Who Killed Bob Woolmer!!! is some Pakistani player ?

Investigation underway into 'suspicious' death of Woolmer due to poison: PCB Spokesman
The Spokesman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) P J Mir has said that the investigations are underway into 'suspicious' death of Pakistan team coach Bob Woolmer that reportedly occurred due to poison

Addressing a hurriedly called press conference he said, Jamaican police are treating the death of the Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer as "suspicious.” 

However, he said, there was no ban on movement of Pakistan players outside hotel.

Mark Shields, deputy commissioner of the Jamaican police Jamaican police Pakistan team coach Bob Woolmer did not die a natural death but his death occurred in very mysterious and suspicions circumstances. 

The reports said the circumstances in which Woolmer was discovered were “suspicious” from the start

Senior sources in Jamaican police confirmed that Bob Woolmer did not die a natural death but was murdered. 

The police and PCB team in Jamaica confirmed that when autopsy took place, there were “strong indications” that it was murder, prompting authorities to announce that the results had been inconclusive. 

Sources said that the PCB is upset over the news of the Woolmer homicide being splashed all over the media, saying it was against Jamaican law to give out information before Jamaican authorities did. 

The fact that one of the world’s most renowned cricket coaches was possibly murdered 36 hours after his team exited from the World Cup, would not only be a source of deep embarrassment for the PCB, but also have very serious implications on international cricket. 

Additionally, the homicide conclusion opens the door to a host of possibilities as to the motive behind the murder - not the least of which is the alleged player-bookie nexus in Pakistan, which would have been dealt a heavy blow from the team’s exit from the World Cup. 

Pakistan cricket team members have also been questioned by police as to their whereabouts the time Woolmer was last seen alive. Police have in fact asked the team to stay back in Kingston for two days after their match with Zimbabwe so that investigations can continue unhampered. 

Bob Woolmer was found on Sunday night (March 18, India time) in his hotel room unconscious and in a pool of vomit. 

Pakistan team’s manager Asad Mustafa, who commented that the circumstances in which Woolmer was discovered were “suspicious” from the start – not only was there vomit found, there were also indications that the coach had suffered from diarrhea, his blood sugar testing machine was found on the floor in the bathroom and there was blood on his cheek and eyes. 

He also said there was no ban on movement of Pakistan players outside hotel.
Pakistan team will play match against Zimbabwe, he said.


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