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“Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing” 

    Why Criticism

     B. K. Sudhir Kumar ( Article in Hindi )

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    Profile of B. K. Sudhir Kumar
    B. K. Sudhir Kumar Shri B. K. Sudhir Kumar with a immensely creative personality was born on 15th June 1962 at Meerut, U.P, India. He was born in a business family. Since his childhood he was poles apart from other kids of his age. He always had an immense interest in knowledge of god and religion. He was a bright child in studies and scored well in his examination. He always took a keen interest in Social work from a very early age.

    He Scored a Diploma in electrical and also got through a pretty decent job. It was then on 30th December 1984 when he got to know about Brahma Kumari’s and had his first get-together with them. He got enlightened almost instantly, and felt the existence of god. After this meeting, He got detached from the worldly desires and kept moving forward towards enlightenment. He knew there is a purpose with which god has sent him. Thus in search of that purpose he devoted himself to Brahma Kumari’s Ashram on September 92 and it was then he knew which path to take for further course of his life and since then he has never looked back.

    After becoming a devotee he managed and successfully executed many projects under his supervision. He has always been favorite of people around him for his work. He is a very creative person and even after becoming a devotee he never let his creativity Die. Today also he is Brahma kumari’s official anchor and stage coordinator, he also writes articles, which depict his view about world, His articles can be found on

    BK Sudhir has motive of spreading harmony and love in this world. To fulfill this motive he spreads his knowledge and enlightens everyone around. Hope he succeeds in doing so.