Neighbour Leaked Wedding Snaps :- Amitabh Bachchan 
Legend Amitabh Bachchan is blaming sneaky guests for the Abhishek Bachchan Aishwarya Rai snaps that were splashed all over the Internet merely hours after the nuptials.The pictures were leaked despite the vigilance taken by the family to keep the wedding under wraps.

An irate Bachchan told a news agency: "Some of the people who came to the wedding surreptitiously took photographs with their mobile cameras and disgracefully put them on the net."

"In fact, I've caught a person who took the photographs. He's my neighbour. I've had a very serious talk with him and he has apologised profusely. He says he wasn't giving it to the press. While he was sending the pictures to his sister in the US they got intercepted on the net," Bachchan said.

A story Big B finds just as hard to swallow. "I don't believe it. But I'd like to. He's my neighbour. And I can't believe a neighbour could be guilty of such an act of betrayal. Anyway, we will give photographs to the media officially."

Obviously angry with the intrusive media, Bachchan said: "I don't think sections of the media have the right to dictate to me about how to conduct my life and how to deal with my family and social obligations. My family's privacy is very important to me. And I'll protect it with my dying breath.

"No one can dictate to me about how I should conduct my life or my son's wedding. We took all the relevant permissions from the civic authorities. They wanted a full guest list, the ceremonies, everything. We gave them all the details. We made the shamianas air-conditioned and soundproof for the comfort of the guests and so that people outside wouldn't get disturbed."

Bachchan added: "We had no fireworks to avoid sound pollution. We've done everything to make sure no one is offended in any way. If bitter comments are still being made about us in the media in spite of our best intentions, then what can I say?"

Bachchan agreed that as a celebrity he's naturally the cynosure of extra attention. "And I cannot deny the attention that comes with the VIP label. The media is free to do what it wants. But you can't block my car when I'm taking my new daughter-in-law home after the wedding. Why spoil the most important moment in my son and his wife's life?

"I know the media was only doing its job. And I sincerely apologised to anyone who was hurt on our account. I've no malice towards the media. May be in their excitement, some excesses happened." 


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