Career prospects in computers
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Career prospects in computers
In prehistoric times all one needed to survive was physical power. As time went by there came the 
industrial age when machines took over the tasks requiring heavy physical abilities and hence the 
supremacy of physical power receded followed by the supremacy of wealth. But time does not stop 
and it progression brought us into this age, known as “THE INFORMATION AGE”. Here there is an 
ever-increasing demand for knowledge and hence everyone must strive to gather as much knowledge 
and to use it in the most efficient way possible.

The time after schooling could be turning point in the life of a person if right decisions are 
taken at that time. These are generally about the future prospects of the person and his career. 
This kind of decision is the most critical one and must be taken very cautiously after a lot of thinking. 

Here we are trying to help you to take that decision by giving you a brief idea about the 
prospects of a person getting into the world of computer sciences.

Computer Sciences is a complex, interesting and yet intriguing career. This may include a 
job as simple as making front-end entries to as complex as managing a distributed database 
over a network or systems programming and engineering.

Below is a small effort to provide you with information about some courses offered by some 
of the leading computer institutions in India so as to make that critical decision a little bit 
easier to make.
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