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BIS - Bachelor of Information Sciences
BIT - Bachelor of Information Technology


           With a view to meet the growing of demand of skilled professionals in the field of IT,University of Delhi inroduced in its constituent colleges Bachelor of Information Tecnology(BIT) and Bachelor of Information Science(BIS).Apart from providing rigorous foundations of the concepts of Computer Science and Information Technology,these courses equip the students with the capability of easily adapting to the ever-changing technology through appropriate combination of project work and industrial training. 


           The curriculum is designed to include a balanced foundation of courses of study, assignments and Project work. The BIT course includes a component of Business Studies whereas BIS course has a component of Electronics. Electives in the sixth and seventh semesters offer the students flexibility to specialize in chosen areas.In the seventh and eigth semesters, the students get an oppertunity to work on the live projects in the industry. 


           While conventional teaching methodologies ae followed to deliver the core concepts,considerable exposure to real life situations is given by the way of case studies and projects.These are furthur supplemented by group learning and practice orientation.Guest lectures and presentations are organized from time to time to provide an insight into the latest developments and happenings in the industry.Continuous lab-work an assessment play an important role in consolidated learning. 
Delhi University Cut-Off Lists

3D-Animation courses
Semester 1
101 Computer Fundamentals and Programming 
102 Maths I - Calculus 
103 Maths II - Real Analysis
104 Analog Electronics (BIS ) / Business Practices - I (BIT) 
105 Behavioural and Communication Skills or Language and Communication 
106 Software Lab based on 101 
107 Analog Electronics Lab basen 104 (BIS)
Semester 2
201 Data and File Structures using C & C++. 
202 Structured Systems Analysis and Design 
203 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 
204 Digital Electronics
205 Financial Accounting of Indian Economy (BIT) / Electro-magnetics (BIS) 
206 Software Lab based on 201 
207 Digital Electronics Lab based on 204 (BIS)
Semester 3
301 Computer System Architecture 
302 Algorithms and Advanced Data Structures 
303 Microprocessor -I (BIS) / Microprocessors and Assembly Language (BIT) 
304 Data Base Systems 
305 Software Lab on 302 and 304 
306 Microprocessor Programming and Interfacing based on 303
Semester 4
401 Operating Systems Organization and Unix 
402 Software engineering 
403 Object Oriented Design and Programming Using C++ and JAVA.
404 Microprocessors II (BIS) / Business Practices - II (BIT)
405 Software Lab based on 401 and 403
406 Software Lab and Programming based on 402 and 404
Semester 5
501 Data Communication and Networks 
502 Computer Graphics 
503 Principles of Visual and Windows Programming.(Using VC++) 
504 Theory of Computation (BIS) / Technical Documentation (BIT)
505 Software Lab based on 502, 503 
506 Computer and Communication Lab based on 501 and 504 
507 Summer Training
Semester 6
601 Network and Internet Technologies and Applications 
602 Scientific and Statistical Computing 
603 Multimedia and Applications 
604 Optional Paper* 
605 Software Lab on 601 and 602
606 Software Lab on 603 and 604
* One of the following:
Modern Trends in Computing ( COM )

Programming Languages and Compilers
Semester 7
701 Computer Oriented Optimisation Methods 
703 Coding Theory 
705 Spatial Information Systems 
707 Advanced Internet Technologies
709 Costing and Human Resource Management Systems
711 Network Programming 
713 Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks 
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Semester 7
702 Modelling and Simulation 
704 Advanced Visual and Windows Programming 
706 Data Mining and Data Warehousing 
708 Financial Systems 
710 E-Commerce
712 Advanced Object-Oriented Design Using UML
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Semester 8
Project in Industry/College 
Aim of the cource

With the IT industry booming in India and the Internet and emerging IT trends, one feels lost in the race of technology. Industries, as of today have started to depend on IT and computer infrastructure as a fundamental prerequisite to development. With the government taking a freer outlook towards import and export of technology, and the recent entry of private ISP's, the importance of computer literates is bound to increase in India, both in scientific research and the economy.
The University of Delhi started two undergraduate courses--

BIS (Bachelors in Information Sciences)
BIT (Bachelors in Information Technology)

         As almost every alternate column talks about education and placement opportunities for computer literates in various institutions both in India and abroad.Realizing the enormous market for computer-oriented education,these courses were introduced, keeping in mind the present scarcity in the Indian market for affordable technical education in India.

         The course content for the courses has also been designed very efficiently, with the present trends and market requirements in mind. The courses have been designed on the lines of other professional courses, combining the curriculum with intensive industrial training for the students to familiarize them with the industry environment. The courses 

" Aim to develop an intellectual approach to problem-solving as applied to many fields including information systems and promote a sound knowledge of software development techniques with emphasis on scientific business systems." 

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