List of Universities of the World
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List of Universities of Russia
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*Adyghe State Universityup!
*Altai State Technical Universityup!

*Bashkir state universityup!

*Bauman Moscow State Technical Universityup!

*Computer Methods in Physics, MSUup!

*Donetsk national technical universityup!

*Donetsk State Technikal Universityup!

*Far Eastern State Universityup!

*Geological Faculty of Moscow State Universityup!


*Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russiaup!

*Higher School of Economicsup!

*IIT of Khabarovsk State Technical Universityup!

*International Indep University ofEcol Politup!

*International University in Moscowup!

*International University in St Petersburgup!

*International University of Kyrgysztaup!

*Internet information server of MESIup!

*Irkutsk State Linguistic Universityup!

*Jewish University in Moscowup!

*Kabardino-Balkarian State Universityup!

*Kaluga State Pedagogical Univercityup!

*Kazan State Medical Universityup!

*Kazan State Universityup!



*Kharkiv State Universityup!

*Krasnoyarsk State Technical Universityup!

*Kuban State universityup!

*Kuban state university Novorossiysk branchup!

*Kursk State Medical Universityup!


*Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorodup!

*Main page of Gorno-Altaisk State Universityup!

*Matriculant 2001up!


*Modern University for the Humanities home page.up!

*Mordovia State Universityup!

*Moscow Automobile Road Technical Universitup!

*Moscow External University of the Humanitiesup!

*Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologyup!

*Moscow State Industrial University MSIUup!

*Moscow State Open Universityup!

*Moscow State Technical University-MAMIup!

*Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informaticsup!



*NB KubSTUup!

*New Siberian Universityup!

*New Siberian Universityup!

*Nizhni Novgorod State Universityup!

*North Caucasus State Technical Universityup!

*North Ossetian Universityup!

*Novosibirsk State Technical Universityup!

*Novosibirsk State Technical Universityup!

*Oficial site of MSUIEup!

*Omsk City Educationup!

*Omsk State Universityup!

*Omsk State Universityup!

*Omsk State Universityup!

*Orel State Technical Universityup!

*Orenburg State Universityup!

*Perm State Universityup!



*Rostov State Universityup!

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