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SRK This is your new Innings - Congratulations
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As it is rightly said, "history repeats itself". Probably that’s what is happening when again after 1947 attempts are being made to atomise and break our beloved India into fragments. We Indians boast a lot about our endless love for our country but the sad part is that it is just in words and not in actions. Probably we have accustomed ourselves to abide by what so ever happens, whether wrong or right. It would be incorrect and unjustified to say that it is just Raj Thackrey and Bal Thakrey who are trying to fragment our country but it is our own government as well who can be equally blamed for this. Is the government trying to blindfold what actually the Thackreys are trying to do to our country? Does the government not realise that the Thackrey's are just trying to bolster their economic power by such a gimmick? or probably they are just  trying to emerge as a new avatar of Jinnah and to carry forward Jinnah's legacy which really is not required. Every citizen of this country who promises to give up their everything for their motherland does not need to do much but just rise from their slumber and take some action or at least raise their voice at this present scenario.
Since such people aim at just creating controversies for cheap publicity gimmick, and aim at doing no good to anyone except themselves, their targets also keep varying accordingly. Their recent target being well renowned actor Shahrukh Khan, who's stature cannot even be compared to their's. Shahrukh is much more humane and what he actually thinks and believes is much above the thoughts of the Thackrey's. In Shahrukh’s reel life, he several times fought audaciously against the hypocrites and the people who can betray their own motherland, but this is the time when in real life also he can and is fighting against them.

SRK has always been showered with a lot of adoration and respect from the entire country. And even this time he shall be completely supported by every true citizen of this nation. It is in front of the entire country what the government is actually doing. What does the silence of PM and Home minister indicate? Why is the government not opposing the fatwa’s which shiv sena is issuing against Srk’s upcoming movie? Why is Srk being told to quit India? Who are these people to direct someone to leave the country? What stature do they hold? The truth is that Thackrey family has a bunch of wonky supporters  who help them in fulfilling their narcissistic demands and probably thackrey’s  see themselves as the “bhai” of such supporters. Still no one from the government has the nerve to demur their dominance. Rahul Gandhi’s Bombay visit worried the government and his supporters so much but for Shahrukh khan not even a little act is being done by anyone. Not even a single helping hand came forward to support him.

With utmost respect, the President of India should rise from their slumber. Our honorable President of India, being the prime citizen of the country should realize her duty to protect all the citizens as and when the government fails to do so. The president should now make no delays and brace the residents of her country as her duty calls her to do so.

Shahrukh’s father was a freedom fighter and that’s why our motherland wants him to do something for her too and protect her from such people.

Today shiv sena neither has any sort of issue nor are they seconded by public in any way and have no assistance from public. But Bal thackrey needs to create an unnecessary ruckus probably and hence he looks for reasons to create a fracas around the country. The little things take no time to become serious issues which are born by him for unknown reasons probably. Shahrukh’s popularity being indispensable, is being misused by such people. 

Srk had an option to choose players for his team during the IPL, where he auctioned for no Pakistani player but when he was questioned so by the media, keeping in mind his decency and  gentility for which he is known, he replied that he would be glad to have Pakistani players in his team if there remains a place for any player. Who on this earth would think of making an issue out of this statement? Why is the public acting so ignorantly? 

There remains no doubt in my mind that no one would even remember this entire episode in a day or so. But I am also sure that Srk would emerge with an even more revered personality who all by himself and without any support, confronted those people who have left a striking threat even in the minds of our country’s government. I will call this as SRK’s new innings. Congratulations. 

Rajesh Chopra
Editor-in-Chief LiveIndia.com

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Shah Rukh had not done any crime, in fact being an owner of an IPL team he had the rights to comment.  Shahrukh doesn’t owe an apology to Shiv Sena. 
- Salman Khan 
"All that has been happening over the past few days is very unfortunate and sad! I believe that sports, arts & culture should be above politics," "My family and I have faced many such incidents in the past. And all I wish for is peace and harmony to prevail over all citizens."
- Abhishek Bachchan
“Shahrukh is the most secular and fair guy I know. I think it’s unfair to judge his movie
based on his opinions.”
- Preity Zinta
"I'm so proud of SRK! This is a huge violation of our democracy! You are right! Hope you know that we all support you always!! Go My Name is Khan!"
- Priyanka Chopra
Any kind of opposition should be within limits of decency. "The Constitution of this country has given everybody a right to speak his mind and those who have opposed him also have the right to do so. I support Sena's right but the opposition should be within the limits of decency,"
- Mahesh Bhatt
Bollywood should throw its weight behind the superstar. Bollywood should join hands whenever one of its members faces such a situation. "No one uttered a word when Aamir Khan was targetted for his stand on the Narmada dam. Amitabh Bachchan got no support when his name was dragged in the Bofors (scam). When Bal Thackerey targetted Jaya Bachchan, she was not extended support,"  the Maharashtra government should intervene to ensure that "those living in Mannat (Shah Rukh's house) and people from north India feel secure."
- Amar Singh
"I hope politics and art don't clash and I hope these problems are resolved. I think something like this will take the attention away from the film. Art should be above all this," 
- Vivek Oberoi.
If any cricketer is good, he would like to have him in his team, it makes no difference to him which country he belongs to.
- Aamir Khan
Terming these as tough times, hope that this too shall pass and Shahrukh will emerge from all this unscathed. "According to me, there is nothing wrong that he's done and we are all behind him and Shahrukh has got love and support of zillions of people so I think this tough time will pass,"
- Bipasha Basu
it was a relief to know his movie was allowed to be screened today in Mumbai with police escort but not many theatres had bought it to be screened :( he doesnt deserve this!! Wake up India !!! Padma Iyengar


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