It's Hema and Sallu on the dance floor!
Hema Malini says shaking an energetic leg with Salman Khan made her feel really young
If Amitabh Bachchan can shake a leg with youngsters like Rani Mukherji, Aishwarya Rai and Preity Zinta, why should Hema Malini be left behind? So the danseuse has taken to the dance floor with Salman Khan in Ravi Chopra's forthcoming venture Baabul. 

Hema Malini plays Salman's mother in the film. So, how was the experience of shooting a dance sequence with Salman? Hema says, "It was nice working with Salman. When Ravi Chopra asked me to do a dance number in the film, I readily agreed thinking that it would be similar to what I had done with Amitji in Baghbaan. But when he asked me to dance with Salman in the song, I was sceptical. I have never danced with an actor of this generation. But Salman made me feel very comfortable on the sets. He has his own style of dancing and I have my own. Incidentally, we both respect the other's form of dance," says Hema Malini. 

Is it very different to dance with a young actor? "It makes you feel young. You feel good about the fact that you are changing with the times. I am not the kind of actor who keeps complaining, 'Hamare zamane mein toh aisa hota tha aur waisa hota tha.' (Things were different in our times.) I believe in change. An actor should evolve with time. As far as learning the steps are concerned, I am a fast learner and I would pick up any step and any form of dance provided it's not vulgar. I am very particular about my dance steps on screen, I would put my foot down if I felt the steps were not graceful," says Hema. 

And what was Salman's reaction after the shot? "That you need to ask Salman," she laughs, "We are professional actors and I think he is a very sincere." 

Incidentally Salman Khan was equally excited at the idea of dancing with Hema Malini.  "Salman respects Amitji and Hemaji. After giving the shot he said, 'Now I can tell my grandchildren that I have danced with Hemaji. She is such a beautiful person,'" says Ravi Chopra.

The song has been composed by Aadesh Srivastava, choreographed by Remo and sung by Amitabh Bachchan and Salman. "The steps which my choreographer had shown initially were those which I have not performed in ages. It was awkward to do such steps, but I picked them up quickly enough. People know me as a trained classical dancer, so it will be a surprise for viewers to see me dancing to a modern song," she says. 

It was Ravi Chopra's idea to make Hema Malini dance with Salman Khan. "How can you make a film with Hema Malini and not have her dance?" says Ravi. "Hemaji is one of the finest dancers Indian cinema has produced. In Baghbaan she created magic with Amitji. In Baabul, she will be seen in a dance sequence where Amitji and Salman are having a dance competition with Hemaji. We all were surprised to see Hemaji dancing so gracefully with Salman in the song. In fact there is another track in the film, where she dances with Rani too," he says.

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