of rituals and customs but other areas also, which is considered like what will be the budget of the wedding and depending on the budget and the size of the wedding the other areas will be decided like the venue of the wedding, the theme and the decoration. Nowadays if your budget is high then you can easily opt for a wedding planner he or she will look after all the matters. Be it the venue, theme or the menu. According to the budget you can decide everything. In the pre wedding ceremony there are rituals like engagement, tilak, sangeet, mehndi and haldi. Then there are areas like choosing the caterer, gift-wraps, party favor, gift for relatives, wedding invitation card, stage shows and function, flower decoration, etc. So according to the various functions on each day everything is decided before the main day function

The Wedding Day Preparations
Indian weddings are sacred religious ties between the families of the bride and the bridegroom. They are elaborate, expensive and emotional events, which are eagerly awaited, by all the young girls and boys when they are given royal treatment on this day. The traditional weddings used to be more than a week long though people cut short the events these days. There is an event for almost everything. The main day wedding function involves various rituals and customs, which are to be performed. There are various preparations to be looked after before the min day ceremony.

The wedding itself is a long, stretched out process, when all the Hindu deities are called upon and asked to bless the new couple. The bride and the bridegroom take seven steps around the fire, vowing devotion and love to each other and agreeing to take care of each other in all circumstances. There are various events to ensure laughter in the wedding ceremony such as when the younger sister of the bride tries to steal the shoe of her new brother-in-law and asks money as ransom. After the ceremony, the bride leaves for her new home. This is the most emotional moment of any Indian wedding, when the bride take leave of all her family members to start a new life in her husband's home. In the bridegroom's home, an elaborate wedding reception is organized in the honor of the bride where all the family member from both sides are once again invited and dances and songs fill this happy night. There are special traditional songs for all the ceremonies in the Indian weddings that are sung at the various occasions. Elaborate costumes for the bride and the bridegroom add a touch of royalty to the marriage customs.



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