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Samadhi Mandir
Samadhi Mandir
Sai Baba Samadhi
Samadhi Mandir
The 15th October 1918 was a sorrowful and fateful day for the little village of Shirdi, 
for in the heavy hours of the noon, the beloved master suddenly breathed his last. 
Quietly and unobrusively, Baba gave up his body and let his head fall gently on t
he shoulders of a near disciple. The great "Avtar's" glorious period of Messiahship, 
his self allotted labour of love, came to an abrupt end. 
All the magic light seemed to have died out that erestwhile had given to thousands 
of seekers courage and hope and inspiration. In a moment all the chambers of the 
ashram seemed emptied of delight and a strange desolation filled each heart. 
But not for long......for, resurrection ever keeps pace with and outlives the forces 
of death and destruction. The great Avtar of Love and Compassion gave up his 
body so that his spirit may be ressurected in the hearts of thousands of his ever-growing bhaktas.

Shirdi Saibaba Tour from Rajesh Chopra

Shirdi wale Sai Baba
Construction of the Samadhi-Mandir 
Baba never talked, nor ever made any fuss about the things which He wanted to accomplish, but He so skillfully arranged the circumstances and surroundings that the people were surprised at the slow but sure results attained. The construction of the Samadhi-mandir is an instance in point. Shriman Bapusaheb Booty, the famous multi-millionaire of Nagpur lived in Shirdi whith his family. Once an idea arose in his mind that he should have a building of his own there. Sometimes after this, while he was sleeping in Dixit's Wada, he got a vision. Bava appeared in his dream and ordered him to build a Wada of his own with temple. Shama who was sleeping there, got also a similar vision. When Bapusaheb was awakened, he saw Shama crying and asked him why.

The latter replied that in his vision Baba came close to him and ordered distinctly - "Build the Wada with the temple. I shall fulfill the desires of all. Hearing the sweet and loving words of Baba, I was overpowered with emotion, my throat was choked, my eyes were overflowing with tears, and I began to cry." Bapusaheb was surprised to see that both their visions tallied. Being a rich and capable man, he decided to build a Wada there and drew up a plan with Madhavarao (Shama). Kakasaheb Dixit also approved of it. And when it was placed before Baba, He also sanctioned it immediately. Then the construction-work was duly started and under the supervision of Shama, the ground floor, the cellar and the well were completed. Baba also on his way to and from Lendi suggested certain improvements. Further work was entrusted to Bapusaheb Jog and when it was going on, an idea struck Bapusaheb Booty's mind that there should be an open room or platform and in the centre the image of Murlidhar (Lord Krishna with the flute) be installed. He asked Shama to refer this matter to Baba and get His consent. The latter asked Baba about this when He was just passing by the Wada.
Sai Baba's samadhi.
View of Sai Baba's samadhi.
Hearing Shama, Baba gave His consent saying, "after the temple is complete I will come there to stay" and staring at the Wada He added - "after the Wada is complete, we shall use it ourselves, we shall live, move and play there, embrace each other, and be very happy." Then Shama asked Baba whether this was the auspicious time to begin the foundation-work of the central room of the Shrine. The latter answered in the affirmative. Shama got a coconut broke it and started the work. In due time the work was completed and an order was also given for making a good image of Murlidhar. But before it was ready, a new thing turned up. Baba became seriously ill and was about to pass away. Bapusaheb became very sad and dejected, thinking that if Baba passed away, his Wada would not be consecrated by the holy touch of Baba's Feet, and all his money (about a lakh of rupees) would be wasted away. But the words "Place or keep Me in the Wada" which came out of Baba's mouth just before His passing away, consoled not only Bapusaheb, but one and all. In due time Baba's holy body was placed and preserved in the central shrine meant or designed for Murlidhar and Baba Himself became Murlidhar and the Wada thus became the Samadhi-mandir of Sai Baba. His wonderful life is unfathomable. 
Blessed and fortunate is Bapusaheb Booty in whose Wada lies the holy and the pure body of Baba

The routine of the temple starts at 5 o'clock in the 
morning with Bhoopali, a morning song, and closes
at 10 o'clock in the night after Shejarati is sung. 
Only on three occasions the temple is kept open 
overnight .ie. on Gurupoornima, Dassera, and Ramnavami. 
Every Thursday and on each festival, 
a Palakhi with Baba's photo is taken out from the temple.

Exclusive picture of Baba's samadhi.
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Samadhi Mandir