Request To Trust, Must made Gold Throne For Sai Baba!
Rajesh Chopra
"Today the capacity of my Pilgrim is very meek, that's why this stone is only my throne. But if they have capacity 
and they make me sit on any kind of throne be it made up of gold or silver, I will reside there, because I belong to my Pilgrims."

Sai Baba said these lines to a very learned man and today exactly the same situation has come up. Baba's Pilgrim can 
make him reside on throne of Diamonds, keep aside gold and silver. Then why would not they reside him and why wouldn't he himself reside.

Today sai trusts annual income is Rs 200 Crore. Now how they use it and how they spend it, all the decisions 
depends upon members of trust. If trust has planned to convert the throne of saibaba into gold, thatís completely fair
no other committee or individual except trust should have any say on it. The people who are against this should first
do a reality check and see how much are they themselves contributing to society.

Whole media is saying that saibaba was a simple-man why would he need a throne made-up of gold. Saibaba doesn't 
need throne made out of gold, it is his pilgrims who need this throne. Everyone who's against this should first 
answer is only saibaba trust left responsible for all the pain that is there in world?

Saibabaís trust is already helping needy people all over world. But is it only Saibaba trust, which is supposed to solve everyone's 
problem with its funds?  If that is what is the case then what is the role of our government? 

I request all politicians and government please do not play with feelings of saibaba's pilgrims and i would like to request members of sai baba's trust to
put diamonds worth of 21 crore with this gold of 22 crore on sai baba's throne.

Today Trust has decided that it wont convert the throne of silver into gold.This is absolutely wrong decision because the feelings of pilgrims are involved.
I request all the pilgrims of sai baba to exert pressure on trust and to send money from open heart for this noble cause.
Congratulations - 94-kg gold throne for Sai Baba

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