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Priyanka Chopra is releasing Dr Ashok Chopra's music album in Delhi on 20th march 2010.
Priyanka Chopra is releasing Dr Ashok Chopra's music album in Delhi on 20th march 2010.

Priyanka Chopra would do the honor of releasing her dad Dr ashok chopra's music album on 20th march 2010 evening at Le-Meridian hotel in Delhi. 

This album ( Haal Mureedan da Kehna ) Presented by the International Punjabi Association, comprises of 8 Shabads from Gurbani. The acclaim for music composition goes to Surjit Parmaar and Dr Chopra himself and HMV saregama is releasing it.

Dr Chopra often had silent tears during the entire process of recording this album. He has infused a part of his soul into this album. This composition without doubt will touch million hearts; it will spell bound you intensely into a new world..

The famous actress of the bollywood proved that she is not only an actress. She is an obedient daughter of her father. How she has proved it. Doctor Ashok Chopra is his father. He is launching a new album named “haal mureedan da kehna”. Now priyanka said to his father that she will release this new album.

According to the sources that her father had said to her before launching this album that he has a wish to release this album by her daughter. Will she do it? Although she is busy now a days to shoot the films but she is now preparing particularly for the releasing of this album. So this album “haal murdeean da kehna” will be released on 20th March 2010 by our actress Priyanka.

The International Punjabi Association will represent this album. Doctor Ashok said, “Priyanka is my obedient daughter. She is leaving her several shoots for me because I said to her to release my album”. While priyanka says about this album releasing that she can do anything for her father even she can leave permanently her films if her father will order her. Therefore this is proved that both the daughter and father have a great affection for each other leaving their business.

Dr. Ashok Chopra was born on 23rd August 1950 in the blessed home of an army officer Sri Kasturi Lal Chopra. He has always been dedicated to his studies and was a marvelous student. At a very early age, his family members recognized his passion for the art fields. It in itself is an incredible fact that for eleven continuous years, he had conducted the school prayers and was always the winner of his school singing competitions from the 6th to the 12th class year after year. He had always been the leader for the music choir of his school and as early as his school days, he started receiving fame for his singing talent. People have always been keen to listen to his music notations.

After achieving the peak position of being the topper in his school, he cleared his M.B.B.S. then went for M.S. On completing his medical studies from A.F.M.C., he joined the army in 1974. Dr. Ashok Chopra retired from the army in 1997 and thereafter he opened three hospitals in Bareilly renowned as Kasturi Hospitals, which had been a huge success. His medical achievements have been so astounding that he has been considered no less than the Almighty for his patients.
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