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Agara Red Fort
Agara Red Fort built by emperor Akbar is one 
of the most important strong holds on the face 
of the globe. It is fortified by strong walls 
of Red sand stone.
The last period of Shahjehan's life was 
spent very unprosperously. 
He was seized by a sudden illness 
and was imprisoned in Agra Fort in 1659 by his 
youngest son Aurangzeb.He only viewed 
This is the place where he spent his last 
days and just only view the Taj
Agara Red Fort
Agara Red Fort
View of the Taj Mahal from Red Fort
View of Red Fort from Taj Mahal.
Agara Red Fort
Agara Red Fort
This is the hole where Diamond was fixed
to view the Taj Mahal

Year of Birth - 1592
Real Name - Khurram
Father - Emperor Jahangir
Mother - Princess Manmati
Marriage - Married Arjumand Bano (Mumtaz Mahal) in 1612. She died in 1631, giving birth to his 14th children.
Died - 1666
Rule Period - 1627 to 1658 
Shahjahan was the fifth Mughal emperor and most prolific 
builder in Indian history. Shahjahan ascended to the throne when Mughal Empire had reached its zenith. Son of Jahangir and grandson of Akbar - the greatest Mughal Emperor, Shahjahan became ruler in 1627 at the age of 35 years. The first step that he took after ascending to the throne was to expand his empire to the South. He defeated the Nizamshahi Kingdom after an alliance with the Adilshahi Dynasty (also from South India) and annexed a large part of the former's kingdom. Later he tried to repeat his successes in North - West Frontier Region including Kandhar, Balkh, and Badakshan, but could not succeed.

More than anything else, Shahjahan is known for his architectural beauties he created in India, especially Taj Mahal - The Eternal Symbol of Love. Apart from Taj Mahal, Shahjahan also built a number of other great buildings in Delhi and Agra, including Jama Masjid of Delhi, the largest mosque in India. He rebuilt Red Fort of Delhi and added many of his styles like use of precious stones and marble. His interest in architecture started quite early in life when at the age of 15, he redesigned palatial apartment in Kabul. 

Shahjahan remained emperor until 1657 only, when he was taken ill. This started a civil war for succession between his sons in which Aurangzeb emerged victorious. Aurangzeb imprisoned Shajahan and put him in the Agra Fort. He was allowed to view Taj Mahal (situated across Yamuna from Agra Fort) from his private chamber every evening. After eight years of continuous imprisonment, he died in captivity in 1666 at the age of 74.

Fatehpur Sikri......
Mumtaz Mahal or Arjumand Banu was the woman in whose memory the Taj Mahal was built. 
Perhaps, there is no better and grand monument built in the history of human civilization dedicated to love. Arjumand Banu was daughter of Asaf Khan and when she married Shahjahan at the age of 14 years, imperial city of Agra was already agog with the stories of her beauty. She was third wife of Prince Khurram or Shahjahan and the principle one throughout their life. She became Mumtaz Mahal in 1612 after her marriage and remained an inseparable companion of her husband till her death. As a symbol of her faith and love she bore Shahjahan 14 children and died during the birth of last child. For the love and affection she showed to her husband, Mumtaz Mahal received highest honor of the land - the royal seal - Mehr Uzaz from Shahjahan, the emperor. According to the legends, stories of her virtue spread all over the Mughal Empire. 

The emperor and his pregnant empress moved towards Maharashtra or Deccan in the year 1630 to suppress the Lodi Empire that was gaining strength at that time. This was going to be the last journey that Mumtaz Mahal ever took. She breathed her last after delivering their 14th child (a daughter) in the city of Burhanpur on June 17, 1631. It is said that Mumtaz Mahal on her deathbed asked Shahjahan to create a symbol of their love for posterity and her loyal husband accepted it immediately. Though many historians are not agree with this story saying that it was the grief-stricken emperor himself who decided to built the most memorable symbol of love in the world. 

It took her husband 22 years and most of his royal treasury to built a monument befitting the memory of his beloved wife. In the name of Mumtaz Mahal stands the most beautiful building in the universe, that monument of love, purity and unparalleled beauty called the Taj Mahal.

View of the Taj Mahal from Red Fort
View of the Taj Mahal from Red Fort
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