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A Letter to all Respected Marathis and Raj Thackeray

Feb. 09. 2008. Rajesh Chopra.  LiveIndia.Com
“There are few things more fundamentally encouraging and stimulating than seeing someone else die.”   - Stanley Kubrick 

Come February’ 2008, you open your eyes to the political misadventures of Raj Thackeray, who was beaked out running high and dry till two months back. But now at least he's hogging the headlines, even if for the wrong reasons. His misadventures may have just begun, but may play a big spoil sport if gone unchecked. The rabble rousing utterances may spiral out and spread widely into a chain reaction of mammoth proportions if not dealt with. 

Next year's elections are on cards and there is something which has to be done and done decisively. That's what Raj Thackeray has concluded. When, Raj Thackeray launched MNS he had an agenda of inclusive politics which included Dalits, Muslims, Hindus and Maharashtarians alike. But last year’s elections across Maharashtra turned his political aspirations into a bitter experience. The much-hyped MNS was wiped out everywhere and won barely six seats.

Ever since Shiv Sena has tried to evolve out of the timid politics into a much more global and liberal identity, Raj has been on toes to do some thing desperate. To take such a big decision such as to segregate people on regional lines, he must be something himself. He's unqualified behavior has left a lot to be desired. He might have been provoked by attempts by the Shiv Sena to reach out to north Indian voters in and around Mumbai, and the rise of Bal Thackeray’s son and successor at the Shiv Sena of “Mee Mumbaikar” fame. 

It makes little sense, that the violence that marred Mumbai is a desperate act of divisive politics and power. The low strata of society of its four million north Indian have born the brunt till now. But the poison gas has been unleashed and other casualties may soon follow, the biggest being the pride of Mumbai as the cosmopolitan global powerhouse. For now, it's a boom time for Raj Thackeray, whose own political chances had become very bleak, when he was wiped out of last municipal elections. Ever since he has parted with the Shiv Sena’s founder leader Bal Thackeray, Raj has had no clues on where to go and what to do.  All he can do now is to fan the sectarian sentiment and instigate the policy of divide and rule, especially after seeing the Narender Modi’s rise out of such divisive politics. But politically Raj’s calculations have gone over board as he imagines that a clash between the north Indians and the Maharashtrians will polarize votes in his favor and affect the Shiv Sena badly.

But these provocation's are plunging the whole nation into an abyss of darkness with such a low level of rotten politics which was never seen before. Imagine a robust social structure which was built and nurtured so carefully over the last sixty odd years, faces the wrath of some misguided mavericks. Imagine a nation which tomorrow faces the threat of being divided not only on regional lines but also on municipal lines. Imagine a situation where South Mumbaikars are up against North Mumbaikars or Delhi against Gurgaon. Unthinkable! Well not so much, if people like Raj Thackeray are left out open to have their way.

Political desperados like Raj Thackeray, might as well bring the nation to such a precarious edge if they are not checked at the right time. It’s for all the Indians especially Maharashtrians to come out and voice out their will against such politics. The majority of Maharashtrians don’t subscribe and support these fundamentalist forces and flimsy ideology. So why just sit and wait. Because this wait might become too hazardous, as the Maharashtrians living else where in the country face the wrath of the same politics against them. If Raj was so concerned about Maharashtra he should have spared a thought for those Maharashtrians living outside their native state, now in constant fear and uncertainty. He should have floated a social party and done some grass root level social work before becoming the self proclaimed messiah of Maharashtra.
In a global economy when distances and nationalities become irrelevant, petty issues like cast, creed and now sectarianism are presenting a big impediment in India’s race to glory, which has only just begun. THE POLITICS is an art of impossible, but in a growing economy when India is marching towards globalization these kinds of instances make this growth impossible instead. Because growth is an art of the possible. It requires will, creativity, knowledge and entrepreneur ship. It transcends the parochial barriers of resistances and brings “the new” into existence.  But today everything hangs in the middle because some slimy perpetrators of divide and rule, want to take the nation to ransom. The likes of Raj Thackeray, who want arm-twist the nation with their own inimitable “goondagardi”.  The burning issues raised by the current situation resonate across the entire fabric of Indian society especially Mumbai and create a state of affairs which are unsettling and unprecedented.

The divide that is being instilled in the hearts of the masses can reverse this progress and bring the eventual downfall of a nation unless it is dealt with an equally conscious and committed process of reasoned thought and reasoning. The nation as such is already divided, divided by class, divided by creeds, divided by religion, divided by states. And leaders are not fighting for their nation but fighting for their own cult. They are not fighting for national interests but fighting for their own vested ones.  It’s up to the people of Maharashtra, not to let one man tarnish the pride and image of the liberal Maharashtrian. Leaders like Raj Thackeray are just scavengers, rag pickers looking for whatever they can make the most out of.  This is not a fight for sanskriti(cultural identity), its rather a game of “power ki sanskriti’(culture of power) that is laying it's roots surreptitiously.
So cut the trap! Cut the Crap!
Rajesh Chopra.  LiveIndia.Com

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    I would like to know what you think about this article
    my e-mail ID is ---
    (Subject:- Raj Thackeray)
    I have forwarded your this link to couple of my friends because what you have written make lot of sense. 
    As you have said in the world of globalization there is no place for people like Raj or mean politics. 
    In near future you will also notice how the US politics will change after they elect there first black president because the people of US are sick of scare tactics the present administration uses to get elected and it won’t work anymore. 
    Regards, Arunesh Puthiyoth
    CA . - Principal Support Engineer
    No,Dear friends Mr Raj Thackrey is not playing Aamchi Mumbaikar” card. He is victim of his family fued. He is only showing Mr Bal Thackrey that what he had preached many years back and was persisting with, is the only way where you can incite strong feeling of having deprived among the so called locals. Playing with innocent immature minds has always been popular game of dirty politicians. Once they are settled in Public life they leave behind their own set policies and demands. We are witnessing it since Independence What twist and turns have taken place in life of many established political leaders.For own petty gains they can do any thing which have ramifications of unbounded proportions.Harm to life & property of their own people city , state. country does not matter much..Mr Raj is following the foot steps of his established predecessors. Come on India now is the time to stand up against such hooligans lest we are on the verge of disintegration to such small units which we earlier called Rajwadas. Every Hooligan will have his own raj over a group of submissive people, his word will be the law.
    Y K
    I concur with you 100%. I mean Raj’s behaviour is understandable given the political situation of MNS. Bow how about the ruling party ? They say that the ruling party is trying to get MNS on its side keeping in mind the upcoming elections. So on one hand the CM apolozises for not keeping Raj(I prefer to call him sob - son of a beach) in check and on the other hand puts him in jail after multiple warrants for a symbolic 1 day!! That is absolutely ridiculous. I think that in our country you can get away with anything if you are a politician. What can you hope from a country that is ruled by a bunch of hypocrites.?
    Sandip Sinha
    Dear Rajesh Chopra and all others, 

    In reality Raj is not the way you think. He is NEITHER opposite to Hindi or North Indian’s NOR playing any cheap politics. What he says and expects is “respect the local culture and language”. He does say if any Maharashtrian is staying in any other state then he/she must respect the culture of that state/language.
    Nobody would like outsiders to come in and “destroy the local culture/language”. If outsiders can not respect or don’t want to respect that is fine but DON’T try to destroy/disrespect the local culture. (which probably UP/Bihari politicians are trying in Maharashtra)
    Instead of relying on Hindi and English media, better listen & understand Raj … He is a hero. 

    I think you are missing the point by writing about Raj. Raj is doing his job well. Why is the state government not doing its job and letting him go scott free? It is this point that should be written about, not Raj bashing. By Raj bashing you are doing exactly what Raj wants you to do and that is give him publicity. You don’t write long blogs about criminals, do you? Why make Raj an exception. Because everyone is so focused on what Raj is doing the state government is having an easy time. If you really want to add value, don’t dish out the same old crap that is being circulated on other blogs. What is your purpose of writing this blog? There is nothing new you have added to the so called on-going-debate, no new perspective, just the same old shit. If you think for a moment, it is people like you that Raj likes because he thrives because of such writings.
    kOOPMANDOOK means a frog from a small well thats all you need to describe Raj Thackrey, one who fails to look at the bigger picture; I cant understand how any state in india can manage without emmigrants from other states in this mordern era. For example take out all those who do not orignally belong to Maharashtra then those who are left behind wont be able to thrive any way as there will be a huge skill / labour shortage on one side and huge fall in consumer spending putting downward pressure on local businesses, i dont think thats what locals want.
    Raj Thackrey is purely a hypocrite, devoted in his persuit for Power and money obeviously by using any possible means like other politiciant, i pity on those who agree with his philosophy and support him to encourage mistreat with people not belonging to maharashtra; Shame on you Raj Thackrey..
    Raj Thackeray is a Terrorist living with a name of a politician.
    He should be sent to LOC to fight ugly morons like him if he really loves this wonderful land instead of him beating up innocent people !!!
    I am really moved by the writers views. It somewhat strikes in your head that what a neurotic society we have built in the process.
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