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People are dying every day without Food.
I am Ashamed Are you?
Rajesh Chopra.  LiveIndia.Com

Generations have passed since Man first stepped on to the moon and evoked awe and admiration from humanity. Yet it is amazing to know that we haven't yet taken those giant steps towards progress in the real sense of the term. Just at the moment when heads are being raised in pride as India launched their maiden moon mission, at the same time a father in a remote village was breathing his last before his son who watched him helplessly. The man died out of starvation as the family had no food.  This is the stark reality that we Indians have long been avoiding and trying to run away from. 

This is a common occurrence in some of the villages in Utter Pradesh, Bihar and many other states of India. So many people are dying every day out of starvation and hunger. These villages suffer from extreme poverty and hunger. 

So many people are dying every day out of starvation and hunger In villages like Palamu, Gadwa, Chatara people are dying every day while the entire nation is watching as mute spectators. It is already a well known fact that children in Bihar, Orissa, UP are dying every day after feeding themselves on a fistful of rice or one glass of dirty water.  According to a recent survey, almost 20 people have died out of starvation and hunger in the last month and one can only imagine how many more are yet to die out of these extreme conditions. Such shocking occurrences are happening everyday in our own nation. 

It is shameful to even think that such disgraceful and unfortunate occurrences are happening in a nation we are hailing as a Super Power currently. Indian Government is investing so much of resources and funds on building flyovers and tall skyscrapers but they are extremely insensitive to these alarming issues which are not being discussed and are being pushed under the carpet! 

Indian Government is spending crores and crores of money on trivial matters, little realizing that, that money could be well utilized on feeding those poor farmers who go without food and starve for days on end. When would the government realize that poor people also feel hungry and share the same dreams of any other common man? Cant’ they spare the poor people a little bit of thought and show some sensitivity towards them at any given point of time? Is it really asking for too much?

It becomes almost impossible for any of us to go without food even for a day, whereas most of these poor people are compelled to go hungry not just for days, but months and years without end? A fistful of rice is almost a five star meal for the poor souls-contented with whatever little they are allotted. It is a mater of shame that we civilized human beings can turn a blind eye to their everyday plight and struggle for survival.

Our ministers chosen dutifully by us, leave no stone unturned to earn votes from us and we everyday fall into the trap. But little do we realize that our very own decisions would be reflected in our future. Ministers like Koda and others hardly spare a thought to these poor peasants and selfishly pile on money in their already over flowing bank balance. If leading a comfortable and financially stable life was on their minds, why did they choose to serve the poor and address their problems? This only goes on to prove how insensitive and unfeeling these politicians are. 

However this is a pointless debate considering the fact that politicians would not change and would continue with their indifferent stance-numb and blind to the plight and sufferings of the poor and downtrodden. It is quite obvious that common man can almost abandon any hope of their sufferings being alleviated by our noble ministers. Is it impossible for these ministers to lead an austere life and dedicate themselves to the cause of these poor people?

the child is going hungry and the entire family is busy decorating the house?
How about a situation where the child is going hungry and the entire family is busy decorating the house? But in our Indian context, It is happening every day. While Our Indian Government has been sworn in to look after the Indian citizens, they are investing time and money on decorating our country and heaping themselves with wealth, little bothering about those poor people dying every day  in deplorable conditions. 

It is a matter of disgrace that we Indians have not been able to do anything to improve the situation. How many people would actually read this article? How many souls would stir after this? Not many…because our conscience has been completely killed. We are numb to everything going on around us. 

It is time the educated class of Indians came forward to join hands for this cause and took up some action as the Indian Government would do nothing for this cause. With The 2010 Commonwealth Games round the corner, Delhi is gearing up for showing the world how we have shaped up as a power to reckon with. But little does one know that thousands are waking up every morning hungry, impoverished and almost in a state of dying? It is a matter of shame. It is difficult to forgive ourselves after witnessing and silently corroborating their deaths. When would the Indian Government take notice and do something that would alleviate their pain, sufferings and give them a chance to live like any one of us?
I am ashamed- are you?
Rajesh Chopra.  LiveIndia.Com

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In villages like Palamu, Gadwa, Chatara people are dying every day
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Hi Rajesh
That was brillant. You really have a deep insight into the state of affairs in India. Send it to the President, PM or all the newspapers.
I am doing my bit by working for the rural masses and urban slums. Today I am Professor of Community Medicine but have spent my entire career( 35 years) working for the poor and the down trodden. We have a health cantre at Alandi where we see almost 200 patients and give free treatment/medicnes. I also organise camps into the interios and far of villagess. My department ha a cantre in  slum at Bhosari ( Pune).
"Ravi Gupta" <ravirfrhd@yahoo.com>

Deepa Ymardi · SJPN Trusts BCA College Nidasosi
Its a very true..&nice article but we only the cause for Wat we are 2day....starvation is not the problem, problem is the employment & commitment to the work

Bharat Sahu · New Delhi, India
it is true sir ,

Javid Jay
this shows tat there is no god.

Javid Jay
please friends help them.

Richard Joseph
It is time not just the educated class of Indians but all humane humans came forward to join hands for this cause and took up some action as the Indian Government would do nothing for this cause.

Roseann Stapff
India is still a country of horrible uneveness...of distribution..Rich indians are hellbent to keep the status quo..disallowing the destitute to be part of society..Phase out the word UNTOUCHABLE...haridans.

Rally a same...There are so many Billionaires in India. how can they sleep peacefully at night ? knowing that the street in front of there palace is full with hungry children and no place to sleep..Good to know atleast somebody is sharing this.
Thank you Rajesh Ji.

Rajeev Kaushik · University of Delhi

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