Raj Babbar attacks Amitabh Bachchan
Lucknow, December 24, 2006
It is now film stars Raj Babbar versus Amitabh Bachchan on UP's political turf. Raj Babbar for the first time launched frontal attack on Bachchan for supporting the Samajwadi Party.

The Jan Morcha Alliance convenor Babbar, who had so far avoided making any comment against Bachchan assailed him for hobnobbing with state government. Babbar without taking Bachchan's name said SP would not be able to mislead the people through the super star.

Talking to newsmen in Lucknow on Sunday, Babbar, referring to Bachchan's TV advertisement supporting the SP, said "tall and lanky film star has been aspiring to take rebirth in this state". Babbar said, "His father (Harvansh Rai Bachchan) would have never thought in his farthest dream for rebirth in a state under Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav."

It may be mentioned that apart from Big B's TV advertisement highlighting the Yadav government's achievements, large numbers of hoardings projecting Bachchan have come up in the state along with other SP leaders. With SP flags fluttering all around in ads Bachchan has aspired for rebirth in state. 

Making a dig at Bachchan's projection Babbar said it would not have any impact on the people who were fed up with the present government. Babbar also raised accusing finger on Bachchan for land scam in Barabanki. Babbar sarcastically said "his wish for rebirth in UP is for more land".

Babbar said Yadav had been trying to create fear among Muslims' about the BJP comeback if they voted to other parties. Pointing out that Muslims should understand their strength, Babbar said they should not succumb to any threat. Accusing the chief minister of providing state guest status of 132 BJP leaders during saffron brigade national conclave, Babbar said SP had been colluding with the Sangh Parivar to stay in power.

He said, Yadav had been making tall claims without any base about the minority's welfare during the last three years. But now the hobnobbing with BJP had exposed the SP completely. He said the BJP had once again been trying to rake up temple issue during the assembly election. But the temple card would not work now, he said.

He said Jan Morcha had planned to hold minority conferences all over the state to expose the government. He said JMA would take up reservation of Dalit Muslims issue with the central government. Babbar indicated tie up with Congress and BSP.


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