Italy win World Cup 2006

Berlin, July 9
Italy beat France 5-3 on penalties in the World Cup final after the teams finished level at 1-1 after extra time in a dramatic encounter in which French playmaker Zinedine Zidane was sent off. 

David Trezeguet hit the bar with his spot kick and the decisive penalty in the shootout was scored by Fabio Grosso. 

France captain Zinedine Zidane was sent off after 111 minutes for a head butt into the chest of Marco Materazzi after the two players had a heated exchange. 

The game had got off to a controversial start when Thierry Henry needed extensive treatment after being dazed by a Fabio Cannavaro body-check as the Italy captain made an early impact in his 100th international. 

The worried French fans were soon cheering, however, when Florent Malouda drove into the box and was felled by a clumsy challenge from Marco Materazzi. 

Zidane stepped up to take the seventh-minute penalty, opting to nonchalantly dink it above the diving Gianluigi Buffon and the ball struck the bar before bouncing down behind the line to put France ahead. 

Zidane, nevertheless, gave a nervous glance towards the linesman, who correctly signalled the goal, before peeling away in celebration of the first goal an opposition player had scored against Italy in the tournament. 

Zidane, who headed two goals in the 1998 final, became the fourth player to score three times in the finals after Brazilian duo Vava and Pele and Englandís Geoff Hurst, who got a hat-trick in the 1966 final. 

Italy equalised after 19 minutes when Materazzi atoned for his earlier misdemeanour by rising magnificently above Patrick Vieira to head home an Andrea Pirlo corner from the right. 

It was the first time both teams had scored in the final in 20 years and Italy went close to getting their second in the 36th minute when Pirlo curled in another tempting corner which striker Luca Toni headed against the bar. 

Henry, who was a frustrated, unused substitute in the 1998 final against Brazil, burst into life at the start of the second half. 

Twice he jigged through the defence with dangerous runs and then had a sharp shot blocked by Buffon. 

France were looking the more dangerous, although Fabien Barthez was beaten again in the 62nd minute by a Toni header which was ruled out for offside. 

France lost key midfielder Patrick Vieira to a hamstring strain midway through the second half but maintained the pressure amid the tiredness as the error count rose. 

Six years ago, Italy led in the final of the European Championship until injury time when France grabbed an equaliser and then won with a golden goal. 

There was no late drama in the 90 minutes this time, however, and the final went into extra time for the fifth time. 

France remained the more sprightly, Franck Ribery shooting just wide after 99 minutes and Zidane forcing a spectacular save from Buffon five minutes later after meeting a Willy Sagnol cross with a stunning header. 

Italy had beaten Germany with two goals at the end of extra time in their semifinal but the Italians looked out on their feet today and were unable to reproduce anything close to the same level of creativity this time. 

The match turned into chaos soon after halftime in extra time when Zidane felled Materazzi with a head butt. 

The officials seemed to miss the incident but after it was replayed on the giant screens Argentine referee Horacio Elizondo ended the French captainís career nine minutes prematurely with a straight red card. Zidane is retiring after the World Cup. 

Even so, having lost all three of their previous shootouts, including against France in the 1998 quarterfinals and Brazil in the 1994 final, Italy must have feared the worst. 

They need not have worried as they scored all their penalties while Trezeguet missed with Franceís second spot kick. It was only the second shootout at a World Cup final. Brazil beat Italy on penalties after a 0-0 draw in 1994.

Soccer 2006 World Cup - Tournament - Match Schedule
Group A
Match Date Venue   Teams   Time/Score  
1 9-Jun-2006 Munich GER:CRC 4:2 (2:1)
2 9-Jun-2006 Gelsenkirchen POL:ECU 0:2 (0:1)
17 14-Jun-2006 Dortmund GER:POL 21:00
18 15-Jun-2006 Hamburg ECU:CRC 15:00
33 20-Jun-2006 Berlin ECU:GER 16:00
34 20-Jun-2006 Hanover CRC:POL 16:00

Group B

Match Date Venue   Teams   Time/Score  
3 10-Jun-2006 Frankfurt ENG:PAR 15:00
4 10-Jun-2006 Dortmund TRI:SWE 18:00
19 15-Jun-2006 Nuremberg ENG:TRI 18:00
20 15-Jun-2006 Berlin SWE:PAR 21:00
35 20-Jun-2006 Cologne SWE:ENG 21:00
36 20-Jun-2006 Kaiserslautern PAR:TRI 21:00

Group C

Match Date Venue   Teams   Time/Score  
5 10-Jun-2006 Hamburg ARG:CIV 21:00
6 11-Jun-2006 Leipzig SCG:NED 15:00
21 16-Jun-2006 Gelsenkirchen ARG:SCG 15:00
22 16-Jun-2006 Stuttgart NED:CIV 18:00
37 21-Jun-2006 Frankfurt NED:ARG 21:00
38 21-Jun-2006 Munich CIV:SCG 21:00

Group D

Match Date Venue   Teams   Time/Score  
7 11-Jun-2006 Nuremberg MEX:IRN 18:00
8 11-Jun-2006 Cologne ANG:POR 21:00
23 16-Jun-2006 Hanover MEX:ANG 21:00
24 17-Jun-2006 Frankfurt POR:IRN 15:00
39 21-Jun-2006 Gelsenkirchen POR:MEX 16:00
40 21-Jun-2006 Leipzig IRN:ANG 16:00

Group E

Match Date Venue   Teams   Time/Score  
9 12-Jun-2006 Hanover ITA:GHA 21:00
10 12-Jun-2006 Gelsenkirchen USA:CZE 18:00
25 17-Jun-2006 Kaiserslautern ITA:USA 21:00
26 17-Jun-2006 Cologne CZE:GHA 18:00
41 22-Jun-2006 Hamburg CZE:ITA 16:00
42 22-Jun-2006 Nuremberg GHA:USA 16:00

Group F

Match Date Venue   Teams   Time/Score  
11 13-Jun-2006 Berlin BRA:CRO 21:00
12 12-Jun-2006 Kaiserslautern AUS:JPN 15:00
27 18-Jun-2006 Munich BRA:AUS 18:00
28 18-Jun-2006 Nuremberg JPN:CRO 15:00
43 22-Jun-2006 Dortmund JPN:BRA 21:00
44 22-Jun-2006 Stuttgart CRO:AUS 21:00

Group G

Match Date Venue   Teams   Time/Score  
13 13-Jun-2006 Stuttgart FRA:SUI 18:00
14 13-Jun-2006 Frankfurt KOR:TOG 15:00
29 18-Jun-2006 Leipzig FRA:KOR 21:00
30 19-Jun-2006 Dortmund TOG:SUI 15:00
45 23-Jun-2006 Cologne TOG:FRA 21:00
46 23-Jun-2006 Hanover SUI:KOR 21:00

Group H

Match Date Venue   Teams   Time/Score  
15 14-Jun-2006 Leipzig ESP:UKR 15:00
16 14-Jun-2006 Munich TUN:KSA 18:00
31 19-Jun-2006 Stuttgart ESP:TUN 21:00
32 19-Jun-2006 Hamburg KSA:UKR 18:00
47 23-Jun-2006 Kaiserslautern KSA:ESP 16:00
48 23-Jun-2006 Berlin UKR:TUN 16:00
Round of 16
Match Date             Venue                Teams   Time/Score 
49 24 June 2006    Munich               1A:2B  17:00 
50 24 June 2006    Leipzig              1C:2D  21:00 
51 25 June 2006    Stuttgart             1B:2A  17:00 
52 25 June 2006    Nuremberg        1D:2C  21:00 
53 26 June 2006    Kaiserslautern  1E:2F  17:00 
54 26 June 2006    Cologne             1G:2H  21:00 
55 27 June 2006    Dortmund           1F:2E  17:00 
56 27 June 2006    Hanover             1H:2G  21:00 
Match Date            Venue                  Teams       Time/Score 
57 30 June 2006   Berlin                    W49:W50  17:00 
58 30 June 2006   Hamburg              W53:W54  21:00 
59 1 July 2006      Gelsenkirchen      W51:W52  17:00
60 1 July 2006      Frankfurt               W55:W56  21:00 
Match Date            Venue            Teams        Time/Score 
61 4 July 2006       Dortmund       W57:W58  21:00 
62 5 July 2006       Munich           W59:W60  21:00 
Third Place
Match Date              Venue            Teams       Time/Score 
63 8 July 2006        Stuttgart            L61:L62  21:00 
Match Date             Venue         Teams       Time/Score 
64 9 July 2006         Berlin         W61:W62  20:00
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